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Hampton Bays Property Values Would Increase If Hamlet Becomes Village, Study Finds

I'm not only a Mastic Beach Village resident, but also work in property evaluation...You couldn't be more wrong. We are still plagued by all of the points mentioned in the above post and more: Slum-lords and illegal rentals, dilapidated homes, illegal structures on properties, pedafiles, etc. The only difference is we have a 1984 style code book and code enforcement driving around 7 days a week busting the shoes of hard working families. Also, property values have remained static and there are a ton of homes for sale in the area with little demand. 30%? Please write me a check right now and I'll take it and run. Lastly, all of the Village codes on the East End of Long Island are basically boiler plate and cookie cutter not specific to the area in question. Don't want to listen? Fine. Enjoy another level of corrupt government with more restrictions." Oct 23, 15 6:32 AM

Hampton Bays Library Project Now Stands At $15.8 Million; Board Intends To Buy Adjoining Property

According to the 2010 census there were 13,603 residents in Hampton Bays. So, $15.3M/13,603 = $1,124.75 per resident. What a great deal considering you can buy a kindle or other internet ready device for $70 bucks and find free wifi services practically anywhere. " Apr 14, 16 8:25 AM

UPDATE: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally Held In Westhampton Beach

Jan 2016 - May 2016: 171 white people were shot and killed by police compared to 100 African Americans, 50 Latinos, 6 Asians and 31 were undetermined. " Aug 22, 16 6:39 AM

I agree those numbers are over simplified, so let's dig deeper and look at some facts. The following data is from the FBI in 2013 and 2014.

Black people were six times more likely than non-blacks to commit murder and 12 times more likely to murder someone of another race. Of all interracial violent crimes involving blacks and whites, blacks were the perpetrators 85% of the time. So, blacks are 27 times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa. Blacks are also roughly 30 times more likely to be arrested for murder.

So, are cops racist? Well interestingly enough, the arrest rates for minorities are consistent with the complaint rates of the race for the alleged perp.

Do blacks get shot at higher ratios than whites? Yes. However, blacks are also 9.6 times more likely than whites/Hispanics to be charged with resisting arrest. Do you think that might have something to do with it?

Lastly, black officers were nearly twice as likely as white officers to shoot an unarmed black.

So I ask you...is it all racism? I hop not as I personally despise it.

" Aug 22, 16 1:24 PM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

Yeah and we don't reward the children by letting them keep the money either. " Sep 27, 18 10:43 AM

So it is ok to break the law in some instances rather than others? Please enlighten me." Sep 27, 18 12:30 PM

Supervisor Announces Plan To Freeze Tax Assessments For Two Years To Study Process

Amazing how the supervisor knows better than the actual real estate market. The assessor simply keeps assessments at 100% in conjunction with the market. Some areas increase, decrease or stay the same. Also, these neighborhoods do not change at the same rate. See what happened to Nassau County and get back to me. Freezing assessments in such a diverse market like the Hamptons will cause lower income areas to compensate for higher income areas. You want people to pay their fair share? Than keep assessing at 100% market value. If you want inequity, then freeze assessments. Nobody can predict the market and proposing an artificial quick fix solution is purely political. The real scrutiny should be placed on the school districts and Town services. These are the factors effecting the tax rate." May 7, 19 6:28 AM

And what amazing new method do you suggest that would be better than assessing at 100% market value? According to the data provided by the Assessor their values are 99% accurate. We all hate taxes and want to pay less, but that is up to budgets/tax rates. Manipulating assessments is predicting future markets and trends. Good luck with that." May 9, 19 10:38 AM

GA, Point 1) is an extremely small portion of residential properties. 2) That is incorrect. Sales data is extrapolated "within" the immediate area, which pertains to the immediate neighborhood impacted by the sale. There are, as you know, exceptions in which trending is a necessary tool in following the market. However, the Assessments seem to be on the conservative side when raising assessments based on only trends. This is why a property could jump up in one year instead of gradually climbing for three when a sale is immediate to the area. 3) This is also incorrect. Each home is graded independently on price per sq ft. The higher the construction cost, the higher the grade. These are just my opinions and appreciate the good dialogue. This is one of the most difficult places to appraise/assess yet is 10x more accurate than the surrounding Townships. The assessment freeze will start us down a very dangerous path. Do we really want our assessments to end up like East Hampton? " May 10, 19 10:01 AM

Town Board Approves Two-Year Freeze On Tax Assessments On Tuesday

You aren't grieving your property taxes...you're grieving your assessment. Schools makeup over 70% of your property taxes so make your vote on the proposed budget increases." May 16, 19 6:17 AM