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Nuzzi Not Sure If He Will Accept GOP Nomination For Supervisor

What "experience" in Brookhaven? DO you know something that no one else knows? Chris Nuzzi was a great public servant in Brookhave and helped many residents with problems, irrespective of party. He is well respected in Brookhaven by everyone. Don't pull that crookhaven BS on Nuzzi because it does not stick. I was hoping he would run for congress against the lump Tim Bishop -- the real light weight who is an embarrasment to the east end." May 22, 11 9:37 PM

That is what Anna, Bridget and Brad wish. ATH with her lies on the Kabot case, her consistent habit of putting her foot in her mouth, and the fact that she is so over her head, I'm sure the thing she does not want is to run against Nuzzi. Could you imagine a ATH - Nuzzi one on one debate - out there on the stage in front of the cameras all by themselves - with no filtering and no one to help her? She will be pummeled and thoroughly exposed for the empty shell she is. " May 22, 11 9:43 PM

Nuzzi has been the most knowledable, honest, hard working and intelligent member of that Board. The fact he was THE largest vote getter in the last election -- including ATH -- speaks volumes. Chris Nuzzi is the DEMS and ATH's worst nightmare, plain and simple." May 23, 11 8:17 PM

2009 --
ATH -- 7.137 in a two way race

Nuzzi -- 7,171 in a four way race

Do you realize how overwhelming those numbers are for Nuzzi? Nuzzi in a 4-way race gets more votes than ATH in a two way race -- That is real powerful and must send shivers down the spine of ATH and her INDY and DEM friends." May 23, 11 8:26 PM

Independence Party Chairman Endorses Wilkinson

I find Mr. Cohen's comment interesting -- the reversal was the result of a secret deal between Republicans and Independence party officials - but he has no proof. That seems par for the course from what I hear from my friends who pay attention to local government in east Hampton. Mr. Cohen is good at flinging our claims and accusations and in the end he has no proof or support. That is a dangerous trait for someone who aspires to be the leader of a town government - can east hampton again afford the type of bad decisions that occurred several years ago? Maybe Mr. McKay just made an educated and well thought out decision that was neither personal nor in anyone's self interest. Maybe HE was thinking about what is best for east hampton." Jul 19, 11 5:06 PM

East Hampton Town and Surf Lodge Settle For $100,000

Where are all the Democrats and the yappers from Montauk who are first to criticize everything the Wilkinson administartion does? No where to be found because this $100,000 fine is THE most significant code enforcement action in the history of the Town. For all the Democrat talk over the last 20 years about enforcement and quality of life violations, their elected officials have never ever had this kind of result. This sends the message that in the end you have an administration and staff that will persevere and get the job done. Kudos to Gunn and Connelly and kudos to Wilkinson and Quigley, who have had to put up with all the poop, meeting after meeting the yap, yap, yap from the Frankl/ Kloppman/ Kahn/ Mazur mob - the professional complainers. Wilkinson and Quigley knew that a steady and intelligent approach was the correct approach. Just let them do their jobs and watch the positive results pile up. Oh yea...what was accomplished from the Overby sewer summit? Haven't heard anything for over two weeks. " May 14, 12 9:19 PM

Are you serious? The reorganization of the enforcement effort in East Hampton and the decision to put a seasoned prosecutor in charge of the Public Safety umbrella was Wilkinson's initiative. You have multiple enforcement departments under the direction of an individual with extensive experience in making cases and dealing with those breaking the law - an approach never used in East Hampton. That Wilkinson decision is paying off big time. Look at what we had before - the friend of the former Democrat supervisor who did absolutely nothing and everyone knew it. It was that Democrat management that resulted in the abuses situation spinning out of control as Wilkinson took office. The mess left by the former supervisor in the code enforcement area was addressed by Wilkinson and is now paying dividends. That is a fact, ask anyone in East hampton that knows anything about the history of code enforcement and they will confirm it. I would suggest that Thinkhampton think a little before making such epically incorrect posts." May 15, 12 8:37 PM

I agree that the goal is to ensure quality of life. Businesses howver now have 100,000 reasons to be compliant. The "cost of doing business" has never cost anyone close to $100,000. I seriously doubt the new owners of the Surf Lodge want to go to court in the future. I am also sure that those in court thinking they can skate by are having serious second thoughts about pending violations and future violations." May 15, 12 8:42 PM

Unfortunately, you have to go to court before you can close anyone down. We learned that 15 years ago with P Diddy who continued to disrupt his neighborhood with parties but could not be denied permits until the cases went through the court system. " May 16, 12 6:08 PM

