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Hampton Bays Vigil Calls For Renewed Push For Immigration Reform

Go to Red Creek park on week-ends and you will find hundreds of undocumented spanish speaking immigrants.They abuse health care they abuse schools and they get paid in cash and they pay no taxes.We pay higher shool taxes for them,higher health care for them and they get the cash.Nice no?" Sep 13, 13 5:26 PM

UPDATE: PSEG Will Bury Lines If East Hampton Town Pays

These wood poles look like we are from John Wayne times! I went to rural eastern European countries and they have concrete poles.We are 100 years behind with these poles!" Mar 10, 14 7:15 PM

UPDATE: FAA's New Helicopter Rule Clarified

The wealthy fly Sikorski.I prefer STAGE 4-NO HELI!!Summer will be here again wjth all the noise again all over the Hamptons!" Mar 12, 14 7:04 PM

Man Charged In Noyac Home Invasion Takes Plea Deal

NO JAIL???Armed robbery holding hostages and NO JAIL?Hail the attorney!
Bravo Southampton Court!
Did he had to kill someone to be locked?
Next time soon!" May 13, 14 11:23 AM

Tensions Soar at East Hampton Airport Noise Meeting on Wednesday

Noise from heli is terrible!They should fly over water but from Gabreski they fly striaght to East Hampton over houses.Sometimes I see thinks inside house shaking this is not normal.They have to SHUT DOWN helicopters at LEAST!" Aug 28, 14 1:36 PM

Aviation Groups Sue East Hampton Town In Effort To Block Recently Approved Airport Restrictions

No more heli in the Hamptons,small planes is more than enough!!" Apr 17, 15 12:55 PM

Southampton Village Board Looks To Implement Restrictions At Helipad

Better that helicopters don't come at all at helipad.Is noise in Hampton Bays like crazy why they don't land at Weshampton airport and take car to destination?? Why?" Jun 13, 15 11:35 AM

Hampton Bays Diner Closes After 30 Years

In 18 years since I live here I went once and had enough.All dinners across US are the same:bad food,poor service, kitch design!Hope somebody will make a much better restaurant or something else.I'm happy for the closure was time!" Jul 17, 15 5:04 PM

East Hampton Town Appeals Federal Court Injunction Against Airport Noise Restriction Law

Southampton town board is doing NOTHING! They only cash salaries and that's all! Streets are not swept only where the wealthy live,rentals permit has to be filled only by Southampton town residents and NOT the Southampton village residents because they are too wealthy,helicopters fly like crazy over Hampton Bays hamlet when they could land at Gabreski and passengers to use cars from there.We have to change all town board,these guys are not protecting the regular citizen,they just don't do nothing!Out with them!" Jul 23, 15 2:55 PM

The Beach Hut In Hampton Bays To Get Advanced Septic System

Renovate the restaurant too.Is a dump the way is now.Septic system is more expensive than the rotten wood in that so called "restaurant"!" Oct 2, 15 7:44 PM

Living In The Shadows: Deportation Rumors Spark Fear Around Town

They have to go home all illegals!They bring more if they settled and Hampton Bays is full of them.Go summer time in Red Creek Park and all courts occupied by them and they are hundreds.There is no room for tennis courts either sometimes.Volleyball and basketball are "booked" by them.Trump will fix this I'm sure better than is now. " Jan 25, 16 7:09 AM

Southampton Town Makes Offer To Purchase The Hills Property In East Quogue

SH town is buying and buying and do nothing with them!! They bought Neptune bar in H Bays and the other club near by and they sit locked and empty since.H Bays is dying ,the beaches are not cleaned at all,dead algae,pieces of wood from the ocean the garbage cans look awfull ,the pavilions at Tiana and Ponquoaque SCREAM renovation and NOBODY is doing nothing.The boutiques under Lady Hampton restaurant are closed at the beach there no one to sell you a bottle of water by the canal they closed 2 or 3 restaurants (somebody bought them and they stay locked and deppresive) CPI is closed for years and they keep talking renovation and nobody from SH town is moving a finger but they keep buying and they don't see the big SIkorskis flying from Grabeski to East Hampton over the houses in Hampton Bays.
The worst part are the beaches ,everybody is complaining and they do NOTHING.Keep buying....." Jul 12, 16 5:18 PM

