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Hours After Graduation, Quiogue Teen Killed In Single-Car Accident; Driver Charged With DWI

A huge upset in our community.
Minors are easily accessing alcohol. As parents, we need to find out how and who is suppling them. If we don't, we'll continue to see these tragedies.
Prayers go out to the families. " Jun 29, 11 9:32 AM

There was that arrest in remsenburg of the parents who served the minors alcohol, which i agree with. If the beverages are selling to minors, our tax dollars need to be spent on undercover operations to stop it.
It's bad enough that every week the press is filled with the DWI arrests of out of town club goers, now we have drunk teenage drivers.
I wonder if twitter would be a good tool for the police to seek out people attempting to drive from a party where there was alcohol? Just thinking" Jun 29, 11 4:01 PM

Exposure leads to the very thing this artice is about. What type of experience do you want your child to gain? I don't understand how drinking at a young age has anything to do with wolves. You've been spared." Jun 30, 11 10:16 AM

Twelve Drug Arrests In Hampton Bays Over Fourth of July Weekend

punishments too weak. they get their high power attorneys to come and get the charges reduced to a fine that they gladly pay with ease, then they do it all over again the following weekend.

Good work on the police end of it though!" Jul 7, 11 4:39 PM

Town Board Member Sees Potential Helicopter Solution On The South Shore

"We pissed off everyone on the North Shore, now we'll piss off everyone on the south shore"
Raise the taxes, get rid of free leaf cleanup, and fly helicopters over their heads!!!
Bullsh%T" Aug 11, 11 4:31 PM

Police Standoff In North Sea Ends Peacefully

helicopter noise made him snap" Aug 23, 11 11:13 AM

Garbage Carters Will Soon Need Permits In Southampton Town

This will hurt small buisnesses that pay for commercial dumpsters in order to operate. Which in this tough economic time is the wrong end result. Figure out another way to recycle, don't create bulls*&t fees." Aug 23, 11 11:23 AM

Police: Woman Dies Following Car Accident In Hampton Bays

How do we get a light there? Is there some kind of public request form? I'm sure everyone would be all for it." Oct 6, 11 10:04 AM

Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

I didn't know about these inspections but I now fully support them. The law is the law, overcrowding creates safety and health concerns. My full support goes to Mr Betts and town code enforcement.
" Jun 11, 12 11:21 AM

Drug Task Force Announces Felony Drug Arrest

This is kind of harsh. It takes time to infiltrate a drug network. Undercover cops need to make several buys starting with the low guys to work their way up the ladder. It sucks that there were officers taking pills but at least the dept is in a new direction and making good arrests." Aug 12, 12 9:20 AM

That is not the definition just a quote. How can you honestly sit there and preach to legalize all drugs? They are against the law because they are highly addictive and dangerous. I do agree that incarceration is very expensive but how is this for an alternative: private prisons. Takes the cost off of taxpayers back and reduces overcrowding. " Aug 12, 12 9:30 AM

Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Felt At East End Schools

I just want to say that it would be smart for every police department to have their officers familiarize themselves with each school in their district. Even if it is after school hours so the children don't get scared. I think officers should know their way through the halls so they know exactly where they are going if they are called to respond to any incident. Whether it be a physical assault, or worse. It isn't the ultimate answer to solving gun violence in our country, but it could help to keep our children a little safer." Dec 18, 12 11:17 AM

Fines, Penalties For Rental Violations Could Increase In Southampton Town

I'm very happy that Anna is finally stepping up and doing something positive for the town. This should have been done years ago though when the problem was just starting, enforcing the law from the beginning. As seen in the documentary film THEY COME TO AMERICA 2 there is a county in Maryland that has extremely tough housing laws that are highly enforced from the beginning. It's time to step up and turn Southampton town in the right direction. Instead of downhill where it's going. " Apr 29, 13 9:02 PM

Recent Filming Raises Questions About The Hiring Of Local Police For Security

COULDN'T AGREE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jun 28, 13 1:50 PM

List Ignites Investigation Of Hundreds Of Hampton Bays Properties

I'll be at the next meeting. I want to find more addresses!!!" Jul 15, 13 10:09 AM

