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New East End DWI Task Force Nets Many Arrests Over Memorial Day Weekend

Do they shred documents in the BAT TRUCK?" May 26, 12 8:18 AM

Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

so they've been saying this BS since wilson?" Jun 10, 12 6:59 PM

Pavilion Gets Green Light From Southampton Village Officials

i think a sarcastic remark here would take away from how majorly stupid this whole thing is. A "light fabric skin"? I am completely disgusted. Can we get that fat cop from the menacing sign on the highway a couple years ago to come and do something about this? Are the people making these decision evil or just stupid? Wow. " Jun 17, 12 8:14 AM

No Injuries Reported After Fishing Boat Takes on Water In Peconic Bay

way to go bay constables. you guys are professionals and always get the job done efficiently and done well. thank you." Jun 17, 12 6:57 PM

Woman Charged With DWI After Crashing Into Tree In Water Mill

how about a mugshot of that guy who flipped his jaguar?" Jun 23, 12 8:19 AM

Kiernan Suspension Is Extended By Two Months

wow, tennyson, you're a real prince. so the guy was involved in accusing or punishing people who didn't deserve it, then is being suspended by a board, and HE doesn't deserve it, and now NATURE is accusing kiernan of something and he doesnt deserve it, and now it seems like you're attacking "nature" and HE doesnt deserve it. it's the southampton circle of life. but you, being a prince, and letting god decide everything, sit there and don't judge anyone." Jun 23, 12 8:26 AM

UPDATE: Cops ID Nun Killed in Water Mill Hit-And-Run, Seek Public's Help In Finding Driver

wow. maybe there actually aren't enough cops." Jul 10, 12 10:00 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Man Who Drowned After Jet Ski Accident In Mecox Bay

the details and everything about this is sketchy. there's not really anything to crash into in the bay, and though there are deep spots, most of the thing is only a couple feet deep. it's getting pretty gross, though - the last time they onpened the cut, it was only a trickle, and was open for about a day and a half. the thing needs to be opened again if they want anything to live in there - besides this mozambiquan, obviously... but really, i don't get how the guy just slipped away like that." Aug 7, 12 10:43 AM

Are August Visitors The Rudest Of The Lot To Invade The Hamptons?

august is much more crowded, and everyone is trying to squeeze in as much summer as possible - the result is not worse people, but certainly worse behavior... also, the there is only one earth-moon, water is wet, and cows say moo. but if you're like me, and most other people who are commenting on 27 east, you end up working so hard from about the middle of august to labor day, that you can't be bothered by rude actions. " Aug 25, 12 9:21 AM

Beach Rebuilding Project Will Go To Voters In Affected Areas Of Oceanfront Southampton Town

category 1 direct hit will undo anything we do. category 2 - don't even want to think about it. the swell leading into this weekend is probably going to do some serious damage. the best thing about all this will be the massive sandbars formed by all the sand we are paying millions to move. didn't they dig up a bunch of sand from mecox bay last year and dump it at mecox? and isnt that beach pretty much the same? a more worthwhile project might be to find and dig out all the rusty metal posts left from plover area mark-offs. i pull about 20 5 foot rusted metal posts from the shorebreak every year. i promise the town will have a lawsuit that will cost them more money than they could ever spend the first time someone gets impaled by one of these." Sep 3, 12 8:49 AM

Deer-Culling Opponents File Suit Against East Hampton Town, Village Over Planned Cull

yeah let's pay the government poison the deer with chemicals that will melt out their nether regions, and hope not too much of it ends up in our water supply. way better than paying snipers to come out. way, WAY better than letting ready and willing locals do the job. i always trust websites who plug an (R) into their findings. Mostly im excited about spraying the earth with birth control." Dec 23, 13 9:10 AM

UPDATE: Bridgehampton CAC To Hire Attorney To Fight CVS Pharmacy Plan

intersting stuff. speaking of vacant buildings, whats up with that candy store in water mill with the 2 apartments that has had a big "for sale" sign up for like 10 years now? and that building on the highway in southampton that has those big round windows? and that other place near carvel that used to be a diner? But mostly i want to know about that candy store." Apr 2, 14 4:45 PM

Luck of Draw And Erosion Force Campers Off Beach At Shinnecock East

the beaches over here in water mill are bigger than we've ever seen them - yes, from the replenishment, but it all the sand that the gulf stream usually pushes in is about double over here - both taller and wider than usual. Where we usually have a 4 or 5 foot dip at the shoreline, we now have a nice, gradual slope. Also, our outer sandbars are all super healthy. so all in all I'd say it's a fair statement that the sand dumped caused even more sand to build up here, and probably not west of here as per usual" Jul 3, 14 11:48 PM

Suffolk County Septic Improvement Program's First New System Installed In Flanders

It's good that the island is starting to notice and try to do something about the harmful algae blooms that are killing our bays and oceans, but I get the impression that the septic systems are a drop in the bucket when compared to amount of nitrogen added to the water via lawn fertilizers. This program will certainly be a boom for the septic industry and all affiliated with it, but I don't think it'll stop the blooms. Golf courses and the giant green lawns out here will continue to fill out waterways with an insane amount of nitrogen while we pat ourselves on the back for using our own tax dollars to fund the installation of these new largely ineffective expensive septic systems. " Sep 10, 17 11:23 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Signs Off Thursday On Environmental Study For 'The Hills'

This will kill the bays. The amount of nitrogen in the fertilizers needed to maintain a golf course will all run off into the bays and cause insane algae blooms. Golf courses kill the bays. Thanks" Sep 16, 17 9:43 AM

Southampton Town Considers Artificial Turf For Hampton Bays Field

Artificial turf heats up to over a hundred degrees in the heat, becomes expensive to maintain, and is usually replaced with grass for a high price after a few years. Most municipalities regret getting it. Good luck." Apr 4, 18 8:20 AM

Southampton Village Mayor Points To Homeowners, Heavy Rains For Lake Agawam Fish Kill

Yeah it’s clearly and always has been the massive amounts of fertilizers being dumped Onto lawns and ending up in they bays. These guys don’t care and won’t listen. Good luck everyone. Enjoy your state of the art septic systems. " May 1, 19 3:05 PM

State Supreme Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Shinnecock Billboards

I hope that the billboard, a great monument to Shinnecock culture and a shining beacon of care by stewards of the land, gets tourists curious about the tribe— hopefully it steers the rich and influential to go and drive onto the reservation, and really experience what the Shinnecock tribe is all about " May 30, 19 6:36 AM

Project Managers Say They've Suffered Damages From State And Town Efforts To Stop Billboards; Tribe Will Continue To Ignore State Court's TRO

Shinnecock has a proud history of being a billboard advertising tribe. If you look close at the seal on the billboard there’s a billboard. They actually invented the small text at the end of car and medication commercial. They also invented the giant “no trespassing” sign" Jun 14, 19 4:58 AM

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