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Co-defendant in mortgage fraud scheme pleads guilty

A sentencing date in March is an unusually long time from a December plea- even with the holidays a pre-sentence report would normally be done by the end of January. I suspect that this canary is singing up a storm.
" Dec 4, 09 8:40 AM

Kabot's pre-trial hearing will continue next week

Frank, if you got the DWI and refused you'd be entitled to the same hearing that Linda is getting-high price lawyer or Legal Aid makes no difference." Jul 13, 10 8:03 PM

Kabot Says District Attorney Should Be Ashamed

x" Dec 2, 10 6:41 PM

Could it be that the owner of Magic's might have a little ($82 million) axe to grind with Linda over some of his rental properties?

Only now the DA finds out about these "witnesses"? Interesting how their memories come to the surface on the eve of trial?" Dec 2, 10 6:44 PM

Kelly Tapped By County Republicans To Challenge Schneiderman

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the explanation.
If I were Jay, I'd be breathing a big sigh of relief" May 27, 11 8:29 AM

Bridgehampton Homeowner Fights Southampton Decision Over Front Yard Pool

Sure it's waterfront; look at any map-her backyard borders on " Benincasa Bay"! NOT!" Jan 19, 12 10:58 AM

Southampton Village Supermarket Law Takes a Pummeling, May See Revisions

Excuse me, but when I think of grocery store, I don't think of Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or Fresh Market! How about some real local competition to Waldbaum's and King Kullen. Stop and Shop or a Shoprite is what we need.
Not all of us are as concerned with the price of arugala as our Dear Leader Obama was in 2008!" Jan 25, 12 3:44 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Discuss Lawsuits At Hampton Bays Civic Association Meeting

The PDF states that the Mayor appointed his wife to the position of Village Treasurer "under her maiden name"--that must make it very easy to get the checks signed, I bet!" Feb 26, 14 1:09 PM

Sure the information is out there, but in the grand scheme of things, issues like Linda Kabot's so-called "insults" to single mothers is infinitely more newsworthy than the cozy crony politics of WHD. [sarcasm off]

" Feb 26, 14 3:57 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Appeal For Support As Town Board Listens

Terming it "tepid support" is being charitable; the Town Board would love nothing more than to see the current system abolished and their appointment to those Trustee seats secured as is the case in the majority of LI towns.

The Trustees are an inconvenient check and balance to the real plans and schemes of more than a couple of the members of the Town Board.

" Apr 30, 14 2:31 PM

State Audit Blasts Bookkeeping Records In West Hampton Dunes

Let me see if I get this right; the Mayor and the Board appoint and re-appoint the Mayor's wife as Village Treasurer, she doesn't perform a number of critical tasks over a period of time, doesn't get receipts but reimburses her husband for $9 K of travel expenses, and fails to prepare required reports for the Village Board that could have been used to prevent the Village from going into deficit because they ate up a sizable surplus due to a lack of timely information.

Despite these "minor" boo-boos, the Village Board voted to raise the Mayor's wife's salary by 150% to cover the additional time she'll have to spend doing what she was supposed to do in the first place?

Are you sure we're not talking about the City of Chicago? " Aug 13, 14 9:57 PM

Gregor Says He Will Remove 'Sister Jackie's Way' Sign From Water Mill Street

I'm sure that Anna and the other TB members' benefactors living on Rose Hill expect them to do what they "paid" them to do--represent their interests and protect them from the rabble we locals are.

Good government is not cheap." Aug 13, 14 10:08 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Win Right To Control Finances

That "whoosh" that you heard was Gary's ego rapidly deflating--it seems that the pot of gold he was hoping for turned out to be fools gold. I hate when bad things happen to such a nice person. [sarcasm intended]" Sep 28, 15 12:31 PM

UPDATE: Lofstad Wins Seat In Southampton Town Board Special Election; Yastrzemski Concedes

Bingo!" Jan 27, 16 7:29 AM

Maybe some of us who didn't vote, didn't do so for a reason--and are registering our disgust with what is really no choice at all. If there isn't a whit of difference between the parties why legitimize the uniparty corruption?" Jan 27, 16 7:32 AM

New Food Policy At Springs School Threatens World's Fair Tradition

My bet is they were doing it long before Suffolk County adopted this so-called "for our well-being" ordinance.
Suffolk should butt out, especially since it appears that no one has gotten sick or died from eating hot foods that should be kept hot and cold items that should be cold.
I guess common sense has to fall to the infallibility of a Ph D." Mar 19, 16 6:59 PM

North Sea Residents Object To Possible Development On Land Slated For Preservation

At the end of the day, the answers will all be found when you follow the money. If "Make a Deal" Thiele wants it to happen, Jay will be a good little boy and make it happen for his puppet master.
" Nov 17, 16 4:01 PM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

Classy.....nothing like a little taste of Vegas, even if they can't have the casino to go with the lights. I can't wait for the ads to start....maybe the first one will read, "Re-elect Schneiderman"" May 2, 19 9:07 AM

Court Blocks Linda Kabot's Write-In Campaign For Independence Party Votes For County Legislator

"Undermine the democratic process?" Must have been a typo that escaped the editor....it should have read "undermine the Democratic Party".
" May 3, 19 8:09 PM

Sounds like Bridget is hearing your footsteps quickly catching up to her. She should be worried since her record is one that is short on substance and long on political gimmickry to part the taxpayers from their hard earned money!
The voters will learn the truth in the days and weeks to come." May 3, 19 8:15 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Adopt Mecox Management Plan

My understanding of the process is that the Trustees need the blessing of the Feds as well, and that they have been consulted regarding the plan and its components.
If at the end of the day they get the 10 year permits from the DEC and Army Corps, where's the problem?" Oct 14, 19 6:39 PM

One of the purposes for opening the cut is to increase the salinity by lowering the water level and encouraging the exchange of ocean water with the bay at high tide." Oct 15, 19 10:58 AM