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State Police: Wrong-Way Driver Was Intoxicated

Not seeing any glowing character references for Mr Riley this morning ! " Jan 19, 12 7:17 AM

Large Water Mill House Demolished In Fire

Finally the neighbors can enjoy a quiet summer ! This solution should be explored more often for group rentals, Code Enforcement cannot keep up with all the complaints. so ..." Jan 27, 12 8:11 AM

Gimme a break ! This house ( hotel ? ) had as many bathrooms as bedrooms ! ( 10 or 11 ) Is it just me or does this smell like a group rental set-up all the way ? I am sure the owners could care less about the comfort or quality of life that the neighbors were subjected to, just as long as they made their money ! Thanks for having my back lursagirl !" Jan 29, 12 10:49 AM

Amagansett Tuskegee Airman Lee Hayes To Be Honored

How cool is it to have real heros living among us, so many we never even know about ... Thank You Mr. Hayes for your service !" Feb 8, 12 9:50 AM

Suspicious Man Approaches Female Jogger At Long Beach

Elliot, I totally agree with your sentiment, you would think that with all tjhe advertizing on the site, at least we could read the complete articles ! Riverhead News Review gives you all the news !" Feb 10, 12 8:15 AM

I have to humbly disagree Tiana Bob, Degenerates come in all colors & nationalities , I just think it's a shame that a woman or a child should have to feel so scared when they are alone walking on a beach or on a street, too many pieces of crap wandering around ! " Feb 13, 12 7:27 AM

Some Residents Say They Support Remsenburg Subdivision Plan

What developer wouldn't jump at the opportunity ( for themselves ) to build as many houses as they could in Remsenburg? It seems a shame that "progress" always comes at the expense of open space... no more pheasants , no more quail ... just more houses and more congestion, Next the Remsenburg school will be asking for a bond so they can expand ...it never ends." Feb 18, 12 7:32 AM

Fire Destroys Mobile Home In Hampton Bays

Why aren't fire hydrants required by code in such densely populated areas like mobile home parks ? It would seem like common sense !" Mar 6, 12 10:11 AM

Southampton Hospital In The Black In 2011 For Fourth Straight Year

Don't tell me the billing dept. finally caught up with the backlog of 2 yrs !! " Mar 10, 12 7:29 AM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

Sounds like a reasonable and thoughtful solution .. " Mar 21, 12 7:06 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves Purchase Of East Hampton's Share Of Poxabogue Golf Course

Are you suggesting the Wilpons consider developing this property ? " Mar 26, 12 9:14 AM

Miss New York Visits Tuckahoe School To Discuss Bullying

They are just repeating what they hear at home ! " Mar 31, 12 8:54 AM

Shellfishing Closed In Western Shinnecock Bay After Deadly Toxin Detected

Still gotta love those Peconic Bay Scallops !!" Apr 11, 12 10:09 AM

Local Firefighters Rush To Help In Brookhaven Brush Fire

FUI ? Firefighting under the Influence !! Heehee !" Apr 11, 12 2:54 PM

UPDATE: Motorcyclist Injured In Saturday Night Crash Has Surgery, Still in Hospital

Given the time of day ( twilight) and the fact that motorcycles are less visible than cars or trucks, it is possible that Ellen just didn't see the bike approaching, they are easy to overlook in the traffic scheme of things, I know myself that I have nearly ran into a couple of them, you just cannot spot them as easily as a larger vehicle... I know Ellen personally and she is a great lady.. I am glad the accident wasn't more serious." Apr 16, 12 12:43 PM

Fishing Boat Freed From Beach In Montauk

probably grounded at high tide ..." May 7, 12 9:26 AM

Driver Unhurt After Crashing Into Shinnecock Bay

It's always Happy Hour somewhere !" May 16, 12 9:43 AM

Quogue Village Rejects Application For Religious Boundary; EEEA Plans To Sue

I hope Westhampton Beach Village is paying attention... looks like Quogue Village is in the know . Good work !" May 19, 12 10:06 AM

guess they had to stick those little tags somewhere else !" May 19, 12 5:09 PM

Hampton Bays Man Charged With Threatening Another Man With Chainsaw


Removal Of East Quogue Memorial Upsets Family, Friends

Shouldn't the memorial site be his gravesite ? This relatively new habit of placing shrines at variouis locations where speeding drivers went off the road is baffling to me .. maybe it should end here .. " May 22, 12 9:12 PM

Oh Yes ! If it's one state we want to emulate, it's Alabama !!" May 23, 12 7:20 AM

Well... Alabama is a pretty bigoted state !! lol !" May 23, 12 9:56 AM

private property and public property are two very different issues . Also, if you decide to sell your property, are you going to dig up your kin's remains and take them with you ??" May 24, 12 9:10 AM

Except how to get rid of a pest like you ! " May 24, 12 9:11 AM

Tip Leads To Two Arrests In Restaurant Burglary; Register Pulled From Bay

Must have been one very surprised mackeral, just minding his own business.. swimming along .. and BAM!! a cash register lands on his head !! " May 25, 12 10:56 AM

One Airlifted To Hospital Following East Quogue Car Crash

I hope the civil action to follow sends a message to this moron that it is a dumb thing to fall asleep behing the wheel and almost kill 3 innocent people." May 31, 12 9:22 AM

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