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1979 Comments by Turkey Bridge

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Bishop will vote yes on health care reform bill

Listen to yourselves, The Real World, reality 101, gallerygirl, kpjc, bigfresh. Just listen to yourselves. You're ranting. You're foaming at mouth. It would be amusing if it weren't so sad. Note, please, I'm not including all the bill's opponents in this category -- I disagree with reg rep and double standard, but they don't spew crazy talk about Socialists and Marxism and "the Demokrat Party" the way you do. Get a grip.
I expect a torrent of abuse to follow this comment, and I'm not likely to dignify it by replying. " Mar 23, 10 11:22 AM

President signs historic health care legislation into law with Bishop's support

I wholeheartedly agree with the many folks who have spoken out above to support Tim Bishop's vote in favor of health care reform. They are quite a few indeed, about equal -- in number, if not in volume -- to the commenters above who oppose the measure. (Looks like we're gaining on them.)
I can't quite go along, however, with those who say this was a courageous vote on Tim Bishop's part. It's not my intention to take anything away from this good, smart and moral stand by the Congressman, but let's try to be accurate.
It would have been a courageous vote if Tim Bishop had paid any attention to all the Tea Party and other opposition demonstrators over the last several months, but he knew that they were just so much background noise, diminished even more by the low, racist, homophobic, insulting tone that many of them adopted.
It would have been a courageous vote if Tim Bishop had paid any attention to all the grim warnings of retribution in the November elections, several of which we see above, but he knows that he has over seven months to inform the people (many of whom already know it) about the new law's many direct and immediate benefits for them, including:
-- Closing the doughnut hole so people won't pay exorbitant amounts for prescription drugs.
-- Stopping insurance companies from cancelling policies when people get sick.
-- Allowing young people to be covered by their parents' policies up to age 26.
-- Limits on premium increases by insurance companies.
-- Stopping insurance companies from revoking coverage because of pre-existing conditions.
-- Tax cuts for small businesses to help them get health insurance for their employees.

And the list goes on, plus which, it will ultimately reduce the deficit by more than a trillion dollars. When the people see all this, they won't punish Tim Bishop at the polls. Far from it, they will reward him, and this vote for health care reform will prove to be one of the most politically astute votes he has ever cast. Indeed, the Democrats generally, if they know how to run with this and get the word out, reminding people that Republicans did nothing but stand in the way, should really profit from health care in November, maybe even offsetting the traditional loss of seats by a President's party in the midterm election. " Mar 24, 10 11:41 AM

Southampton Town Board considers joining lawsuit against MTA

Mr. James, you're reporting on March 24 about a statement released a week earlier, on March 17, which strikes me as running a little late, but that's not the point. The point is that your piece ignores the Town Board meeting that took place on March 23, at which I believe all five members, including Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst and new Councilwoman Bridget Fleming, expressed support for the objectives of this lawsuit against the MTA tax.
That's my recollection of the meeting, but I'm sure you'll correct me if I'm wrong, assuming you were there. I guess what bothers me is that, even if only Mr. Nuzzi, Mr. Malone, and Ms. Graboski issued the March 17 statement, to report today on that week-old statement and disregard what happened at last night's Town Board meeting seems a little incomplete, if not actually distortive. Let's not be puffing up Chris Nuzzi, "who is spearheading the initiative", as you say, at the expense of full and accurate journalism." Mar 24, 10 12:07 PM

Developers present new plans for Tuckahoe hamlet center

If this project is before the Southampton Town Planning Board, bet on its being approved, and forget about any restraints whatever. Our builder-friendly, Republican-heavy Planning Board has never met a development it didn't like.

Recent examples of disastrous decisions by the Board include Trumpets catering hall in Eastport, Woodfield Gables in Speonk, Oakland Farms in Quiogue, and Water Mill Station, all approved, of course. An illustration of why the Planning Board is so skewed was the recent appointment of Bill Berkoski as a member, steamrollered by the Republican Town Board majority (Nuzzi/Malone/Graboski) over unanimous public opposition, and in blatant violation of prior commitments to a full and open vetting process.

