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Lunch With John Halsted: Finding the silver lining in a bad economy

George...I am not sure of your beef with east end real estate people but you seem to be someone who talks a good game but has chip on your shoulder. Can it be because your business model failed? Is this the only way you can bring attention to yourself?
I have met you before...several years ago...I am sure you don't remember me but you had that same chip on your shoulder then. Perhaps the aliens that you claim abducted you on your website took your reasoning skills. Enough is enough we are tired of your blather...A mind is a terrible thing to waste...don't waste what is left of yours." Feb 20, 09 8:36 PM

Online auction has mansions up for sale to highest bidders

There is going to be a big thud heard heard in the Hamptons when this thing fails to produce any buyers at the price that the sellers are willing to sell for. They will have created a new market low for each of these properties.
I give them an A for thinking outside the box but a D for doing what is right for their clients the sellers. " Mar 22, 09 7:32 AM

I just heard a loud thud.....the two properties that received the most amount of bids both had higher offers within the last month that were rejected by the sellers. Now what?
In my opinon, this was the wrong initiative, executed at the wrong time run by the wrong people. I feel sorry for the sellers." Mar 23, 09 10:55 AM