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1979 Comments by Turkey Bridge

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Shinnecocks expect final word on recognition Tuesday

"The weekend" was your term, not mine. Either way, a disaster." Jun 15, 10 9:52 AM

Developer made campaign donations as project came before board

Just brought home the print edition. Turns out the only member of the present Town Board to whom Bob Morrow, his daughter or his company did NOT contribute is the Democrat, Bridget Fleming. The full article reports that the Morrow interests gave $4550 to the 2009 campaign of Anna Throne-Holst (and, to be fair, $2575 to Linda Kabot), $1000 each to the campaigns of Chris Nuzzi and Jim Malone, and $1250 to the campaign of Nancy Graboski (but not since 2007). He did not, however, give a dime to the campaign of Democrat Bridget Fleming. According to the piece, he also gave $500 to a Republican organization called 'Southampton GOP' and nothing to the Southampton Democrats. No prizes for figuring all this out. " Jun 17, 10 10:27 AM

Town Board hears from 'Tuckahoe Main Street' developer

It's you who needs to do the homework, lursagirl. In your 2nd sentence, you link Anna Throne-Holst and Bridget Fleming and say "they all received campaign money" from Rob Morrow. That's wrong, according to the 27east piece "Developer made campaign donations as project came before board" (June 16), and the full article in the June 17 print edition, "Developer is Big Donor." These stories report that Mr. Morrow, his company or his daughter made contributions to the campaigns of all the Town Board members EXCEPT Bridget Fleming, the Democrat. That's $4550 to Anna Throne-Holst, $1000 each to Chris Nuzzi and Jim Malone, $1250 to Nancy Graboski (in prior campaigns), and ZERO to Bridget Fleming. Why do you think that is, lursagirl? I bet I know." Jun 17, 10 10:46 AM

You're right, Mr. Z, but the opposition to this project is so wide and so deep that it's probably dead on arrival, even in development-friendly Southampton Town. So, since we don't have to worry about that any more, let's get back to the nitpicking and polemics: Some of the commenters above seem to be ready to give Chris Nuzzi the Good Government Award because he alone voted against proceeding with the environmental review of Tuckahoe Main Street, but remember two things: [1] Chris Nuzzi was one of the Town Board members who did receive campaign money from the developer, Bob Morrow (unlike Bridget Fleming, who didn't). [2] Just because Mr. Nuzzi voted against going ahead with the environmental review doesn't mean he opposed the project; it could just mean he didn't think an environmental review was necessary. I can almost see some people gasping, but equally strange things have happened in this town, if you look at the Planning Board's recent history. " Jun 17, 10 9:46 PM

Developer made campaign donations as project came before board

Reg rep says above, "We have a corrupt Supervisor and TB." Very serious accusation, very sweeping, but anyone who follows reg rep's comments knows she is obsessed with Anna Throne-Holst and will say anything to injure the Supervisor, with no regard for accuracy and no hesitation about tarring anyone else, like the whole Town Board, in this instance.

Reg rep is wrong, and this is a very ill-considered charge on her part, given that the contributions were legal, that there is no proof of any connection between the contributions and the votes, and that, in the case of Nancy Graboski, the last Morrow contribution was in 2007. Also, just to clarify and just to give me the pleasure of saying it once more, in the case of Democrat Bridget Fleming, there is not even any initial basis for the accusation of corruption, because Ms. Fleming never received a penny from Bob Morrow.

Oh, do please respond, reg rep, so that I can say it yet again ... and again .. and again." Jun 17, 10 10:13 PM

Lablover, you establish your objectivity bona fides with this point, and that's a good thing. I claim the same objectivity with my regular acknowledgments of Republican Nancy Graboski as a dedicated and responsible public official (and one who, in this context, received no money from Bob Morrow after 2007).

You may, however, want to be careful about giving Chris Nuzzi a gold star here. First, he was one of the three Town Board members to receive recent contributions from Mr. Morrow. Second, as I noted under a related article, I think the vote was not to go forward with an environmental review of the Tuckahoe Main St. proposal. Mr. Nuzzi's No vote could have meant, not that he opposed the project, but that he thought no environmental review was necessary. That, I imagine, would change your opinion." Jun 18, 10 9:37 AM

Agree." Jun 18, 10 3:03 PM

Town Board hears from 'Tuckahoe Main Street' developer

Lursagirl, be assured there are many others on whom I pick. Just look around on the board, and you'll see that you're correct in guessing there are "quite a few" who get me going." Jun 20, 10 5:15 PM

Water Mill residents worry about development planned for intersection

Please note, this is Bill Berkoski, the guy who was sneaked onto the Planning Board a couple of months ago by a last-minute, surprise resolution passed by the Republican/Conservative Town Board majority of Chris Nuzzi, Jim Malone and Nancy Graboski.

