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Six Bartenders Arrested For Serving Alcohol To Minor

Why don't the Southampton Town Police raid Southampton's Publick House? Because the cops who hang out there know that the 16-20 year olds who hang out there getting schmammered are easy pickin's on any wednesday night. That place is just stuffed to the brim with young ladies talking about their SAT's and college applications. Guess somebody else is gonna have to get the "Why you little.." treatment again before anything else happens at that place." Jun 28, 11 9:13 AM

Former Southampton Town Employee Files Complaint Claiming She Was Wrongfully Terminated

Hahahaha....... Oh, Southampton...." Jun 28, 11 9:15 AM

Twelve Drug Arrests In Hampton Bays Over Fourth of July Weekend

That's all they found? Cocaine is about as common (and good) as cash at any club in TOS or EH after midnight." Jul 5, 11 9:55 PM

No Opposition to Drug-Sniffing Dog Idea At Pierson High School

Let's bring dogs trained to attack people into schools to sniff out the pot that it definitely there. Some kids whose lockers used to have pot (but don't have pot themselves) will be accused and probably go through hell with their parents and they school, but hey it's just a little collateral damage. Other kids, who actually do have some pot, are going to arrested, have a record, and essentially have their life ruined - i mean, why wait for pot to have its slim chance to ruin their life when you can do it right away?
Who cares what the kids think? I mean, they are definitely going to freak out about this whole thing... but... They are useless potheads who could never contribute anything to society, so let's just skip the finding out step and make them lifetime prisoners. They will eventually be fine with being locked in classrooms so police with attack dogs can do their best to ruin their friends lives.
The best thing about this whole thing is that it will get all the kids in the school to stop smoking or going anywhere near pot. Now they can learn the joys of gin and oxycontin, the LEGAL way to get high. " Jan 30, 12 8:47 AM

and when their friend goes to jail and loses a scholarship to college and gets into drinking and pills because he's on probation, they will be like "whatever i guess filthy potheads deserve what they get."" Jan 30, 12 8:48 AM

Suspicious Man Approaches Female Jogger At Long Beach

I'm pretty sure that he was hitting on her, albeit grimily, and the she assaulted him. which makes him the criminal and her the victim." Feb 3, 12 10:21 AM

No Opposition to Drug-Sniffing Dog Idea At Pierson High School

I am saying that there is a better chance that sending someone to jail will have a better chance of ruining their life than having a gram of pot in their locker in school. Some of the kids at that school who smoke pot now will have problems in the future. If they now smoke pot AND have a record AND are kicked out of school activities and sports, they will probably lose more opportunities. The never ending-trend of teen suicide is something to consider before a school turns against its students and facilitates their incarceration for POT POSESSION.

I am "Properly Introduced" to long term usage of drugs. And, especially out here, alcohol and perscription pills are MUCH cheaper, MUCH easier to get, and MUCH MORE CONSISTENTLY ruin people's lives. Fact: Some kids in high school smoke pot. Many stop when they reach adulthood, many don't. But the ones who get arrested may be drug tested while on probation when they get out. And they are going to be feeling pretty crappy and hurt financially when they are going through the penal system. And Xanax and whiskey don't show up on drug tests. And when they are hanging out with their pot-smoking friends after jail, they are going to want to get high.
" Feb 3, 12 10:31 AM

Suffolk County May Face $500 Million Deficit

Love all the talk about the federal government. This is why our problems will never be solved. There's like 3 cops on the road for every motorist and alot of them are making 6 figures.
And you old people keep electing officials who hire more cops and shape the county so the money flows to them. And then complain about whatever glen beck or rush tells you to complain about.
Keep whining about the federal government while county officials make poor invesments with out money and over-police the country. Good luck" Mar 8, 12 11:12 AM

No Opposition to Drug-Sniffing Dog Idea At Pierson High School

Alcohol is out of your system in 3 days, tops. When you get arrested for pot, you drink. It is just pot. Getting arrested is not "Just getting arrested." you are advocating ruining kids lives in honor of "rules and regs."
Arresting a kid is much more disruptive than him or her smoking pot. you are a bad person. " Mar 8, 12 11:16 AM

Suffolk County May Face $500 Million Deficit

I don't have and hard figures on the cop thing - and I don't think your average cop is any worse of a guy than your average carpenter. I actually like all the town, country, and state cops i've interacted with. Good guys (and women) trying to do the right thing the right way. I don't have any hard figures - i just see 5 cop cars at every accident, 10 at every fire, and b/w 2 and at every other cop-needing event. Those guys do earn every dollar but I don't think we need state, county, and village cops in this number. We clearly can't afford it and our padding's padding is padded.

And when on one page we have people arguing for sending the county's drug sniffing dogs to high schools because "they do it for free" and on another page we see that the county is bankrupt, we can start to see a willful ignorance towards something that is clearly a huge expense to everyone.

