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Second Phase Of East Hampton Airport Noise Analysis Aired, Time Restrictions Recommended

Given their noise profile, the only solution for the helicopters is to ban them. This is, as far as I can tell, a fairly universal observation. If the Town ignores it, it ignores the will of its citizens, at its peril.

Other aircraft, and especially jets and seaplanes, should also face restrictions - including time slotting - in relation to their noise generation.
" Dec 2, 14 9:51 PM

After Alleged Gun Shots Heard Nearby, Pierson/Bridgehampton Girls Soccer Game Suspended

My daughter was there and I find this very worrisome but am grateful that they erred on the side of caution. However this is the cost of living in a society where guns now outpace car accidents as a cause of death. I hope that other parents will increasingly challenge the insanity of the 'take-no-prisoners' mentality of the NRA against even the most basic regulations. This simply must stop. First place to start: Get rid of our congressman and replace him with some who supports sane gun legislation. " Oct 7, 15 1:08 PM