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Southampton, Tuckahoe School Boards Still Working Toward Merger

They also should have OPEN meetings. The recent executive session followed by a press release about the merger suggests yet another round of secrecy and incompetence at the expense of the public." Nov 16, 13 9:51 AM

Governor's Budget Proposal Leave Schools Seeking More Financial Aid

Isn't this just another way of rewarding wayward spending for school districts. How about giving money to districts that save money and show a real commitment to cut unnecessary spending? " Feb 6, 14 9:55 AM

Southampton Propositions

More empty school buses costing tax payers money and polluting our air.
Busing from less than a mile from the school should be abolished. Children
who do not regularly take the bus should not have the right to take it only occasionally. This is a waste of money and adds to the costs and pollution." May 13, 14 8:59 AM

Southampton Village Considering Valet Parking To Ease Stress During Summer Months

Local police and paid traffic control should be out in force EVERYDAY. The seasonal employees huddle together and text their friends and do absolutely
nothing to ease the congestion. At least two should be on Main Street , Hampton Road, and Jobs Lane. In every other high end shopping district this is the way it works. We have employees but they do not work on the problem. If it's beneath the police to handle traffic problems, then please reduce the number in the force and hire others to do the job. I do not see that the administration requires that the village employees do what needs to be done. They also fail to enforce the heavy truck ban on Main Street. I just don't understand why we have no real help during the busy months." May 25, 14 8:22 PM

Southampton Center Proposes To Open Brick Wall To Make Grounds More Inviting

The trustees and board members have absolutely no respect
for the historic structures in the village. Shame on them for considering
this idea. The gates allow access to the property. No need
to dicker with what has been a part of the historic look of the village." Jun 2, 14 1:58 PM

Starbucks Plans Hampton Road Location; Southampton Mayor Won't Support Store

The salient point is that Mr. Mayor is not on the boards that will have to pass on
the Starbucks. The real problem is that the mayor appoints all the members of all the boards and with a few exceptions, these people are all part of Epley's web of
insider favors when it come to building. And most of the people on these boards
have a vested interest in development. Today the mayor is reappointing all the board members and some of them should be replaced.
" Jul 7, 14 12:53 PM

Southampton Village Considers Expanding Retail Use In North Sea Corridor

Conflict of interest it is. And now the taxpayers are funding the study to further
line the pockets of the village attorney? How is this possible. We do not need more traffic or business on North Sea Road. Between Schmidt's, the post office and Lynch's the traffic is already terrible and the traffic patterns are poorly designed. The village officials continue to make decisions based on who they know and who they can do favors for instead of in the interest of the entire population of the village. Sadly, this is a pattern of our local government." Jul 18, 14 10:19 AM

Southampton Village Reopens Public Hearing On Controversial Meadow Lane House

This project has been presented until now in a way that was designed to cover up the actual design of the house. ZBA variances were obtained in March and April using the sketches of a house that was never going to be built. Then when the ARB meeting was scheduled a totally different house appeared. It is going to be 48 feet high which will tower over all the other properties. THe village has not changed its zoning code to adjust maximum allowable heights for houses under the new FEMA regulations. Every other village and town out here has done something to prevent this kind of monstrosity from showing up. But our Trustees are too busy with trivial matters to actually consider making changes to the zoning code. They should all be replaced. Too many appointed ARB and ZBA members are involved in the building trade and stand to gain from any and all construction. They have personal gain to consider when making these important decisions. It's time to tell the Trustess that they need to start preserving what little is left of our historic and charming village and stop dickering with a 6 passenger ferry on Lake Agawam. And the mayor needs to appoint ARB and ZBA members who do not stand to gain financially from real estate transactions and construction. " Jul 30, 14 7:15 AM

Governor Signs New Bill To Facilitate Merger Of Southampton And Tuckahoe School Districts

The entire merger project is full of good news for Tuckahoe taxpayers and terrible news for Southampton taxpayers. Why should Southampton taxpayers pick up the huge bill for the Tuckahoe District that would add 35% more students to the merged district and provide less than 10% of the funds needed to run the schools? In addition, both districts are woefully poor in educating the students. Stop allowing the huge administration headed by Farina add enormous taxes from now until the end of time. The ten-year plan to ease in the higher taxes is just a way to make it a softer blow to the Southampton District. In the end, it's still a huge tax rise for Southampton and a blow to everyone's real estate value in Southampton. No way this should pass ever. " Aug 6, 14 7:38 AM