Also, how much did it cost to put that cheesy lane separator on 27? And considering that cost, how many lives are really saved? 1 a year? 2? how many millions are we spending to "keep ourselves safe" at the expense of projects that might actually improve the situation on the east end?" Mar 12, 12 12:02 PM

Politically Divided Southampton Town Board Names New Police Captain

you can't because it's been shredded. " Mar 18, 12 9:02 AM

Articles about cops shredding documents, articles about police dogs in schools, articles about police positions being created that aren't there. Republicans and cops drinking coffee and smoking big cigars, slowly milking the town and the county under the auspices of protection. Keep being scared of what they want you to be, and they will get you to believe anything they say. and fight for it. Southampton, and Suffolk County are doomed because its greatest, hard-working people are easily manipulated. " Mar 18, 12 9:05 AM

Police: Bicyclist In Stable Condition Following Accident In Southampton Village

Hate to make a conclusion about something i haven't even the foggiest inkling of an idea about, but it could have been a swarm of vampires. or just a plain old voodoo curse combined with venus and jupiter's appearence in the western sky. " Mar 25, 12 8:52 AM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

peoplefirst - noone has expressed more hate on this board than you. you throw around the word "bigot" with more frequency an hate than anyone else on these threads. just because you are hating on people who hate, that doesn't make you not a hater. on the contrary, you are the most hateful person here. your inability to understand that people who don't share your opinion are not necesarily bad people shows you to be a maniac." Mar 25, 12 9:04 AM

Illegal Immigration: In Pursuit Of The American Dream

They break any law that stands in their way? I find them to be more trustworthy and harder workers than half the other labor anywhere out here. They also drive more safely and are generally more respectful. The only law they don't respect is entering our country to look for work. And that law is questionable - the jobs are there and we need people to do them for wages low enough to pay.

"What is not hate about them coming to this country" ?
That the love this country as much as we do, and that they are doing it out of love for their family.
'Naam is over buddy. Calling people "stupid" and "hypocrites" is always calling kettle black.
I find you disgusting, and yes, i think i'm better than you. At thinking, anyway." Apr 5, 12 9:21 AM

I can tell you this: the people hiring the illegals are most certainly republicans, and small business owners. I can also tell you this: we need them. They are the most skilled, hardest working, and most trustworthy work force on the east end. All the tradesmen who did work here for the last 50 years worked hard to build giant houses for the rich city folk who moved in. The contractors and landscapers and everyone else involved in the process spoiled their kids and drank too much and probably diid too much coke. in the 80's and 90's things were good and people were getting fat and jolly. They didn't want their kids to dirty their hands so they concentrated on things like art or real estate. Come the 2000's, the kids ( of the hard-working, builder generation before them ) showed themselves to have all the bad habits of their parents and none of their skills. So the skilled, drunkard parents hired illegals. And more illegals. And if you build a mcmansion, illegals will come.

The illegals don't feel like they deserve anything. They stand outside and wait for work - whatever work they can get. While the locals who complain about them .... complain about them.
Would I rather have local people doing the skilled trade-work? Sure.
Now we have more illegals full time than legals. Because we built ourselves out. And the fat contractors put bigger and bigger american flags on thier trucks, and got richer and richer. And the proud locals lost their luster and moved west or died.
This guy at 711, he is the worst kind of person. He is self aggrandizing and exploiting an issue to draw attention to himself. You can tell by his short denim shorts and the look of extacy he has on his face when people honk. He thinks he's the queen of england.
You want to stop the hiring of illegal immigrants?? Go to that 711, and take pictures of all the trucks that stop and pick guys up. Publish those pictures, on a website, a flyer, whatever.
I'm sure you'll find most of them people picking up and flag-waving, war supporting, in-public-immigrant-hating, republicans." Apr 5, 12 9:37 AM

Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

look at all these coke-head republicans defending this loser.... this is why there will never be productive discourse anywhere near this town. The guy had a drug arrest, and was caught doing bumps in a parking lot. he's hugely reckless, and whoever let his hire go through should know that they are a bad person, and that their croneyism is making this town a worse place for out kids.
but hey, just keep claiming there aren't too many cops and code enforcers, who aren't doing anything but leaching those tax dollars you republicans hate so much. And when your kids have drinking and drug problems, i'm sure you'll find a way to blame it on minorities or immigrants or liberals or whatever.
keep denying, keep denying, keep denying. " Apr 29, 12 10:10 AM

Pilaro Family Vows To Keep Up Fight For Son To Play Field Hockey

This is by far the most east i've ever seen put into a 27 east article... and it's about a boy playing field hockey." May 2, 12 9:55 AM

east = effort" May 2, 12 9:55 AM

Southampton Town Police Lieutenant Placed On Forced Leave

I'd pay less for a non-sniper." May 3, 12 1:11 AM

200 g's a year into anything else would be better." May 3, 12 1:18 AM

200,000 is too much. way too much, DOTTS76. ask a fireman the same question. " May 6, 12 10:51 AM

East Hampton Ordinance Enforcement Department Faces Staffing Woes

maybe we need more cops." May 8, 12 7:31 PM

Cohen Storms Out Of East Hampton Town Board Meeting After Alleging Improper Meeting

Board Watcher - people's houses falling into the ocean is their own fault, for building a house too close to the ocean. why is anything a democrat says "political bickering"? this is why we're all doomed. good luck." May 8, 12 7:35 PM

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