I don't go is a waste of time going and talking to the walls! I send them an email about big white Sikorski flying over HBays to Ehampton and they raised their shoulders that they are powerless! EH town is another story ,SH buys and buys and forget about "shopping".HBays is going down with so many depressive buildings closed and bought by the town who at least doesn't demolish them or renovate.All SH ton should be changed they know only to spend on properties and that's all! People start already to go to other areas is nothing to do here especially for youngsters.1-2 bars or clubs in a horrible shape and 3-4 good restaurants and the list is over.Beaches are dirty ,walk from Shinecock canal all the way to Tiana and you can fill a 16 wheeler with trash.What's the big deal to send a special tractor to clean daily the beaches like they do in many parts of the world? They charge parking fees and sticker fees to buy property that sits! Very boring HBays lately and dirty on the beach!" Jul 12, 16 9:27 PM

I'm half blind I write better than many,EH town are NOT powerless you must have family members in SH town you are defending them too much.If this a "fast track" with Neptune and the CPI then you have a problem with speed!" Jul 13, 16 6:51 AM

Southampton Village Board Considers Requiring Permits To Cut Down Trees On Residential Lots

I have the feeling that Village board got bored and they don,t know what to do.Bring back the curb leaves pick up and forget about trees.They cost a fortune to be cut anyway and oaks are making the worst of all tress:pollen sap in spring,tones of acorns in fall,tons of leaves that we have to carry to dump or pay landscapers,dead branches all year.Terrible tree,good for fire though." Nov 21, 16 7:00 PM

Grand Jury Examining Hill Street Crash While Southampton Village Residents Seek Slowdown

People are speeding because of gas prices at that station on Hill street!" Mar 18, 17 7:35 AM

Good Ground Park Will Open On June 1; Certain Amenities Will Not Be Finished Until Summer 2018

Wow ,face painting!how "exciting"!Not a very original ideea.There is nothing else really?" Mar 30, 17 3:24 PM

Hampton Bays To Get Trolley Service This Summer

They should comb the beaches every week with a tractor not to spend money with a useless trollley.Tons of debris on the beaches from canal to Tiana. I live in HB now and nothing is moving just the talk.Piping plower areas are clean and they become larger and larger ,public areas become smaller every year. CPI,Neptune club, and other buildingsall in "talkings" for years "they block new constructions to be made if is private ,pavilions are falling apart and they "study",dune road they "will" raise it, every year the same story and they raise taxes and taxes ,schools in the area full of spanish kids,at bus stops you see generally spanish waiting for the bus less now with Trump policy. Good Ground has that entrance on Squiretown Rd that will make traffic worst there.That light at corner of Squiretown and Montauk hwy stays RED if train are passing on Ponquogue Av. another nonsense and cars are lining up,after they open the famous park will be nightmare! Who "designs" this I don't know!Maybe a blind guy!" May 20, 17 9:12 AM

Town Will Reopen East Quogue's Hot Dog Beach Parking Lot By Month's End

Clean the beach from the canal to Tiana beach!Millions of debris and algae how come at Cooper Beach they clean almost every day and in Hampton Bays and East-Quoque once in a season? Is hard to put a tractor to comb beaches at least every week or is "so" expensive?" Jun 7, 17 1:07 PM

Court Rejects Most Arguments Raised By Canoe Place Inn PDD Opponents; Neighbors To Appeal Decision

I prefer to see townhouses and restaurant then what I see now for years. Some people cannot stand the fact that other people are making money and they start to talk about "issues". Is enough so many years of fighting!" Jul 15, 17 7:57 AM

Good Ground Park Hosts First Bench Dedication Ceremony

what a joke that park-empty all the time,millions wasted for nothing,some concerts was scheduled and then cancelled for the weather in the meantime nothing! better open those clubs Neptune and the other on the beach,let CPI owners to do whatever only sores to eyes in HB and what is built is built for nothing!" Aug 8, 17 4:56 PM

Hampton Bays Water District Shuts Off Two Wells After Contamination Is Found

Hampton Bays water S.U.C.K.S ! I filled pool in Squiretown area 2 years ago from O to 23000 gallons and water was REDISH. I called them and they said -we know one well is pumping too much IRON and will shut down now that is autumn but next spring will open again!-sic!!! They didn't charged me for the RED water that I put tons of chemicals to clean and next year I called again when I saw RED residues and asked them to shut the IRON WELL for good and they said- nobody knows only you and nobody complaints so we keep it open!!!!! For this reason fridge filters becomes clogged quickly 2-3 months in summer because of quality of water.THEY KNOW AND THEY DO NOTHING! Put some water in your tub and you will see if clear or not after few gallons and call then every week maybe they will wake up." Sep 7, 17 5:14 PM

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