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A history of Freetown

Lovely article. More reason to preserve the land in the woods of Freetown with such a storied history. To honor the land and trees as the original Native Americans did so reverently. The land that belonged to all free people of this community. Just as Amagansett means 'place of water,' East Hampton, particularly the Freetown woods, is home to the wells that supply the drinking water to the whole community all the way east. Let's not destroy those woods and pollute the water supply with greedy, careless building. Let's be fair in the present day and preserve these woods in the same spirit and generous way the town and Nature Conservancy preserved Dick Cavett's moorland and ocean vista. Put said money where said mouth is. Don't we all matter? Long live Freetown! Sincerely, a member of the Freetown Neighborhood Advisory Committee" Feb 18, 09 12:16 PM

New law restricting power of Natural Resources department is on hold

Julia is way out of line. Bad when she wags her tongue and the head knows not what it is saying. Julia needs to do her homework and then she can speak. Until then, thankfully wiser people than she are paying attention. Long live Larry and god help us all if the planning board is ever in charge! Yikes. " Apr 1, 09 10:19 AM

Speaking up for cycling rights

Why can't bike lanes be provided for the citizens? Time to put away the horse and cart and do the right thing. " May 27, 09 12:41 PM

Man cited after altercation with Giuliani on Bridgehampton street

I am sure his e-wife would have loved to slap him numerous times, cheating bastard. Weasely man. Ugly new wife. " May 27, 09 12:46 PM

Benefit for child abuse prevention planned

for starters they should publish the names of sex offenders that currently live among us out here in the newspapers. Go online to site and see who they are and where they live. No one was notified. Shame on them." May 27, 09 12:49 PM

Bid To Bag Leaf Pickup

...and after the earth shattering, baet that dead horse discussion about leaves that lasted 2 and a half hours and had speakers galore with a packed house at Town Hall, there was another important issue addressed. Now there were about a dozen people left in the room at nearly 10 pm, and we talked about the drinking water and perserving a special area in the woods of east hampton, in an over- crowded neighborhood. We talked about a builder who wants the Board to rezone, just for him, so he can build more houses and level the woods, damage the drinking water and to hell with the neighborhood. In fairness, he is willing to sell. Bravo, pay him! We talked, with facts in hand,from three years of research, petitions, and passion to preserve the community and give us some open space just like they do everyplace else in town. Not a lot to ask. Enough is enough. I sincerley hope LPS and Laurie Wiltshire crawl back under the rock she crept out of. Can you say full of bull. Whew. Town Board, do your job and preserve! Thanks for the space. Pun intended." Oct 15, 10 3:48 PM

Ruby Baby,
I am with your last paragraph 100%. As is the whole neighborhood group that has been trying to save the woods from further destruction and Upisland building sprawl. We love it here. We aren't the ones who are trying to change it.
The land in question does belong to Bud Webb. However, he was misinformed when he purchased it about several things. One, it is not in an affordable housing lot. That was moved and put in Springs. Two, he was not building anything affordable. That is a rumor. He was going to level the woods and build on top of the aquifer and the town's drinking water wells. His land planning evildoer(part of the crowd you were referring to, who care not a bit about this town or its character) was trying to sell the town board a bill of goods so he could make a bundle of money and to hell with the people who live there with families, children pets, a life. ALL the affordable housing is in this neighborhood. We are all for affordable, but we have the glut of it all here. Some of us live in them and are very grateful. That said, why not put houses in another not so crowded, speeding traffic constantly , other place? We asked the town board to preserve that one little area. Bud Webb is willing to sell it to them. It is a win win that way. This(our fight for 3 years) is not what your 1st paragraph referred to at all. These ARE the bubs and locals both who chose to live here and raise their kids here. We are all in this town drinking the water that comes form the Oakview wells here, and interested in keeping the groundwater safe. Any other place in town that has been deemed Special Groundwater Protection Area has been protected. Why not this 8.9 acre parcel? This not about a vista, as Jackson Pollack's backyard purchase recently was. Nor is it about the ocean view as Dick Cavett's land million$$$ purchase was. This is about what is right for the whole community and the board showing the everyday workers and the ones who have been here 50 or 100 years some respect. So we are on the same page after all. What was "going around town" about this issue by certain people was dead wrong. It was not going to be any benefit to the community. That was a lie. The real and only benefit would be preservation. Thanks for being interested, Ruby. That alone is refreshing!" Oct 18, 10 1:28 PM

Wilkinson Will Run For Second Term In East Hampton

Pete is staying as far as we know. Be careful what you wish for. An all Repub. Board is a terrible idea. The town['s demise will result. Welcome to Coney Island. The Jersey Shore. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Never forget that. We need fresh and untainted people. Someone without loyalties and an agenda. Not friends of Wilkie for sure. Yikes!" Apr 13, 11 9:04 AM

Concerns About Lake Montauk Swirl As Study Continues

So what is the solution? Can we all put our heads together and find one? I am interested. We have to demand they in TB seats put environment first. Until we do, we get the staus quo. My two cents, lads." Apr 25, 11 3:58 PM

East Hampton Town Considers Buying Wainscott Property

You know what? Thus purchase is typical of CPF and TOwn only protecting and choosing open space where the money is. There is no sure groundwater protection issue there. We in the woods if east Hampton, North of the Highway, the Webb parcel, which sits in the Aquifer and drinking water wells is a necessity to buy now! We have asked to list this 8.9 acre parcel for 3 years. We want open space here where the Comprehensive Plan of the Town said it should be protected. So we ate not happy about 25 acres in WAINSCOTT when we have been ignored from the list as "low priority." that is just unacceptable. " Aug 4, 11 11:35 AM

Environmentalists Want East Hampton Candidates To Take A Stand

careful now, Bub, you might not need your front porch light( which I do like myself!) when the Town Board and sell-out Planning Boards let every Tom, Dick, and Harry build to their hearts content. Consider a town you no longer recognize. That is scary. Just saying. " Sep 20, 11 5:18 PM

East Hampton Town Board Looks Into Preservation Of Property Slated For Eight Homes

we preserve both the land and the local community by preserving the land and saving the quality of the drinking water. Crucial are both where this land sits. AND we provide housing to a local community by practicing less greed and less outrageous rental prices. And utilize the existing buildings and apartments the town already built to their best local usage, to house local working people. Think about all the unused available houses and buildings the town absorbs for office space and such. House people instead. People that live and work here. Get creative. And know when to say when. " Sep 6, 12 10:05 PM

East Hampton Renews Plowing Contract With Steven Mezynieski's Company

Why did he change the name on all his trucks some unmarked ones and Southampton Excavating? Not saying guilty or innocent, as I was not there either, but you can understand the concern, surely? We live in a neighborhood where these trucks are zipping up and down small roads daily. If the allegations are true, than the presence poses a greater threat as well. Yes, time will tell indeed. It always does. " Oct 10, 16 4:39 PM

Man Rescued, But Dog Dies, After They Fall Into Icy Water At Napeague On Sunday

Glad you’re ok, Randy! So sorry about your dog. :( " Feb 6, 19 4:25 PM