UPDATE: Traffic Delays Reported In Southampton From Paving Project

Agawam park is a mess, now North Sea Road. For a village that depends on the summer influx of tourists, this kind of activity is sadly misguided. How about doing the work at night? The Montauk Highway work was undertaken late at night. Our
local government continues to fail us.
" Aug 6, 14 8:54 AM

Southampton School District Presents New Projections For Tuckahoe Merger

I think it is obvious from reading the comments that Southampton does not want to take on the burden of Tuckahoe. When you buy property you learn your tax burden. Stepping in and changing the taxes dramatically is unfair to everyone. And, the merger will most likely end up saving not one dime. The people voted "no" already. I think it is a disservice to the community that we have to go through this referendum And, no matter how Southampton and Tuckahoe play the merger, it's a bad deal for Southampton. There are no assurances that any money will be saved and certainly none that the education will be better in a merged district. Vote out the Board of Education members the next time they are up for election. They have failed over and over to represent the Southampton community's interests. Get rid of them at the first opportunity." Aug 19, 14 1:14 PM

Southampton Outlines New Plan For Merger With Tuckahoe

Obviously you do not get what you pay for. The scores on standardized tests are dismal and fall way below most schools of comparable size in Long Island. There are no guarantees that the merger will save any money and now only $4million is projected to be saved on a budget of over $70 million. This as the say is "penny wise and pound foolish."
The Southampton District has admitted that the expensive study and plan of last year were incorrect. There is no way to determine if the current budget and proposal would be correct the second time around. This is a mess and does not deserve to be passed. It provides little if any monetary relief to the district and may actually make matters worse. And there is no proof that the education provided would be any better than it is now. It just makes the people of Southampton pick up the bill for Tuckahoe.
" Aug 20, 14 7:49 AM

Southampton School District Presents New Projections For Tuckahoe Merger

No hard numbers were presented at the meeting and the one set of numbers was
confusing if not misleading. A $4 million savings for a budget that will be over $70 million isn't enough of an incentive to merge. And it is truly unfair to ask the tax payers in Southampton to pick up the tab for Tuckahoe. This is not about being selfish, it's about the fact that when you purchase a property, you learn the taxes to be paid. Changing the game is not fair to anyone. I understand why Tuckahoe residents want to be bailed out but this is not the responsibility of the people in the Southampton school district. After last year's resounding defeat, it is ridiculous to go at it again. The numbers ultimately don't change and the Southampton tax payer will be left with the bill. " Aug 20, 14 4:26 PM

Southampton Expresses Doubt Over Merger With Tuckahoe

Thank you to those BOE members who have thought long and hard about the merger and have decided that it is in the best interests of the Southampton School DIstrict, It does nothing to enhance the Southampton DIstrict or to advance the education of the students. The merger is simply a way to make Southampton tax payers pick up the tab for Tuckahoe. Their constituents are not in favor of the merger and finally the BOE is respecting their wishes. The plan puts an enormous burden on the Southampton tax payers. Thank you BOE members who spoke out and to Dr. Farina for recognizing that this is a bad plan and should not go any further.
" Sep 3, 14 4:27 PM

The merger was soundly defeated less than a year ago. There is no reason to vote on it again, especially since the Southampton administrators have found that the numbers they presented last year before the vote painted a rosier picture of the savings that would have resulted than is possible. This is a bad plan. It should have been rejected and it was rejected last year. It's time to move on to the problems in the schools and leave the merger behind us.
" Sep 5, 14 3:18 PM