Hampton Bays Vigil Calls For Renewed Push For Immigration Reform

I'll jump in on this with my own simple theory, the housing situation is out of control. I really could care less if they are illegal or illegal, they shouldn't be allowed to live with 10 families in one house. It's unfair, unsafe, and unhealthy. Start enforcing the law and see how fast things start changing." Sep 14, 13 11:11 PM

UPDATE: Police Correct Identity of Woman Found Dead Along Penny Lane

I agree with this 100 percent. Somebody doesn't want this to get out." Nov 4, 13 8:38 PM

Father Says Son Injured During Hampton Bays Football Locker Room Incident

It would have been nice to see them win some playoff games under the lights our taxes pay for. " Nov 10, 13 9:13 AM

Town Issues 54 Notices Of Violation In Hampton Bays; List Inspires New Approach, Crackdown

This is the best news about this town I've read in a long long time. Hampton bays has fallen off the map as being a decent place to raise a family. A recent article in another local paper listed riverhead as part of the hamptons, not even hampton bays. However, with code enforcement stepping up their game and really cracking down on the current housing problems, this town may just have a shot at turning around. I'm stating this as a current homeowner and taxpayer. I work hard to support my family and it's not fair that people cram numerous families into one single family dwelling and pay 200 dollars rent each to the landlord. Before I bought my house, I was shown a for foreclosure. Listed as a single family home it had more homemade rooms and bunk beds then tent city in Arizona. It's an unsafe and horrible situation that plagues the town. So with my rant over, good job code enforcement! Keep on stepping up your game and get this town into compliance. " Jun 7, 14 9:33 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Blast Board, Again, Over Illegal Housing

Code enforcement needs to be knocking on doors from 8pm to midnight every night when people are actually home. These officers can easily justify their salaries if they drove around at night, not during the day when everyone is out working. " Sep 24, 14 11:22 PM

Southampton Town Intends To Hire Six New Police Officers Over Next Two Years

How about 6 new night shift code enforcement officers? there's no need for 6 more cops to sit at the fire department. " Nov 6, 14 7:38 AM

VFW Sells Longtime Quogue Post, Buys New Home In Westhampton Beach

Cupsogue you have NO CLUE as to what you are talking about. You also don't have an ounce of respect for veterans. The guys you say just sit around and drink fought wars that gave you the right to be here in America. What the hell is wrong with you. VFW halls provide many services to the community such as hosting blood drives,food drives and coordinating help for soldiers returning from the wars we fight today. You should reconsider your thoughts in the future before posting such an uneducated and selfish statement. " Dec 4, 14 3:45 PM

Thank you for your service, and I do recind some of my original comment directed at you. However it shocks me that having served yourself you have the nerve to make a statement towards other veterans. The fact they bought a resturant is irrelevant. The fact that they moved next to a base is irrelevant. If members of the national guard want to drink there are tons of places in westhampton to do so. Should they close also? Also, by the vfw purchasing the old resturant, they will do necessary repairs and keep up with the building. So if you really grew up in the hamptons, you should be happy that it did sell to an organization that the community respects, and not to a builder to put condos in. Which as you know by growing up in the hamptons, is happening all around us." Dec 5, 14 12:17 PM

That makes no sense. So your view is that every vfw and resturant that serves should be shut down? Close the gas stations that serve a 40. Pull Applebee's liquor license! Is there a secret epidemic of drunken veterans that get wild and drive home drunk? Working in uniform myself, I can assure there is not an influx of veterans driving home drunk. good thing you are retiring, you can stay in NC and watch out for these wild drunk veterans that don't exist." Dec 6, 14 7:38 AM


Take some time educating your self on what actually goes on before throwing around your unrealistic and uneducated comments. One day you may need services provided by a vfw.
" Dec 6, 14 7:44 AM

Flanders Residents Band Together Against Garbage District

Riverhead town has town garbage pickup. I know many of people that are happy with the service. They have two pick days and I think one recycling day per week. Then on one of the two days the truck picks up almost anything you put out there. Couches, TVs, Mattresses etc. It works out to be cheaper in your taxes then you would pay for twice a week pickup. The obvious side of it is you do hurt local business owners who are trying to make a living. " Apr 13, 15 4:10 PM

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