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Bishop asks Paterson for disaster area designation

Do beach front home owners need relief. Perhaps this money could be spent more productively. As an ultra liberal democrat I am shocked at Tim Bishops elitist request. " Dec 5, 09 5:54 PM

Southampton Village Says Citarella Bags Do Not Violate Plastic Bag Ban

I am perplexed by Erin McKinley's article that 3 mils of thickness is OK, when the regulation states 2.2 mil. Does that mean that thick plastic is better than thin?
Since when is any plastic OK , under the original intent of our Green "SAVE" committee?
Any help in enlightening me and furthering my understanding of this seemingly contradictory message would be appreciated. Without such enlightenment, I would be led down the logical path toward thoughts of ......." May 30, 14 10:21 PM