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A one-woman plan to save sea life from fishing line

So if I read this correctly, she is doing the work and you are bitching about it ?" Jul 2, 10 9:25 AM

Another bone washes ashore in Westhampton Beach

Did it say " Made in China " on it ?" Jul 21, 10 11:58 AM

East Quogue woman files $70 million lawsuit against Suffolk County and Southampton Town

Fact; she had made a withdrawl ( we assume ) from the bank, not a deposit !! Think before you open your mouth !" Aug 1, 10 10:29 AM

Police still looking for woman who robbed Westhampton Beach bank on Saturday

I bet they do catch this one, plenty of video surveillance in the area, both the bank and 7-11. And slippers before noon in Whatshappening Beach is considered "normal" isn't it ?" Aug 8, 10 7:39 AM

Sportime wants to manage East Hampton hockey rink

Anybody else hear that the mosque is being moved to Calverton ? !!" Aug 22, 10 6:42 PM

A hurricane it wasn't; expensive it was


State to examine LIPA bill for Earl response

Wow ! I think Sansouci and PBR should be on the panel looking into this mess ! They both seem to be more in tune with the interests of the public than any of our legislators or LIPA officials ! Tea Party Rules !! Take Back America from the politians and the bureaucrats ! " Sep 16, 10 10:57 AM

Demand Increases At Hampton Bays Senior Center As Funding Cuts Loom

Wouldn't it be nice to publish a complete list of the budget, including any cuts & additions so we can see where all the money is being spent ?" Oct 28, 10 9:01 AM

Two Charged In Water Mill Deer Poaching Incident

Is this really what the DEC is doing ? What a waste of State funds ! I thought New York State was on the brink of bankruptcy ? What a joke ! " Dec 18, 10 6:12 AM

Residents Offer Support For Poisoning Fish In Mill Pond

It does seem counterproductive to kill every living thing in the pond, I assume this means any frogs, snakes and any other aquatic animal ? Seems like the worst thing you could do ! Too bad aren't as valued as mako !! They would already be gone ! What are the other steps Mr Walker is proposing ? Is it really only 6 nitwits that are supporting the poisen plan ?" Dec 26, 10 10:27 AM

Ross Beats Bridgehampton In Battle Of ā€˜Dā€™ Rivals

Wait until Davis and Hopson return !! Ross school will be humbled ! You can't lose 2 out of your 5 starters and expect to compete effectively, Killer Bees Rule !" Jan 22, 11 10:55 AM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

After viewing the tape, the first thing I felt was that Linda drove very well and stopped perfectly , even remembering to turn off her signal light after she was pulled over. The two "officers" looked like two boys who had just hit the jackpot ! The instructions givem during this so-called sobriety test were confusing at best, I thought Linda did very well during the entire test, re,membre there is definitely an intimidation factor whenever anyone is pulled over and she was remarkedly poised throughout the whole traffic stop. Did you notice how many police cars cruised by the scene while the tests were being done ? Was this the highlight of everyone's night ? I can't wait for the civil suit that Linda will file !! Both of these men (?) are part of a joke called the WHB Police Dept. Linda, Get a good lawyer and teach these clowns and their village idiot bosses a lesson !! " Feb 6, 11 7:00 AM

Southampton Town Board Accepts Town Attorney's Resignation

ATH has had a bad couple of weeks ! First, the Linda Cabot fiasco ( wait for the civil suit that is sure to come ! ) and now this incompetent town attorney who should have received $1.00 as a severance pkg. fo his outstanding work !I guess all the good attorneys are in private practice . Why is the settlement pkg being kept such a big secret ? This is taxpayer money being wasted once again, Southampton Town Gov't is a sewer ! ATH should be Throne OUT !" Feb 12, 11 9:40 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Police Officer Will Forfeit 20 Days Pay

Besides the obvious point that this officer should be terminated, Aren't these salaries way out of line ? OMG ! " Mar 9, 11 10:39 AM

Southampton Town Code Enforcement Targets Flanders Home

iT MIGHT BE INTERESTING TO FIND WHO ARE THE PRINCIPLES BEHIND THIS CORPORATION...I couldn't find anything on google ..." Apr 12, 11 11:40 AM

Shrinking Population Poses A Mystery In Montauk

CHUPACABRA !!!" Apr 14, 11 8:56 AM

Former Supervisor Linda Kabot Files Suit Against Westhampton Beach

If they do decide to do away with the WHB Police Dept,.does it mean that those same officers will necessarily be absorbed in the Southampton P.D. ? Let's hope not ALL of them !! " May 6, 11 8:39 AM

Westhampton Beach Penalizes Police Officer 30 Days' Pay For Timecard Error

Hooray for Unions ! Where else can you be suspended for not performing your job correctly and still get paid your full salary ? !! What a great country ! " May 9, 11 8:12 PM

East Quogue Residents Are Ticked Over Pair Of Proposed Cell Phone Towers

It seems like a win -win for the taxpayers and the fire department ! All change is not bad !!" Jun 8, 11 7:48 PM

Montauk Man Charged With Drop-Kicking. Hitting Puppy

The witness who reported this should be proud of themselves !! Nice Job !! Now this POS will hopefully pay for his stupidity..." Jun 11, 11 10:07 AM

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