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Trip Of A Lifetime For Local Surfers

FYI Kurt works at Surfhampton, not FP" Jul 25, 11 4:39 PM

Southampton Students Protest Failed Merger Vote

Proud of OUR kids" Nov 1, 13 3:40 PM

Tuckahoe Parents Want Board To Explore Merging With Westhampton Beach

Tuckahoe should seriously consider WHB HS - better education for roughly the same cost. The community of Tuckahoe and Southampton feels like it's continuing to fracture....." Dec 11, 14 7:28 AM

Southampton Arcade Game Collector Quietly Draws Enthusiasts

This is awesome! What I would do to play some of those games again on the original platforms. Bravo John" Jul 8, 15 9:11 AM

Wickapogue Pond Contaminated With Blue-Green Algae Blooms

And so it starts, again.....so sad our enclosed waters have become so polluted.
" Apr 30, 16 4:03 PM

Blue-Green Algae Found In Mecox Bay

Mecox is nasty. Open the cut already!" Aug 21, 16 12:46 PM

Citing Low Salinity Levels In Bay, Southampton Town Trustees Will Open Mecox Cut Again

Seems obvious - open the cut when the water salinity level is low, and do it at anytime of the year that it needs to be done. Is it me or do the trustees never open the cut during the summer anymore? Is it to keep water levels high so people can waterski in the blue green algae, or to bow to the property owners who are so clueless that they are living on an open septic pit? Mecox is nasty -you have to keep the water flowing to keep it balanced.
" Dec 7, 16 12:37 PM