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Town Board Will Hold Hearing Tuesday On New Energy Efficient Building Standards

Totally agree. But remember this has nothing to do about saving energy. It has EVERYTHING to do about Mike Benincasa (the guy with the incredibly ugly shirt in the picture) and Queen Anna getting more control over your life.

" Jul 24, 11 12:31 PM

Bloomberg In Contract To Purchase Hamptons Home

You should care. This house which is selling for $ 20 million has taxes of $42,000. When you consider that the Shinnecock Hills tax rate is over $ 7 per thousand it should actually be paying over $ 130,000. But hey, rich people in the Hamptons, Bloomberg included, don't pay their fair share.

This is nothing new. Everyone abuses this local community. I guess we should just be used to it" Jul 24, 11 12:43 PM

Town Gears Up For 'Escape 2 New York'

So once again Shinnecock Hills will be assaulted by thousands of people, making quadrillion dollars for a few hyper rich guys that aren't even from this country. What will we get out of it? Noise, crowds, even worse traffic than we have to endure already. At least they could have done something for this community - donate to the school? Hand out tickets to locals? But why bother. We just keep taking it." Aug 4, 11 5:15 PM

Already traffic was backed up the other day on County Road 39 all the way to 7-11 from the college mwith a bunch of girls dressed in rabbit costumes on the side of the road (where was the Southampton Press at that time). Hopefully it will pour." Aug 5, 11 7:58 AM

Yes. Hate that even more." Aug 5, 11 8:17 PM

No just realistic. Tired of how the Shinnecock Hills and Tuckahoe community gets taken advantage of. The US open made mega millions - how much really filtered down to our community (none). 4 golf courses not paying their fair share of taxes. A college that can't stay in business, a monster garbage dump that took the town years to get rid of, 10 smoke shops in a 1/4 mile stretch (try explaining to your 8 year old that smoking isn't good for you)... Do I need to describe more." Aug 6, 11 10:45 AM

Sorry if you don't know what you are talking about. My company actually did make some sales to this event. But big deal. They only bought what was cheaper out here. Everything else was trucked in.

You're missing my point though. Take a look at Bonnaroo, the festival in Tennesee held each year. They run a food drive as part of it - raised 10000 lbs of food for local pantries. They gave $ 50,000 to the local area for community challenges. They provide strong support to environmental groups.

This is what we should be DEMANDING from everyone that wants to come into our community, make an immense profit and then leave. We welcome you here but don't just make it worth your while." Aug 6, 11 11:08 AM

LIPA: Fewer Than 200 Outages Left Islandwide From Irene

Actually this financial info isn't totally true. When LIPA was formed there was like $ 6 billion in bonds. These were supposed to be largely paid off by now except that LIPA went back the the trough and sold more bonds so there are still about $ 6 billion owed.

The real issue is that LIPA is mismanaged and they don't care a hoot about it. They continually do things wrong, costing us millions of dollars for inferior service yet instead of getting rid of the people making the mistakes they promote them. Take a look at LIPALIES.com or lipaoversight.org for the real truth." Sep 3, 11 2:26 PM

Southampton Town Board Considers Cyclical Reassessments Instead Of Annual Process

The problem with this is that there are many properties that are under assessed. Typically these are large homes owned by very rich people (go figure). I can point for example to a number of very large waterfront properties in the Tuckahoe community that are assessed for $ 3 million less than what they were sold for. Yet around the corner from them are more normal sized houses that are assessed for close to fair market. That's not fair." Sep 20, 11 8:33 PM