Southampton School Board Decides To Bring Tuckahoe Merger To A Straw Vote Again

The meeting was packed with Tuckahoe residents. Very few Southampton
District residents showed up. There is absolutely no way to know how much
support the merger has in Southampton. I think very little. And the numbers have not been produced to actually show how much it will cost. Adding
500 students (Tuckahoe) to a school population of 1,500 (Southampton) adds
approximately 33% more students. The revenue from the Tuckahoe district will only pay for less than 10% of the merged tax levy. Southampton will have to pay for the extra 25% in perpetuity. This is a terrible deal for the taxpayer. At the meeting is was clear that the only people trying to separate from Southampton were the Tuckahoe residents. They threaten to take away their
high school students when challenged. The loss of the tuition for these students is nothing compared to the costs of forever supporting Tuckahoe which will not be contributing significantly to the merged district and will be adding a large number of students. This is just Southampton picking up the check for Tuckahoe now and forever. Say no. A better deal will have to be
produced to entice the Southampton taxpayer to agree to a merger. " Sep 12, 14 8:32 AM

Well maybe the "speakers" were not from Tuckahoe but the actual people who can vote were from Tuckahoe and not from Southampton last night. I find the input from students is nice in terms of school spirit but entirely inappropriate unless they are paying taxes in the district. " Sep 12, 14 12:34 PM

Mr. Epley is an employee of the school. His job depends on having as many students as possible under the Southampton DIstrict's control. So he is more
than a voter. His livelihood is dependent on the school. " Sep 12, 14 7:26 PM

It's more than a few hundred bucks and it increases every year after the first ten years forever. The numbers do not show the entire tax situation nor do they show how Southampton is going to pay for the large influx of students when the Tuckahoe District taxes will only pay for less than one tenth of the budget. The are adding 500 students which is 33 percent more students. WHo's going to pay for this? You guessed it, Southampton tax payers. And, if the numbers soar, then the school will have to make changes and cuts which will further erode the already poor performance they have now. It's a mess. Why not have Southampton try to address their own in house problems and let Tuckahoe do the same. " Sep 13, 14 7:37 AM

What changed is that the Tuckahoe School District spent itself into near
bankruptcy and now Southampton is supposed to pay for their District forever.
Who's greedy now?" Sep 16, 14 4:27 PM

Study Recommends Preservation of Driving Range, Elks Lodge But Offers Little On King Kullen

The Elk's Lodge and Driving Range preservation is just so they can then turn around and build the big supermarket that will make traffic so bad for every village and town East of the area that all of us will suffer financially. The traffic is already so bad in the summer that people stay put most of the time. Don't add to the incredible mess that we already have on our hands. The Southampton Town officials are being sneaky about this and they should know that we are smarter than the obviously believe we are. NO to the plan. It's only being put out now because they want the Morrow project to go through. Obviously the Southampton town officials owe Mr. Morrow a big favor and they are determined to make good on their deal with the devil. " Oct 1, 14 7:21 PM

Southampton Board Of Education Votes To Reject State Grant To Extend School Day

Finally they are doing something right. The extended day plan was fraught with problems and would have cost a fortune once the grant ran out. Now if they just reject putting the merger forward, they might stand a chance of improving the education being offered at the school. " Oct 8, 14 8:07 AM

Southampton Village Approves Moratorium On Houses Taller Than 35 Feet

The house is 54 feet from grade. It qualifies. The building inspector has just allowed people to build 35 feet above the FEMA requirements which in this case are, I believe, 19 feet. So 35 and 19 is 54. Do the math. In other villages on the South Fork, zoning was already changed to deal with this disparity in maximum
heights. Southampton just sat back and let the whole situation deteriorate until now. Very bad government that as usual favors every guy out to make a buck on building out here until there is not one acre of land left. So sad." Oct 13, 14 10:08 AM

Tuckhaoe Schedules Public Forum Before Merger Vote

NOBODY SHOULD. This is not accurate. The rate does not fall at an equal rate. Tuckahoe taxes will fall by 67% by the end of ten years. There is really no accurate information about what it's going to cost for Southampton tax payers. Voting "yes" is a blank check. Southampton put forth a "concept" not a plan. They admitted that the plan from last year was seriously flawed. This is a huge financial mess that does not even deserve a vote.
" Oct 21, 14 8:58 AM

Southampton Village Looking To Create Boardwalk Along Lake Agawam

Lights! A boardwalk? What happened to making the park look green and natural? The more the add to Agawam Park, the more it looks like it might turn into Disneyland. Leave nature alone.
The continual assault on the village of ugly lighting (white Christmas lights on trees year round) and tacky decorative touches is insulting to the history of the village. STOP" Oct 22, 14 12:13 PM

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