The appointment of Mr. Berkoski was in direct violation of prior pledges to have an open, public vetting process for these important appointments. Instead, his name was put forward with no warning and thus no chance for public input. It was done this way because his pals knew that Bill Berkoski is a strong advocate for unrestrained development and would draw a lot of opposition if it got out that he was being put up for the Planning Board.

Now we see what is happening as a result of these midnight appointments. Here is Bill Berkoski urging the Water Mill CAC to support a Planned Development District, when all our recent experience with PDDs shows that they do far more harm than good. (See Eric Cohen's excellent Viewpoint piece in last week's Press.) This is the sort of thing we can expect as long as our Town Board is controlled by the good-old-boy, comfy-cozy-chummy combination of the Southampton Republicans and Conservatives. These folks will build our town to death if we let them." Jun 20, 10 5:40 PM

Shinnecocks expect final word on recognition Tuesday

Good show, Brendan, that's nailing it. Hey, pstevens and unelana in Wilmington and North Wales -- wherever they are -- how about a nice forthright reply, like "I stand corrected" or something like that, huh?" Jun 21, 10 11:25 AM

Developer made campaign donations as project came before board

Dodger and Obbservant (sic) are right in what they say above about holding our elected officials to account in November when they seem to be accommodating a campaign contributor respecting Tuckahoe Main Street, a project almost everyone else opposes. Just for the record, however, and just so we don't paint everyone with the same brush, I need to point out again that one Town Board member, Democrat Bridget Fleming, has never been the recipient of any contribution from developer Bob Morrow or anyone associated with him." Jun 21, 10 11:37 AM

Independence Party nominates Speonk lawyer for attorney general

Terry, my friend, do be careful. Can't be offending the oh-so-crucial Independence Party. After all, they make all the difference in November, can't get around it. And that business about not having a platform? That's genius, man! That's how they do it, none of this nonsense with policy or convictions, just pure dealing. The focus is on the win, and who gets what for making it happen. And it works. Caution, Terry, caution. I tremble. " Jun 21, 10 11:53 AM

Developer made campaign donations as project came before board

Voting for an environmental review of the project, as Ms. Fleming did, is not the same as supporting the project, unless of course you think the project should be passed without an environmental review. Chris Nuzzi's vote against conducting the environmental review could be interpreted in that way." Jun 21, 10 5:40 PM

Spin, schmin, the basic story is that Bob Morrow made significant contributions to Ms. Throne-Holst, Mr. Nuzzi, Mr. Malone, and Ms. Graboski (though not recently in her case). Those are facts, not spin. Those facts will, as you say, "play out" however they do in the case of these recipients. It's also a fact that Mr. Morrow made no such contribution to Democrat Bridget Fleming or to the Southampton Democratic committee. Why? Because the Dems haven't been receptive to the advances of developers like Bob Morrow, who will build ths town to death if we let them, and the Dems are resisting that." Jun 22, 10 11:53 PM

Grand jury details financial disarray and disaster in East Hampton

That's exactly right, Mr. Z, the Supervisor is the chief fiscal and the chief financial officer of the town -- the buck stops there. As Phanex correctly observes above, there has been similar mismanagement in Southampton Town. The only difference is that the Southampton misrule has been by Republicans, and hasn't been quite so blatant, but the bottom-line damage is the same: overdevelopment, bloated administration, complaisant review boards, and horrendous deficits. The same trail in Southampton will lead to the same place -- the Supervisor's office, under Skip Heaney, and his successor, Linda Kabot. There is a culture of cronyism and chumminess in Southampton that must be rooted out." Jun 24, 10 12:00 PM

Southampton Village mayor foresees legal battle over proposed Tuckahoe commercial mall

Mayor Epley may be sounding the alarm a bit prematurely. Don't go writing out that lawyer's retainer check until you really have reason to go to court, which isn't quite yet. On the other hand, it's probably not a bad idea to draw a line in the sand so the Town Board knows what it will be taking on if it should approve this project.

As thoughtful and apparently reasonable as Ms. Throne-Holst's Viewpoint piece in today's Press is, the observations made in the paper's editorial are more persuasive, because the editorial seems to have the overwhelming weight of public opinion behind it, and because it cuts to the chase, asking the Town Board, "Can you just say No to this guy?"

The Supervisor seems be saying that if we don't accept Bob Morrow's proposal as it is, we must try to craft something else. The Press seems to be saying, we don't have to do that, we can just reject it, and if and when Mr. Morrow or someone else comes up with something different, we'll look at that one at that time.