When will we stop killing the goose that lays the golden egg? There really isn't a much better example of this old tale than what's happening now in Southampton Town, and it's the Planning Board that lets it happen. In their greed and their zeal for "progress", the development boosters are destroying the unique beauty of this place that is the only reason why people come here, i.e., the only basis that Southampton's tourist/vacation/retirement/second-home economy has. Without it, we are nothing, unless people want to go back to growing potatoes and digging clams, both honorable callings -- my family has done both -- but they're bloody hard work that doesn't pay a lot. " Mar 24, 10 1:52 PM

President signs historic health care legislation into law with Bishop's support

As I explained above at 11:41 AM, Tim Bishop and the Democrats are going to take this health care thing to the bank in November. They'll have a field day slaughtering the opposition by showing how much good the law is already doing for ordinary people, and how the Republiks were so much in the pocket of the insurance companies that they fought every step of the way to keep it from happening. Oh yes, they're worried. You can tell how much they're worried by the fact that frantic Republiks like bigfresh are bleating about "unborn innocents". Wholly untrue, but it demonstrates the level of Republik desperation." Mar 24, 10 7:00 PM

We'll see in November, won't we?" Mar 24, 10 8:45 PM

Southampton Town Board considers joining lawsuit against MTA

OK, Mr. James, since I commented earlier today, you've posted the rest of the article in place of the usual (justified) suggestion to buy the paper and read it there. In this later part, you at least refer to Ms. Throne-Holst and Ms. Fleming, but you're still behind the events because you don't make any reference to last night's Town Board meeting. Anna Throne-Holst's comments at that meeting show where she stands,and render obsolete your statement that she "could not be reached this week to find out where she stands on this issue." If in fact someone else reported on that meeting and you don't have those facts, then I think your editor ought to be coordinating these stories better." Mar 24, 10 9:02 PM

Levy switches parties, announces run for governor

There's a theoretical argument to be made for Steve Levy's move here, in that party labels don't matter so much in the everyday routine of local and county government -- the old idea that there's no Democratic or Republican way to pave the roads, you just pave 'em. There are, however, at least two problems with this position:

[1] In the practical world, regardless of the lower level of party ideology at the county level, Mr. Levy's switch looks, smells, walks and talks like naked opportunism, which it almost certainly is. That's common with politicians, but people don't seem to like it.
[2] Unfortunately, there are in fact different Democratic and Republican ways to pave the roads, as we're seeing in Southampton. The Republican way, as demonstrated by Highway Sup. Bill Masterson last year, is to let your contractor friends out of their contracts to pave when the price of asphalt gets above their comfort level, and ask for nothing in return for the Town because, hey, these guys are our friends, right? A further example of the Republican way, recently showcased by Councilmen Chris Nuzzi & Jim Malone, is to deny the new Democratic-endorsed Highway Sup., Alex Gregor, the money he requests to pave the roads, just because .... why? Because he's not one of our friends, I guess.

It seems that the real difference between the parties at the town and county level is not one of right and left, conservative and liberal, but instead one of the Ins and the Outs. When one or the other party is In for too long, they ignore the Outs completely, they get too comfortable, and things tend to go wrong. It happened with the Democrats being in power for too long in East Hampton, and it's happening now with the Republicans overstaying their shelf life in Southampton.

Whether this means that Steve Levy is the right Out to become Governor at this time is an open question, not least because there are a lot additional factors at the level of State government. Time will tell." Mar 25, 10 12:02 PM

Developers present new plans for Tuckahoe hamlet center

On this one, and on deals like it, we need to resist the temptation of going along just because the project will help local businesses and workers, with or without federal funds. The short-term benefit to be gained is wholly obliterated by the long-term disaster of ruining the place we love by filling it up and paving it over. " Mar 25, 10 12:13 PM

Bridget Fleming sworn in, helps push through gridlocked resolutions

Nature has it right. All the savings and benefits that Nature describes were explained, at length and in detail, to Chris Nuzzi and Jim Malone by numerous commenters at the Feb. 23 Town Board meeting at which they first voted against this proposal. It was also carefully explained to them that the position would terminate if the grant money did not continue to sustain it They ignored all that testimony, all of which was favorable to the hiring, and rejected it, both on very flimsy-seeming grounds.

Mr. Nuzzi, faced with unanimous public support for the proposal, and after all his reservations had been fully answered, fell back on what he called his "prerogative" to vote against it, without offering any explanantion at all of why he was exercising his prerogative in that way.

Mr. Malone kept repeating that the federal grant was funded with "taxpayer money", and remained completely oblivious to the fact that, as a federal item, it is being put up by taxpayers all over the nation instead of coming exclusively out of Southampton taxpayer pockets. When Supervisor Throne-Holst explained to him that the grant would simply go elsewhere if we don't take advantage of it, he continued his mantra of "taxpayer money". Is this the kind of representation we're paying for? These guys don't get it.

