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Gas Main Leak Shuts Down Part of Ox Pasture Road in Southampton Village

It wasnt about putting fresh firemen on scene. Keep in mind that local Fire Departments are volunteer and on memorial day weekend, some members giving 5 hours of their time on one of the busiest weekends of the year is a lot so relief is out of respect. If there were no relief, the members would have stayed the entire call without complaint. A mother of a firefighter criticizing local firemen for their volunteer service, well that is a different story. I won't go into how I feel about what you said but it is just wrong of you to say that." Jun 2, 11 4:11 PM

Southampton Village Hires Specialized EMT For Bidens' Visit

I would like to know what you are calling BS on. It doesnt take a genius t orealize that the younger generations have started to move away from here because there are very few jobs that cover the cost of living on the East End. Bigfresh speaks of part time / seasonal jobs provided by the influx of summer crowds to "The Hamptons" but hasnt hinted at making a career. I guess the local crowd should be stuck at the low class level and live a 'made to serve' lifestyle? I call BS Bigfresh. " Jun 4, 11 10:39 AM

Sounds like a landscaper or utility company. Or a toy dog groomer, one of the above. Some career. What if you don't happen to own a service company? Do you bother talking to other locals? Or are they all fed up with what you have to say to the point no one listens to you anymore. I am telling you that I know for a fact that it is not that easy. I know many younger folk who are now moving away because of the cost of living and lack of employment opportunities. So I know you cannot tell me I am wrong. " Jun 4, 11 10:44 AM

I am confused. Who are you telling to do research on the hamptons? The newcommers could care less about what has changed out here over the years, all they care about is that their pools are filled and hedges are trimmed before they arrive for the summer. They couldnt care less who does it and what it takes. One who can afford to have their driveway swpet clean every morning doesnt care that his property used to be a nice field filled with great wildlife. You dont need to research anything to know the attitudes of the newcommers and summertime folk towards locals is nasty. Dont you remember "Why cant the locals do their shopping during the week and save the weekends for those who want less of a crowd?" " Jun 5, 11 3:14 PM

Truck Spills Oil on Montauk Highway In Water Mill

In response to your question, traffic was closed down in both directions for the safety of the crews working on the scene. Also, it is difficult to manage traffic coming through the scene in any direction. Having to do so would have slowed down the operation. The safety of motorists as well as the safety of the emergency crews working on the scene must be taken into consideration when making any decisions regarding traffic. Restoring the proper flow of traffic is a priority of all the crews on scene but must be done so properly and safely. You can also see from the pictures that operations were set up on both sides of the street so crews were crossing constantly. You also have to realize that there is a massive tanker on the side of the road which was leaking oil, officials have to plan safety around bad case scenarios and work hard to prevent those scenarios from taking place. " Jul 20, 11 12:07 PM

Former Southampton Village Official Charged With Trespassing

Blown Away? Oh please. " Nov 2, 11 12:42 PM

Southampton Fire Department's Firehouse Opens Saturday

Yeah however Riverhead residents don't complain as much as Southampton residents. " Jan 3, 12 4:46 PM

Large Water Mill House Demolished In Fire

It is my understanding that both or one of the home owners were extremely upset with the response of the fire departments saying that they took their time getting there and did not do enough to save their house. Might I point out if the fire departments didn't do enough, then the home owners did nothing but having no fire alarm system installed in the house. Nice post though! Guess they needed someone to say thanks." Jan 28, 12 1:12 AM

No alarm system." Jan 28, 12 1:12 AM

PS I could be wrong. Rumors can get twisted on scene." Jan 28, 12 1:13 AM

Why? You feel that vigilante arson is an acceptable means of justice? " Jan 28, 12 1:15 AM

The names I would like to call you right now......." Jan 28, 12 4:41 PM

It may have had local smoke alarms but it was not hooked up to central monitoring. Why don't you just ask the adjuster? He was on scene quickly enough (strange, never had that happen at a fire before) and seems to know everything else. " Jan 28, 12 4:45 PM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

I try hard not to read comments on these articles because they are usually made by people like you who know NOTHING and do NOTHING but complain and bad mouth others. If you do not like the way the system works, volunteer yourself if you had the guts. You have no idea what it takes to do the job your neighbors volunteer to do in order to keep you safe. To answer your statement, each fire unit takes at least 4 members to operate and respond, and accident scenes like this, in the middle of a HOT day, take a certain amount of manpower to operate safely. With all the gear on, you cannot have 4 or 5 firefighters doing all the work safely.

For the record, the Fire Department (those damn incosiderate volunteers) cleared the scene quite quickly after the patient was extricated and evaced out. So do not go there. Secondly, on top of the crime scene, there were environmental concerns with the amount of oil and gas all over the road way across all lanes.

