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Princess Diner Workers Were Sexually Harassed, Threatened With Deportation, Advocacy Group Says

making sure i can get enough facts in these comment boxes you will be seeing several posts from me today sept 27 , 2017 my name is kevin ackley i am 54 local from easthampton ny i know the fact's about the diner more then most of you who jsut commented on all the lies that the ny state attorney general's office brought in the null in void no validity do outright lies suit against my close friend richard bivona as i explained to cailin riley yesterday on our call richard bivona the current owner of the diner did not take legal ownership until april 24 , 2017 as it states in the ny state sales certificate i have seen . read next comments
" Sep 27, 17 10:27 AM

the suit claims mr bivona the current owner as of april 24 ,2017 owned the diner during the time period aug 2016 to dec 2016 lies he was note holder he took the banks position and he was absentee note holder i know for fact cause he would ask me to stop by check up on diner along with few other very close friend's he trust's the state's whole case is a lie made up of slanderous false claims the owner of the diner up until april 24 , 2017 was BA-KAL and they had owned it over 2 decades not mr bivona case closed now to the other lies all things the state agencies were well aware of" Sep 27, 17 10:31 AM

i was never questioned i was never charged of any crime it was settled all parties were satisfied back to false claims against mr bivona who has really been dragged thru the sewer it seems now its all coming together local hispanic is politically motivated and using this story to push her agenda makes sense now as i know for fact all accusations against the said defendant richard bivona are not true unfounded and so does reporter who i spoke to on the phone other day cailin riley" Sep 28, 17 9:13 AM

once again its public record the defendant who is very close friend of mine did not take legal ownership of the diner until april 24 , 2017 and all the state agencies knew this along with atty general and thus mujer local advocate for illegals know the facts before you make ignorant comments " Sep 28, 17 9:25 AM

once again keep this very simple for you the suit claims from aug 2016 to dec 2016 but my friend didnt legally own the diner until april 24 , 2017 from that date on he is the legal owner before that he was a absentee note holder do you know what that means ???" Sep 28, 17 9:43 AM

the illegals had been there for long time some up to 10 years when my friend took over legal ownership in april 2017 he said ok ill need all your tax info social security numbers so i can put you on the books that is when all went to helll and they walked out and later brought this suit which is all filled with lies and lot of slander against my friend case closed" Sep 28, 17 9:46 AM

mr bivona who is very close friend of mine was the note holder meaning he took over the banks position in aug 2016 it wasnt until april 24 , 2017 he finally rec his ny state sales certificate so all charges claims against him are null in void i have the copy of the certificate and i was there i know all the facts from fiction and so should you before you make comments based on what you read not what you know" Sep 28, 17 9:48 AM

if richie is guilty of one thing and he is guilty of this all the time he is too giving he tries to help people he shouldn't but one thing he wont do is hire illegals or let illegals who have been there in the past stay on only documented workers fyi i brought him his 2 current cooks who can stand up to any chefs out here as everyone i have brought to the diner raves about the food and thats a fact" Sep 28, 17 9:57 AM

i can see there are few uninformed people on this matter so the current owner richard bivona has asked me to tell you if any of you would like to stop by the diner meet with him have coffee breakfast on him he will be happy to sit down with you and explain face to face and show you proof of what he has said and i have told you be his guest and the food is excellent best out here in the hamptons " Sep 28, 17 12:03 PM

the offer comes straight from richie he is there from open to close once he took legal ownership in april 2017 not the dates the atty gen suit claims he owned the diner which makes all those claims accusations false not true stop by diner he will be happy to set you straight with the facts in front of him no lawyers" Sep 28, 17 12:37 PM

i am speaking for richies behalf my words on his behalf not from him and facts i know being i was from start to finish i had originally brought prospective buyer to richie as he sole intention was to flip the diner once he legally took it over in april 2017 simple as that they buyer backed off and richie decided to go into business himself " Sep 28, 17 12:51 PM