Good for Anna Throne-Holst, Nancy Graboski and Bridget Fleming for bringing this one in the second time around, over the repeated opposition of Messrs. Nuzzi and Malone doing their Party of No thing. " Mar 26, 10 10:47 AM

It occurs to me that this isn't the only time that Chris Nuzzi and Jim Malone have been deaf to what the people have to say at Town Board meetings. In regard to the other resolution that this piece reports on, the designation of a full-time court officer for Justice Court, the testimony was again wholly in favor of the proposal. All the professionals who work in Justice Court wanted this, but that meant nothing to the Obstruction Twins, who blocked it the first time around and voted No the second time, though Ms. Fleming's vote carried the day.

Likewise, not long ago, Mr. Nuzzi and Mr. Malone heard abundant testimony asking them to keep their word and allow a full and open vetting process for Planning Board nominees, but they ignored these pleas and ram-rodded through the appointment of a long-time development advocate over unanimous public opposition. Apparently the retention of power for an excessive period of time causes hearing loss. Can you hear me now, gentlemen? " Mar 26, 10 12:56 PM

Developers present new plans for Tuckahoe hamlet center

Friends, several of you who opposed the project entirely are now wavering, talking about what sort of stores should go in, if there must be stores. The fact is, if we keep our eyes on the ball and speak out consistently against this unnecessary development, there don't have to be any stores. We're already close to losing the very special quality our community has, but we can hang on to it if we just hold the line where we are now. As gallerygirl points out above, there is existing space for stores to go into without building more." Mar 26, 10 2:39 PM

Bridget Fleming sworn in, helps push through gridlocked resolutions

Oh boy, are you both wrong, ridiculous and sunnyside. Ridiculous, I was of course referring to the testimony at the Town Board meeting, not the "whole town" as you suggest. Per the minutes of that meeting, on Jan. 12, 2010, ten speakers addressed the Planning Board appointment, and all ten opposed naming Bill Berkoski to the post, hence "unanimous public opposition". That's what Chris Nuzzi & Jim Malone heard at the meeting, and they blew it off.

Sunnyside, you need to do some fact-checking before you haul off and say it was "actually a handful of members of the Democrat committee", because most of the speakers were not members of that committee. The ten speakers opposing the Berkoski appointment did, however, include the Presidents of five important local organizations: [1] The Hampton Bays Civic Association [2] The Flanders, Riverside & Northampton Civic Association [3] The Group for the East End [4] The Southampton Town Civic Coalition [5] The Bayview Pines Civic Association. So it was not just unanimous public opposition, but unanimous public opposition expressed by acknowledged community leaders. Thanks to you both for prompting me to make this important additional point. " Mar 27, 10 4:35 PM

Diy_guy and hb guy, you both sound just like Chris Nuzzi posing his objections at the Feb. 23 Town Board meeting at which he and Jim Malone stalled the hiring of an energy coordinator. He kept suggesting other ways to use the grant money, and each time Anna Throne-Holst patiently explained to him that the federal grant was written in a very specific way, so that the only course permitted by the grant is to hire a person with the qualifications described in the grant. Mr. Nuzzi, either failing or refusing to grasp the facts presented to him, simply fell back on his "prerogative" and voted No.

I offer you both the same explanation -- the grant money has to be expended in this one way or it goes away -- in the hope that you will be more open-minded than Chris Nuzzi. You ideas may be good ideas, but they aren't allowed under the terms of this grant. " Mar 27, 10 4:53 PM

Southampton Town Board considers joining lawsuit against MTA

I don't understand. I know that if I follow Town Board meetings closely, I'm doing more than ninety-plus per cent of citizens do. What more do I have to do? I come to Town Hall to watch my Town Board do its job, no more and no less. If that exercise isn't enough to keep me informed, then the apparatus is badly broken. " Mar 27, 10 5:29 PM

Bridget Fleming sworn in, helps push through gridlocked resolutions

I believe you're right about the history, but that's what it is -- history. Chris Nuzzi lost that argument, and the grant got written the way it did, requiring the appointment of a coordinator. I still say, he seems prepared to throw the grant money away with his No vote, rather than accept the fact that it went differently from what he wanted. This gives Chris Nuzzi the appearance of a sore loser, which I didn't think he was. As for the other Obstruction Twin, Jim Malone, I don't know what his motivation is, other than meekly following Chris Nuzzi's lead." Mar 29, 10 11:05 AM

Around Southampton Town Hall

Regarding the lead item, before we go and give Chris Nuzzi too much credit for wielding a sharp pencil on appropriations (though some credit is due), let's remember that this Information Technology Department shortfall is just another chapter in the long, appalling story of Republican mishandling of Town finances that has left us with a $5 million deficit.