So to put it politely, shut up. Be thankful you are able to be home tonight and not in the hospital or dead. And keep quiet about things you know nothing about, you have made yourself sound like a tool." Jul 24, 12 10:03 PM

Cops: Woman Sexually Assaulted In Southampton On Sunday

Do any of you read your own comments and wonder if you were actually thinking when you posted them? 9/10 posts on this site are made by the same group of people who have never had a positive thing to say about anything in the area. You bad mouth the cops, the politics, your own neighbor volunteers, and the neighborhoods. If it is so horrible here, move away or dont come out here at all. It would cut down on the population and the area's average IQ would rise significantly. You cause problems, not help them. This site becomes a battle of who can put who down more. Comments should be taken away from these articles. They very rarely have anything to do with the story itself. Just a thought. " Jul 24, 12 10:17 PM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

Chief1 of what? I hope to god you arent a chief of crap here, id worry about your membership. Gas and oil covering the roadway on all lanes, including the shoulder makes it a hazard to drivers. The white line starting the shoulder isnt a magical boundary which makes it any different from the rest of the road. What do you know about crime scene investigation? Anything? At all? Or just what you watch on tv. The readers of have made posts about this article are all complaining about the time it took to reopen a road when NONE of them understand themselves what it takes to do someone elses job. The police are usually rushing accident scenes along in order to prevent traffic issues. And as unclemilt just pointed out below, this WAS a STATE investigation. Not to tell you how to run your life, but if I were you I would put your right thumb in your mouth and sit in a corner. Or learn a bit about the topics you seem to like to post about. Either one works for the rest of us." Jul 26, 12 12:44 AM

For your info, this was a STATE pd investigation, not town. And what background do you have in criminal investigation that you know how long it takes? And just so you know, this was alllll done just to keep you on the road in the heat. That is the primary goal of police, fire departments, ambulance corps, and toy store owners. The longer you are stuck on the road, the happier everyone is right? Sarcasm. If you dont like the east end, move away or dont come back. Your a lucky SOB to be able to live around anywhere on LI and all you want to do is complain? I hope you arent your kids role model." Jul 26, 12 2:07 PM

UPDATE: One Airlifted, Several Others Injured In Three-Vehicle Crash; Montauk Highway Reopens

Treated very rudely by volunteer crews? Did the doctors know where the nearest hospital was? No. Did they understand the nearest hospital was not a trauma center? No. Did they fully examine the patients to the extent the responding medics did? No. Should they have been going against the judgement of the medic in charge who knew all of the above? No. Do they know the standing protocols for requesting medevac to an appropriate trauma center? No. Do I need to go on? No. They should have stepped back and let emergency crews do their jobs." Sep 6, 12 4:51 PM

Q333, first off let me say that you owenearly ALL of the emergency crews on Long Island an apology being that anytime you will need 911 in the future you will be depending on these volunteers to save your rear end. "Adrenaline fueled wannabes"? Where are you a medical proffesional that the training for an EMT, Medic, or similar position is vastly different from a paid responder? Read my above post about how the doctors there knew nothing about protocol and procedure for emergency medicine in the FIELD. No EMT/Medic would transfer care to a doctor A. not from the area and B. who is not a trained field provider. I am beyond disgusted by your comment. The only place I would trust you to be a medical "professional" is most likely the first aid provider at a Chucky Cheese." Sep 6, 12 4:58 PM

Woman Rescued In Southampton Village Fire Dies From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Those first on scene who knew of someone trapped made heroic attempts to save their life with no regard for their own safety and all you can take away from that is a question on whether or not they broke protocol??? I read your comment earlier, and I really didn't want to say anything but come on... they didnt turn back, they made every effort until the conditions became to unbearable and were forced out by the fire. Quoting fire department protocol would have been an easy way out for someone just looking for a way to sleep easy at night if they knew they didnt do all in their power to save a life." Oct 12, 12 3:53 AM

Southampton Fire District Seeks Approval For North Sea Firehouse

Not that it would matter but has anyone thought to find out what the actual members of the department want? The village is easy to work with, commissioners want control for the sake of having control and power. If the system isn't broken, don't try to fix it. The system is most definitely not broken. There is no need at all to even have town fire commissioners. If it werent for them, taxes would be lower. They have brought taxes up over time just to bank enough money for this damn firehouse in a horrible spot. If they really want to do what is best for the taxpayer, use the money in the bank to fund the contract forthe next X amount of years and lower taxes. " Dec 12, 12 1:12 PM

Cops: Duck Hunters Pulled From Shinnecock Bay Saturday Treaded Water For 90 Minutes

Do you do anything but criticize and complain? I didn't think so." Dec 12, 12 1:17 PM

Two Pulled From Shinnecock Bay Saturday Afternoon Were Disoriented Hunters

It isn't about being on a high horse. I just don't find how doing nothing but complaining will help improve things. Going off of your prior posts, you do absolutely nothing but complain about almost everything. At least I have positive things to say about certain things. There are protocols in place and if you want to do something about it, write a letter, join the department, or just keep it to yourself if you have no way of being productive about it. The only bad thing you can point out is that the town bay constables werent dispatched right away?? Really? Sounds like you have a personal issue with local volunteer departments. " Dec 13, 12 4:29 PM

