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Richard Nelson Ryan Jr.

Richard was the most unassuming, pleasant, quick-witted person one could ever hope to meet - he will be missed." Jan 7, 11 5:12 PM

Town to buy woodlands in Amagansett

What ever happened to this? I would imagine that Dem supporter Sas Peters didn't get his "pay out" via the former administration which, well, you know . . . am i correct? " Jan 8, 11 1:04 AM

Springs Residents Sound Off About Illegal Multi-Family Housing

If only someone could show me, factually, where "shutting down" 30? 50? overcrowded houses (ASSUMING they are all rented "ILLEGALLY" - and I'm not so convinced there is a factual "number" out there that addresses how many illegally rented houses there ACTUALLY are, and how many kids are in ACTUALLY in them . . .) would reduce school enrollment by, let's say 30? 40? kids, and then, SOMEHOW, this would SOMEHOW magically reduce school taxes . . . and this is all, somehow, the Town Board's fault? Not having affordable, legal housing in the community as a whole, not tackling the real problem of school consolidation and tax caps, a non-existent commercial property tax base combined with a pathetic voter turnout for the Springs School budget year after year, combined have exasperated a problem that has existed in Springs for the last 15 years . . .And lower property values in Springs - blogger harbor? - you're right! The fact that this is happening all over the nation and throughout the Town of East Hampton must be Wilky and Quigs fault too . . . " Jan 15, 11 6:31 PM

Town Measure Seeks Simpler Financial Reporting

Take a lesson from East Hampton - either reports are forthcoming or they are not. When former Town Supervisor McGintee and Ted Hults were covering for each other (this WAS a ATH appointment, no?) there was nothing but trouble. Good for Chris! " Jan 15, 11 6:42 PM

No Simple Solution For Illegal Housing Issues In Springs

Hey Zaz and Board Watcher - I watched the hearing on the website to see exactly what Wilkinson said (and thanks for the link) - he said he "wanted to know what's out there . . . every illegal apartment - I want to know if they are in basements, in apartments . . . I want to know what we do at the bottom line, at the end of the day", and that he wanted to investigate ("go into it" he said) the housing situation (I believe he meant in the Town - not just Springs) "wholistically and comprehensively." Code enforcement is complaint driven. You can't tell me, zaz, that code enforcement doesn't investigate complaints. It could just be that it is determined that there isn't enough evidence to legally bring a case to Court, or the "situation: next door is completely "legal". But that isn't going to stop people from jumping up and down and complaining about their neighbors, is it? And after watching that hearing and reading this article, I have to say the cat is out of the bag with the "ethnic/rascist undertone". Ms. Buda saying that "Latino leaders" would do better to educate new arrivals to the laws of the land and Kathy McCormack's "ghetto" remark indicate to me where these ladies are coming from . . . " Jan 20, 11 11:05 PM

Springs Residents Sound Off About Illegal Multi-Family Housing

I was speaking to a person who used to work on school budgets and she explained it this way to me: If all of the sudden 50-100 kids exited the Springs school system next year (presumably because all of those "illegals" were run out of the hamlet - "Julio" as someone ACTUALLY said at the Town Board meeting this evening) . . . it would make LITTLE OR NO DIFFERENCE in the school budget or the tax levy on Spring's residents because the school costs are "fixed". In in other words, the school wouldn't lay off any teachers . . . a bus route wouldn't be cut etc. etc. The attempts of some folks (who probably know better) to shift "blame" for high school taxes in Springs to the Town Board and blame high taxes solely on "illegal housing" is shameful and disingenuos. The is no direct correlation between the two. Fact. " Jan 21, 11 12:51 AM

Glass Mound Proves A Growing Challenge

don't think e.h. town is allowed to bury anything anymore, mixing it into asphalt will cost $$ - does anyone know how much or, if under goveenmental guidelines thetown could actually do it? and, the town of east hampton has no control over your other suggestion , , , so, reality, it all sounds good, and I agree, but how, really, could this work? i think this town board would listen . . . just put forth a VIABLE solution . . ." Mar 3, 11 10:56 PM

New Effort To Repeal Fishing Licenses

To Goldenrod and Waterman: It is not a "dead issue" as the fee would still apply to all others who are NOT within Trustee shores (i.e. Montauk and anywhere else in Suffolk County that is not under the Dongan/Nichols Patent). However, thanks to the persistent efforts of these elected officials, a money-grabbing "tax' may very well be avoided. Kudos to them! Fact is Towns/Trustees can provide "data" FOR FREE for a registry - no fees involved. If you'er so happy to pay, Waterman, go ahead and DONATE for and to the beleagured DEC . . . I have no use for them!! " Mar 7, 11 10:38 PM

East End Officials Look Toward A Windy Future

Did I miss the part where, somehow, the debate became "more windmills vs. more solar panels"?? Let's have both . . . fueled (no pun intended) by property owners willing to invest in the endeavor without an asthetic and environ-"mental" debate (non-funded) by local Democrats who - out of one side of their mouths, say that sustainablitiy is desirable and necessary, and out of the other say "but not here in EH"!! Far as I know, that's the debate that happened in EH over the Mahoney Farm . . . can anyone spell HYPOCRISY? Not interested in a historical, political debate Mr. Z - it's 2011, EH, and has nothing to do with national D's or R's (Carter? Reagan?). I agree with you about sustainability -- let's move on! " Mar 8, 11 10:30 PM

