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A Benchmark For The 'Burg

with the increase of crazy traffic east of the canal the west seems practical. " Sep 24, 15 11:24 AM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Makes Headlines

It was censored. Everything on this site is censored.
" Oct 17, 15 5:52 PM

Oceanfront Homeowners Sue Over Trucks On Southampton Beach

Just bought a 2005 Tahoe and 4 huge cooper tires, going to get my sticker, " Oct 26, 15 5:11 AM

UPDATE: Three Arrested Protesting Beach Excavation In Montauk

Just have to love how the Press points out to this group of these good people trying to save something we all value so much and call them " rag tag"! Expect this post to be censored immediately!
" Nov 7, 15 1:40 PM

Strangers Join Forces, Make Special Delivery To Hampton Bays Woman And Her Dog, Snuggles

Not surprised at both Ms. Mack and Ms. Guarino from two good local families that do the right thing by everybody always
" Dec 25, 15 10:29 AM

Not surprised at both Ms. Mack and Ms. Guarino from two good local families that do the right thing by everybody always
" Dec 25, 15 10:29 AM

Hampton Coffee Company To Open North Fork Location

" Dec 26, 15 4:23 PM

LIRR, Local Officials To Discuss Permanent South Fork Shuttle Service

Great Idea!
" Jun 7, 16 8:34 PM

Great Idea!
" Jun 7, 16 8:34 PM

Early Demolition Work Begins At Canoe Place Inn In Hampton Bays

There is hardly any free retail space in Hampton Bays. It show how vibrant the town is. We need to clean up this mess. Lets move forward. Thanks to the town for finally picking up the ball and running with it!
" Dec 11, 16 11:22 PM

Seafield Estate In Westhampton Beach Is In Contract

up and coming WHB, the big $ can't stand the traffic" Dec 17, 16 9:59 AM

Hampton Bays Diner Sold

It will be a medical center like everywhere else. " Jul 29, 17 10:38 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Officials Denounce Violence In Charlottesville

both sides paid for by George Soros" Aug 16, 17 8:19 PM

Air National Guard Members Assisting With Rescue Operations In Texas

Just dont tell the Texans, that you and Di Blasio are reviewing which historic statue's to remove. I finally agree on one thing you did, Gov by helping the Texans out. You and your hypocrite brother! " Aug 29, 17 6:23 AM

Princess Diner Owner And Manager Indicted And Charged With Withholding Wages From Employees

no more diners, bars or clubs. just CVS, rich boy shops, Food stores we cant afford, and doctors offices. boring old Hamptons.

" Sep 19, 17 6:05 PM

Maybe Joe Farrell needs the property" Sep 19, 17 6:05 PM

Princess Diner Workers Were Sexually Harassed, Threatened With Deportation, Advocacy Group Says

There are 2 sides to every story. It sounds like these people are pehaps being coached by this "rights group". Can we go into their county illegally and run to a "rights advocate"? No, they would put us right in Jail! Also the restaurant business is different then any other business. Its our PC world thats screwed up. The Press loves a villain, the summers over, they need someting to write about! " Sep 25, 17 4:33 AM

Lost Artwork Is Returned, And Memories Are Rekindled

Bill is a Great Guy!
" Nov 7, 17 8:54 PM

Governor Cuomo Again Vetoes Legislation To Recognize Montaukett Indian Tribe

What do you expect when they attend Sacred Hearts and wont out Planned Parenthood selling baby parts! Bunch of Hypocrytes! " Dec 2, 17 11:41 AM

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