Cops: Duck Hunters Pulled From Shinnecock Bay Saturday Treaded Water For 90 Minutes

If you would like to be involved in the "de-brief" then you should join the department. Otherwise, you are not involved in the "de-brief" which takes place amongst the trained and appropriate officials of the local departments whch, again, does not include you. You are the only person out of everyone involved, including the USCG, who seems to have issues. Cut the BS and stop hiding behind 27East posts and come out with who you are, what your experience is, and who you think you should be to criticize incidents you have NO knowledge of at all. " Dec 21, 12 12:29 PM

UPDATE: Neil S. Fyfe Had Just Finished First Day As Caddie At Sebonack Golf Club When Killed

Its a good thing people don't get into motor vehicle accidents when alcohol or drugs are not in play. I dont think most of you would have much to say." May 3, 14 3:15 PM

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing good about driving while under the influence of anything. You don't even have to go into the physical impairments. I just don't understand the comments blaming the town as if people kill people and make bad decisions because they are from this area. I grew up here and I feel quite optimistic about my future. The people make the town, the town doesn't make the person. It is unfortunate for those who think otherwise. Read their other comments on other articles, they never have a positive thing to say about anything. It is quite disheartening. " May 3, 14 5:16 PM

UPDATE: Hill Street Reopens After SUV Collides With Fire Truck Responding To Alarm In Southampton Village Friday Evening

When you see a fire truck and a car at an accident your first thought wasn't that the fire truck was involved. You think it's there because of the only other car involved seemed alone following an accident. Then you find out the truck was involved. But I'm glad your first thoughts shared for this article don't involve any comments about the wellbeing of the volunteers or the other person involved. Just criticism of very well known traffic issues and of the journalism. Classy." Apr 15, 16 7:56 PM

Not used to polite comments following these articles. Sorry to just chime in. That's class. " Apr 15, 16 8:08 PM

Southampton Town Considers Resetting False Alarm Policy

For the readers, if you think this policy is designed to help owners "maintain alarm systems" think of it this way. If John Doe has a "False alarm", it is their free pass. He gets his system serviced to "maintain" it. A month later his alarm goes off for burnt popcorn. He gets fined. Services the detector. 8 months later he burns a steak. Gets a bigger fine. Where is the intention of helping anyone?

As a local volunteer, when a fire alarm comes in the only ones who are, for a lack of better words, inconvenienced, are the volunteers coming out for fire alarms. Police units are already on the clock and on the road regardless of there being an alarm. Dispatchers are already at their consoles regardless of an alarm.
The policy of fining residential alarm owners has proven to be extremely dangerous. We receive many alarm cancellation requests by homeowners stating the alarm was set off in error when in fact they do not know the cause or may not even be present at the residence. Others have simply ripped detectors and alarm systems out of their homes to avoid fines. A nuisance alarm in our reports is an alarm system activated multiple times in a short period of time with no corrective action. A homeowner setting their alarm off by cooking or due to some other condition in the house is not a false alarm. The system operated properly, just without an actual hazard.

We have responded to several alarms after requests for cancellations only to discover there to be an actual fire or underlying hazard. Some hazards cannot be detected easily without special equipment or a trained eye. This has led to no cancellation policies and other policies that only tie up volunteer time. This is however the best way to make sure people are safe. The fire departments have no intention of causing a financial burden on local residences or business owners. We give our time as members of this community to keep each other safe and do so with absolutely no intention of charging for a service that is already tax based and paid for in taxes. A true "False alarm" should be based off of the fire department's report on that alarm.

To counter the article, your local volunteers respond the these alarms with the intention of helping the resident or shop owner. If that means it is a false alarm, most of the time the department can assist figuring out what the problem and help the owner "maintain" their system. If the alarm is set off by cooking, construction, etc, then the system operated to its design and did not malfunction. Stop charging such fees for volunteer's time. I urge anyone from this community who agrees to attend that meeting. I can promise you this article is only part of the story. Southampton Fire Department responds to more false alarms than any other department out here. Reach out to Chief Brenner and ask him if the "burden" is really about the money." Sep 8, 17 7:15 AM

By the way, according to the article, if their have only been approximately 185 false alarms in the town, even at a max fee of 1,000, how does that equate to roughly 600,000 per year? " Sep 8, 17 7:23 AM

Southampton Town Approves Five-Year Reset On False Alarms

So basically being told this will out lives in danger, Schneiderman could care less? This man is an idiot. The town board just said lives in this town are worth 600,000. And you all agreed. " Sep 27, 17 12:40 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Village Police Say Additional Threat Led To School Lock Out

Foodwhiner....bomb squad? Really? Because the village police has a bomb squad. Exaggeration is the key to social media fake news. It was a presence. Not martial law. " Mar 9, 18 12:23 AM

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