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Supervisor has bone to pick over councilwoman's dog

Everybody bring their dog! Bring your kids! Bring your pet Monkey. It's a workplace you idiots. You see people in charge breaking protocol and it undermines the system. " Mar 5, 09 6:59 AM

Southampton Town officials: Capital budget is short $4.9 million

Both previous posters must be rocket scientists. Did you read the article? It was Charlene and Marie who made the mistake. Do you know them? I do. They were in Skip Heaneys pocket. He would go there and flirt and they'd giggle and get away with obviously a big mistake. Linda is trying to be more than just popular. She's being responsible. Heaney was like all the rest of the failures in business today. Falsely reporting financial records to look good. You idiots....." Mar 22, 09 7:50 AM

Kabot claims bad record keeping led to financial mess

Richard Blowes was told by Heaney not to interfere with the Comptroller's office during his tenure. Linda was not in charge when these problems happened. Now Charlene admits wrongdoing after all her grandstanding? Good luck Brookhaven....." Mar 22, 09 8:46 AM

Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

John White is not a leader. He's basically a whiner. He received a pay cut because the only thing he's done in the past six years is oversee 7 affordable housing apartments with extremely strict guidelines Let the market sort it out like it is. We don't need you John. Go take your savings and go away...." Jul 3, 09 9:33 PM

Surfers injured by feeding bluefish at Sagg

Surfing and saw a swarm of bluefish right next to me. Intense..." Jul 25, 09 3:01 PM

Quogue mayor resigns days after pleading guilty to felony fraud charge

Along with the other Wall Street fatcats he abused his position within the market. While you work a 9 to 5 and invest in stocks to keep America's free market economy going he just dipped into the till. He's guilty and got caught. If he didn't get caught it would be business as usual... for a thief. Have fun in jail." Oct 17, 09 6:25 AM

White Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Southampton Town

John White compromises all the inequalities minorities have worked so hard to overcome. Being a minority myself working for the town he insults me. Martin Luther King would be ashamed... He hasn't shown any performance results in over 5 years yet cries discrimination. He's what is wrong with the American dream. Shame on him..." Dec 22, 10 11:32 PM

Heaney Returns To Southampton Town Hall To Advocate For Business

Hope everyone doesn't forget that he along with Charlene Kagel the former Comptroller were the ones who were responsible for the financial disaster before Linda Kabot took office (19 Million dollars unaccounted for?). She got fired from Brookhaven after she left here. They were two peas in a pod. He was the most smug supervisor we had. If anyone abused their power in Town Hall it was Skip Heaney. " Jan 5, 13 7:11 AM

No bill. We used up little surplus we had, services for the town decreased, Moody bond rating went down. Just shouldn't have happened on a Comptroller and Supervisor watch. " Jan 6, 13 6:28 AM

Southampton Town Board Cancels Day Off For Town Employees

Minus the time he spends texting on his phone during Board Meetings Nuzzi might get 5-6 weeks but Town employees start at 2 weeks for 5 years then 3 for another 5 years and then 4 weeks after 10 years. I do agree that days off are not for Anna to give out though." Jun 26, 13 11:49 AM

Sagaponack Decision On Police Force Looms Large For Town

Former Chief Wilson is looking at those big houses, with big taxes, and seeing the big dollars $$!!! That would be a great gig for him. Patrolling a bunch of empty mansions...." Sep 8, 13 7:12 AM

Monday Storm Dumps Up To 7 Inches, Schools Delay Openings On Tuesday

Did some work today. Roads were bad. If the beer place was closed so can be Town Hall..." Feb 3, 14 8:15 PM

UPDATE: Oddone Pleads Not Guilty, Remains Free On Bail

Who the hell gives a guy who strangles someone a job? Don't go to Happy Hour with him...!
" Feb 6, 14 9:07 PM

East Hampton Village Officer Suspended For 30 Days Without Pay

If he was a citizen he'd be prosecuted for trespassing or burglary and possibly face jail time. Guaranteed if he was on the other side of the fence and caught another couple doing the same thing they'd be pinning medals on him. Such a joke.
" Feb 25, 14 11:04 PM

UPDATE: Baykeeper McAllister Says He Was Fired Illegally: Denies Charges Of Affair

The same problem with Kevin Mcallister, All Words. Nobody likes Kevin. He's a pompous so called environmentalist but drives around in his fossil fuel burning truck and boat...good riddance." Mar 22, 14 7:43 PM

UPDATE: Driver Charged With DWI In Fatal Car Crash

Does anyone really think the young woman will go on with life like nothing happened? Do you think strangers hang out together at 2:30 am? I had a friend die the same way and I could not blame the girlfriend because when you go out, drink, and then get in a car you don't think about dying or killing someone else. The passengers are usually tossing a coin saying who wants to take the risk of getting a DWI. From experience, I've seen teachers, cops, parents, friends, all drive after a couple of beers. You're a hypocrite if you say you haven't done it yourself for most of the population." Apr 22, 14 10:26 PM

Right, mscreste just looks at it from the outside and automatically thinks punishment. Yes, the driver should be held accountable and most likely will but to think that none of the circumstances involving this situation matter? The emotions, feelings of guilt, what the community already thinks? The survivor is going to have to live with this for the rest of her life. I don't care how callous one is, nobody would be able to erase this from memory. mscreste must walk on water." Apr 23, 14 10:55 AM

VFW Is Looking To Sell Longtime Post In Quogue

I agree that this is a perfect purchase for the CPF. I've seen that field and cannon for 40 years. I'd hate to see another condo/mansion/hedgerow. It's a better more useful purchase idea than Neptunes." May 8, 14 10:42 PM

New Taxi Laws May Increase Financial Burden On Taxi Companies

I always thought that taxi drivers were the scum of the earth, gouging you at your most vulnerable ie. having been drinking and no way to get home thinking that "I'll just call a taxi". Not all taxi drivers but experienced many. That's why a lot of young people with less money will just take a chance and drive. That's what initiated the hack license situation, citizens complaining to the SH Town Clerk. But it's a mix of everything, unethical taxi drivers, a high cost of living on the East End so taxi drivers feel anxious to make money, no regulation, high cost to become a taxi driver... I try to avoid putting myself in situations where I'll need a taxi. Not the same for young people who like to go out and drink." May 9, 14 7:56 AM

Mr. Softee Outbids Beach Treats For Coveted Pikes Beach Vending Spot

Survival of the fittest.." May 10, 14 6:50 PM

UPDATE: Ride To Montauk, Reduced And Restricted In Settlement, Will Take Place Saturday

The only bad thing about Bike Rides or really the riders is that in large groups they think they own the road. They don't ride single file and make you go around them but sometimes you can't because of oncoming traffic. They talk and sight see and ignore cars because of the mob mentality. " May 29, 14 6:51 AM

Southampton Town Will Post Armed Security Guard At Public Meetings

I agree with some on this topic. A private armed security guard is not right. If someone says something that doesn't agree with Anna does the security guard go to them and tell them to have a seat like during the Sandy Hollow argument? This is a democracy. If anything, a Southampton Town Police Officer who knows the law and is responsible for his/her actions could/should be present. I voted for Anna twice. I'm having second thoughts with all that she does and has done. It's more like a Monarchy." Jul 23, 14 6:27 AM

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