D.A.'s Office Refutes Cohen's Allegations About Ronjo Motel In Montauk

Let's see here. Cohen, with the help of his two Dem Town Board members and others, have delayed the Ronjo project many months. You have to figure this will wind up costing the owners about $15K a day gross, which is about $450K a month in season. If they miss the entire season thanks to the Dems, then that is about $1.8 to $2 million gross plus all the carrying costs during the delay. That makes for a nice lawsuit. Not to mention the slanderous allegations that the DA says are "without merit"." Jun 5, 12 9:36 PM

It is all very simple. The Republicans in East Hampton take government seriously (even though I'm beginning to wonder about Stanzione) and as a trust with the people they serve. The Democrats look at government as something to control and manipulate and carry out self serving agendas. This entire Ronjo issue could probably be used as a case example in an article or book about good government versus bad government. Cohen is a classic gadfly/wannabe. What makes him so very dangerous is that he has fooled so many AND totally lacks common sense and the ability to reason clearly. He is a BIG accident waiting to happen. The DA has put him in his place on this matter - but Cohen's warped thought process will probably just dismiss the entire matter. I really think we have not seen the end of the matter with respect to legal action, despite what Overby is probably praying for." Jun 6, 12 8:50 PM

Crowd Turns Out Before East Hampton Board To Support Sloppy Tuna

Best thing for the Town liability wise. the Town issues the violations for fire suppression violations, they seek a compliance order and lose, the judge removes liability from the Town, and the business continues to operate with the big crowds. Not necessarily the best thing for the patrons, but heck if there is a fire hopefully all the customers will make it out without trampling anyone or anyone getting trapped. The business has fire monitors to handle the situation. " Aug 16, 12 11:56 PM

Those fire monitors are people that I guess will give direction to those exiting the burning building. But there hasn't been such a fire in quite a while so we should be OK. Par - teeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Aug 16, 12 11:58 PM

East Hampton Town Earns Positive 2011 Audit

Great job Supervisor Wilkinson. keep it up!!!!!!!!!

Please don't let this new town board undoyour great work with their bad decisions on the waste plant and appetite for spending. Stick to your plan that has worked so well and do not be side tracked by these new town board spendthrifts and the bunch of financial wannabes on the budget committee who would lead the town back to where it was in 2008 and 2009.

Thank you!!!!!!" Aug 21, 12 7:38 PM

East Hampton School District Responds To Student's Death

If half of what is that letter is true, then something needs to be looked at very seriously at the High School. Very powerful. May the family be strong." Oct 4, 12 9:30 PM

East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson Files 2013 Tentative Budget

Solid budget. Looks like the third year is the year where things get stabilized and the town can move forward knowing Wilkinson has navigated the town out of the dark days of McGintee and a 5-0 Dem majority. You would think Wilkinson's proven ability to structure and implement an effective recovery plan would result in the town board members giving him the opportunity to put the exclamation point on the recovery by letting him attempt his plan for the waste treatment plant. Other than that this budget is another step forward. " Oct 5, 12 3:25 PM

East Hampton Democrats Hold First Screenings

Is Jay running or not? I thought he already accepted the Republican nomination? Now it seems like he is hedging and it would be a great embarrasment to the Republican leadership to have a fundraiser to roll out your ticket with no supervisor candidate. Am I crazy or is Schneiderman now saying what Wilkinson has said all along, namely that February, and even early March, is too soon to make a decision? "Not ready to make a decision" says Jay? He already screened, doesn't that mean you want to run and accept the nomination when offered? I am really confused here." Feb 26, 13 9:45 PM

East Hampton Town Democrats Post Anti-Stanzione YouTube Video

How interesting. Is the same Kloppman lady who was seen taking down Bill Wilkinson signs during the 2011 election at the corner of Mako Lane and Bluff road?" Sep 22, 13 1:09 PM

Wilkinson's Montauk Restoration Document Raises Eyebrows For Being Kept From View

If it is a public document as the Assemblyman says, then either he or the Congressman should release it to those asking to see it. Obviously Wilkinson isn't hiding it because he provided it to a number of different people of varying political persuasions according to the article above." Oct 8, 13 6:58 PM

If it is a public document as the Assemblyman says, then either he or the Congressman should release it to those asking to see it. Obviously Wilkinson isn't hiding it because he provided it to a number of different people of varying political persuasions according to the article above." Oct 8, 13 6:58 PM

Jay Schneiderman Will Run For Southampton Town Supervisor

Is she a Dem? Is that an attempt at sarcasm? Everyone knows Obbservant is Linda C. Go back and read all her posts. " May 23, 15 7:19 PM