See the March 11, 2010 piece on 27east, "Southampton Town Department asks for money following capital budget mishap", explaining that the Info Tech Dept. was left in the lurch by the Heaney administration's failure to issue a bond that had already been authorized, a regrettably frequent occurrence back then. That this violation of elementary financial management happened quite often under the Republicans demonstrates how bad it can get when one party holds power for too long.

So let's be aware that all Chris Nuzzi is doing here is helping to clean up the mess made by his own crowd, a crowd from which he has not distanced himself in any way." Mar 29, 10 12:17 PM

SHNative is right about about Dennis Suskind, but the more important point, which reg rep misses (or chooses to miss), is that, despite the fact that there were some Democratic, or quasi-Democratic, members on the Town Board at the time, the Supervisor is always the Town's chief financial officer, with primary responsibility for money management. The Supervisors during this period of negligence and inattention were the Republicans Skip Heaney and Linda Kabot.

In further response to reg rep, I didn't suggest that Chris Nuzzi was on the Town Board at the time in question. What I said was that he is a Republican, part of the same crowd that caused the deficit, and an organization Republican at that. Unlike, say, Linda Kabot, he has made no effort whatever to distance himself from the Republican establishment in Southampton. On the contrary, Chris Nuzzi is an integral part of that establishment, and hence part of the problem. " Mar 30, 10 11:44 AM

Southampton Town supervisor prepares 'State of the Town' address

It's pretty obvious to me, and I think it was very appropriate. Let's face it, Remember, you invited that comeback with your inane, thoughtless initial comment. A State of the Town address is a serious thing, and to call it an "Aprils fools day address", as you did, insults and trivializes the whole exercise. I do some commenting on this site, and I'm very critical of some of our public officials, but I respect the effort that each of them puts in. What you said is on the same footing as not bothering to vote, maybe even worse, since you said it very publicly. " Mar 30, 10 3:17 PM

Around Southampton Town Hall

Reg rep, I have to do it, because you never tire of trying to pass this fiasco off on the Dems, which is such transparent spin that maybe I don't even have to bother, because maybe everyone sees that what you're attempting is purest rubbish. I'm not willing to take that chance, though, so I just go ahead and point out every time that the buck stops with the Supervisor as, yes, the chief financial officer. You can't change that very salient fact no matter how hard you try.

As you rightly describe the situation, it was "gross mismanagement", and the manager responsible for this disaster was the Republican Supervisor. Maybe Town Board members could have caught the mistakes, but it was the Supervisor and his people who made the mistakes in the first place.

If you think about it, every time you raise this lame argument, you give me cause to broadcast these devastating facts once more. You might want to consider a different approach. " Mar 30, 10 10:27 PM

I promise you, reg rep, this one election may be over, but it's not over when the Republican/Conservatives still have a majority on the Town Board, when the Obstruction Twins -- Chris Nuzzi & Jim Malone -- block appointments that the people want and railroad appointments the people don't want while also denying funds for urgently needed road repair, when we're still feeling new aftershocks from the Republican financial disaster that keeps on taking, when there's a concerted effort to sabotage the program of the new Supervisor, when our Congressman comes under virulent attack for supporting health care reform that we've needed for decades, and when the boards that are supposed to protect our natural heritage allow it to be paved over because that's what their friends want. Oh no, it's far from over. " Mar 31, 10 9:54 AM

I'm listed as one of two members who liked reg rep's comment above at 8:52 PM on Mar. 30. That was a mistaken click, though it's probably unnecessary to point it out. " Mar 31, 10 10:01 AM

Bridget Fleming sworn in, helps push through gridlocked resolutions

Actually, there's one Republican who has stated, more than once at Town Board meetings, that this position will save money for the Town, and that's Councilwoman Nancy Graboski. Of course, Ms. Graboski, being a thoughtful, practical, independent person, is probably not reg rep's type of Republican." Mar 31, 10 10:07 AM

Around Southampton Town Hall

Woodfield Gables, Trumpets catering hall, Oakland Farms, & Water Mill Station, all travesties by our Republican-dominated, development-loving Planning Board." Mar 31, 10 10:13 AM

Press News Group has strong showing in New York Press Association contest

Warmest best wishes to all. You're a great Press News Group!" Mar 31, 10 11:18 AM

Southampton Town Board considers joining lawsuit against MTA

Mr. Z: "stop feeding the strays, and maybe they'll leave ..." What do you mean by that?" Mar 31, 10 1:34 PM

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