The people have said loud and clear that they don't want Tuckahoe Main Street. If Ms. Throne-Holst wants to wait and wring the last small cry of opposition out of the body politic before refusing this application, OK, but it seems like a waste of time and/or a Hail Mary pass for Bob Morrow, and he's not worth it." Jun 24, 10 2:20 PM

Good man, CommonSense, and I in turn withdraw my derogatory comments about you. Yes, I assumed you were a man, given the generic picture which I thought the site assigned when you first logged in, picked a screen name and checked M or F. I suppose one needn't give one's real gender, however.

You're right about the money, which is why real campaign finance reform will cure a lot of our ills. McCain-Feingold was a great start, but we need to go farther. " Jun 24, 10 7:50 PM

Elliot is right; Southampton's special character must be preserved, which means no banalities like Tuckahoe Main Street. Obbservant is right, too, but when we start talking about "Town government at its most corrupt," let's remember that the lone Democrat on the Town Board, Bridget Fleming, is also the only member who did not receive a campaign contribution from developer Bob Morrow, who doesn't give money to Democrats. (I wonder why?) Let's aLso remember that this is far from the first time the dynamic in Southampton has looked and smelled like this. The Republican machine has been taking good care of its friends and supporters for decades, so if it's happening again, it's only another chapter in an old and sorry tale. " Jun 27, 10 9:15 PM

Southampton Town comes up $1.4 million short in tax revenue

" . . . your cohort and backer Skip Heaney." Fascinating! What's that all about? Tell us, Obbservant, we're all ears." Jul 3, 10 9:22 PM

Bridgehampton CAC thinks Water Mill PDD will cause traffic problems

All these comments are good, but your is the best, ride. Keep riding." Jul 6, 10 3:55 PM

Schneiderman forgoes congressional run

Here's reg rep weighing in with her usual grace, eloquence and spelling." Jul 12, 10 10:16 AM

You've got that right. Mr. Rodney. George Demos is an unknown, Chris Cox is an ill-prepared nonresident (until last year), and Randy Altschuler is an outsourcer, a man who made a fortune by shipping American jobs overseas. " Jul 12, 10 10:19 AM

Which one of the Republican giant-killers is going to knock him off, the outsourcer, the empty suit, or the unknown?" Jul 13, 10 12:02 PM

Condos proposed in return for saving Canoe Place Inn

To paraphrase Bismarck, the CPI isn't worth one bathroom of one condo, much less "dozens" of condos at the Tide Runners site. Don't do this swap, Southampton!" Jul 13, 10 7:13 PM

Southampton Town drops use of preservation money after outcry

Right or wrong, PDDs are becoming toxic around here. The Town Board needs to realize that, and either back off PDDs entirely, or educate people to understand that they can be good in some situations. The latter seems like a tough go in the present climate, but maybe it's possible." Jul 13, 10 7:24 PM

Schneiderman forgoes congressional run

Are you serious, reg rep? "I can see from your comment you know it's going to happen." You really think that's what I meant? Try looking up "irony" or "sarcasm" -- that'll give you a start." Jul 13, 10 10:23 PM

Southampton Town Board members doubt need for senior housing plan

Here's another developer trying to get a much bigger piece of the pie with a PDD. Once again, a bogus need is alleged as the "community benefit" to justify the PDD. With Tuckahoe Main Street, it was an additional supermarket that isn't needed. Here, it's more senior housing that isn't needed in the area. Bridget
Fleming is right -- Mr. Bernstein has properly consulted with the community, but it hasn't yielded any progress and isn't likely to, so further dithering is a waste of everyone's time. Ms. Fleming was alone in opposing the one-month adjournment that the Board granted, but she will ultimately prove to have been right on this.

Ms. Fleming is the only Democrat on the Town Board, but this isn't a partisan comment. Not long ago, Republican Chris Nuzzi was alone in opposing further review on the Tuckahoe Main St. PDD proposal. Since the particular vote involved there was on conducting an environmental review, a question was raised as to whether Mr. Nuzzi was against the project as a whole, or just against the environmental review. If it was the former, then Mr. Nuzzi was right, too." Jul 15, 10 12:07 PM

East Hampton Town Board approves wind turbine on Long Lane farm

Call me a green fan, without the caps, thanks. I think it's fine, windmills are a part of the history here, and this is just a contemporary version. No problem, and that includes my back yard. At the same time, even good stuff (like, say, the automobile) needs a little planning and a little regulation to make sure things don't get out of hand and people don't drive over other people. In that sense, I can understand if someone doesn't want to go ahead and just approve the first turbine without a plan and some rules going forward. But time's a wastin', so no more than a couple of months should be spent in getting together a plan and rules -- they can always be changed down the road if necessary." Jul 19, 10 9:12 PM

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