Planning Procedures Are Source Of Ire For East Hampton Businesses, Town Board

The silent majority Bub- maybe not so silent anymore . . can't take that power away from the Conservotors for the good of all residents without a political battle can you? No sirree . . .thank goodness the guard has chnaged! " Mar 10, 11 12:33 AM

Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

In paragraph 5 he should have added "OR TO THE PUBLIC". All everyone did in this Town before he was elected was gripe about how no one on the the Town's payroll showed up on time, the waste, overtime and disreseptcful attitudes some people in some departments had for the public, and how no one could get answers out of "the Town" . . . do you think there's political agenda going on here? Anyone who is a "former employee" was either fired or took advantage of a buyout . . . I'm laughing at the "sources" here . . . and would hope HHS and others check out old blogs about what was wrong with the Town before he got elected . . . GO RUFFLE SOME FEATHERS BUB! " Mar 10, 11 3:33 PM

Springs Officials Meet With Parents To Explain Cost Cutting Options

Progressnow - I don't know what's in your other 236 (!!) posts but hey - after reading this article even I get that the problem isn't the "illegals" (in houses or otherwise) that are the CAUSE of OUT OF CONTROL school taxes in Springs!! Not saying it's the school Board's "fault" - but it's not due to all of those "illegal houses" EITHER Bub! There were 23-24 kids in all of my grade and high school classes and I (somehow) managed to graduate from college and land a job - I even was a substitute teacher for a while (and was happy for the pay!!). The Board needs to do the right thing and have no more than a 3% increase - whatever they have to do . . . the problems here only get worse if they don't. " Mar 16, 11 8:06 PM

East End Officials Look Toward A Windy Future

Don't care about Skip Heaney Bub - but like the windmills. And Montaukette . . . there was a revolution by EH Town residents about a year and a half ago . . . you must have missed it! LOL" Mar 16, 11 8:09 PM

Wilkinson Will Run For Second Term In East Hampton

The only "Windy" thing happening here is your comment PBR - hailing from Southampton! You have ATH . . . stick with her Bub!" Mar 17, 11 1:39 AM

Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

"Wiki-psychology??" Common sense is more like it. HHS (759) Quogue - with that face - and Philathome - just look at THAT face - (1,267) Southampton, moving into EH?? PLEASE - pay my Springs school taxes while ya'll are at it and just trying to figure it out what motivates people!?!? BTW - where's yesyes in all this - miss my friend from Bonac but I'm sure s/he would agree with you both while Wilke bashing . . . yes indeed Bub! " Mar 17, 11 1:55 AM

Report Shows Uptick In Housing Investigations In Springs

maybe everything was cleared up pretty darn quick and nothing is wrong with this picture Bub . .. would that be OK with you?!? Don't know if it was the landlord or the tenants "at fault" . . .but you keep watching vigilante Buda . . . you keep watchin 'til everyone is flushed out and your taxes go down in Springs and your property value goes up . . . were there any of those "illegal children" in that houselhold?!?!? yes yes, you keep a good watch on things now, y'hear? " Apr 21, 11 12:04 AM

I'm with you taxpayer61! Not a landlord of "illegals" or or anyone else Zaz - so definitely not a rich greedy landlord! Just sayin' maybe this WAS an "appropriate" solution and disposition . . . and Ms. Campolo? Good for you for using your name . . . but I don't need the Budas or anyone else spying on my property, or accusing me of being "one of those" who is a little more tolerant of all of my neighbors! And Bub, I didn't read there were any children in that house - as I remember 4 people dying in houses out here over the LAST TWENTY YEARS - two chefs in an illegal basement in Montauk, the lady down on Manor Lane, and just recently the gentleman on Springs Fireplace. Sad? Yes. Children? No. Not advocating for any of these "conditions" to exist Ms. Campolo - but who is using "rhetoric" now to justify the deplorable behavior of these vigilante groups . . . don't need what your stuffing in my mailbox! " Apr 22, 11 1:57 PM

And how, exactly, Ms. Campolo, would you "help" those poor children and those that are being 'taken advantage of" Bub?? By sending them all back where they came from? PUH-LEEEZE!" Apr 25, 11 8:52 AM

Cohen, Overby, Van Scoyoc Expected To Head East Hampton Democratic Ticket

"your people had a chance to do something well and blew it?" hey Phins - this Town Board has done some downright smart things to fix a mess - ohhhh I KNOW your're sorry some of them have an "R" behind their names and were just waitin for someone with a "D" to come along . . . but what sandhole do you have your head in Bub?" Apr 27, 11 3:08 PM

Independence Party Chairman Endorses Wilkinson

You got that right razza5350! I didn't see Wilkinson come out and trash Elaine personally or professionally - he just does what has to be done - finally Bub!" Jul 21, 11 1:01 PM

Environmentalists Want East Hampton Candidates To Take A Stand

Isn't CCOM causing us to spend money on yet ANOTHER lawsuit these folks keep bringing when they don't like something. . . and their attorneys are FREE! Politics at its worst, Bub. Next we'll be hearin' from those lying Conservators Alec Baldwin and Sylvia Overby - and that light woman who was selling the patant to make you put over your front porch light that's been perfectly fine for the last 50 years!! If it walks like a duck in this Town . . . it must be a true Democrat! Pshaw. " Sep 20, 11 4:31 PM