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Southampton Hospital, Stony Brook Usher In "New Era Of Regional Health Care"

It's not often that such a good idea surfaces. The proposal would result in greater access to high-quality healthcare for the entire South Fork. At the same time, it makes great use of the current campus grounds. And, let's face it, a facility built in 1909 cannot be expected to be energy efficient or accommodate modern medical technology. This will be a major upgrade for the area. Kudos to all those who developed this plan!" Oct 3, 12 2:41 PM

Items Missing From Southampton Town Police Property Room Resurface

All I know is what I read in the papers, so I need someone to check my understanding. First, evidence that could possibly implicate Chief Pearce and/or Lt. Kiernan of wrongdoing disappears from a secure property room that they had access to. When this becomes public knowledge, the evidence magically reappears in another locked room. Second, Lt. Kiernan pled guilty to four charges while on suspension, but not only was he reinstated, he was PROMOTED and put in charge of Internal Affairs. Lastly, Chief Pearce launches an investigation into a matter in which he may possibly be involved. To top it all off, Brigitte Fleming says "everything is fine" and the only comment Malone has is "I have three words 'Chief Robert Pearce". PLEASE tell me I have misunderstood all of this!" Mar 27, 13 10:44 AM

Don't the residents of S'Hmptn have a right to know what's going on here? No one is talking. Chief Pearce won't say where/how the evidence 'reappeared', due to an 'ongoing investigation" (that he himself is conducting!). Town Board members won't say why they promoted Lt. Kiernan and put him in charge of Internal Affairs despite admitting to lying to Internal Affairs (according to another post on 27East). Lt. Kiernan can't/won't explain why he allowed Officer Sickles to remain on the job when the man clearly had a drug addiction. On and on it goes. This smells like a cover-up. " Mar 27, 13 12:16 PM

I seriously doubt the Board will get an endorsement from the S'Hmpton Town PBA; the union has severely (and justly) criticized the board for trying to pin all this on Tedesco and Sickles. The problem is not the cops, but with the STPD administration and the Board. It looks like they threw the cops under the bus (or tried to).
" Mar 27, 13 2:41 PM

UPDATE: Sickles Returns To Duty; PBA Blasts Board Members, GOP For Making Him A 'Scapegoat'

Seems questionable to me just how far Spota is trying to reach." Mar 27, 13 2:47 PM

Items Missing From Southampton Town Police Property Room Resurface

For a smart man, Ray Perini is saying some dumb things, like (and I'm paraphrasing) "The Town Board should expunge Lt. Kiernan's guilty pleas because they mar and otherwise unblemished record". Whaaa? What kind of logic is that? So, should EVERYONE'S first offense be expunged? A record is only 'unblemished' until they blemish it, Mr. Perini.
" Mar 27, 13 9:04 PM

Agreed. A self-admitted liar really can't be trusted, can he? By the way, isn't lying to Internal Affairs kind of a serious deal? Is it normal for police departments to promote cops who lie to Internal Affairs? Actually, has STPD earned the distinction of being the only police department outside of Ghana to EVER put a cop who has lied to Internal Affairs IN CHARGE of Internal Affairs? Ugh." Mar 27, 13 9:22 PM

Way overdue. Where's Spota? Why are there no outside agencies looking into this?
" Mar 27, 13 10:36 PM

I like the turn of phrase... 'while he's still trying to scrape the mess off his shoes, he's given an office with a new white carpet". Good stuff." Mar 27, 13 10:37 PM

There's absolutely no indication that the corruption extends down into the rank and file police officers. In fact I believe they're extremely professional and ethical. The problem lies with the department's administration AND the Town Board's influence. So, I think the best solution is to take oversight of the department away from the Board (they've proven they can't do a responsible job) and put the STPD under the administration of either the SCPD or the Suffolk County Sheriff's office. " Mar 28, 13 8:15 AM

To High Hat:

I have a stack of Southampton Press newspapers in front of me and I see very, very few stories that even remotely hint of misdeeds committed by rank and file police officers. Certainly, there are no "weekly revelations". The reality is that the STPD rank and file are hard-working members of the community. They are fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers; they take their jobs seriously and they execute their duties professionally. You, in a rather pompous way, propose throwing them out into the street in favor of 'contract workers' who, for some mysterious reason, would be more enlightened, ethical and effective. Complete rubbish.

The problem is the Administration and a Town Board that runs the department as it's fiefdom, not the rank and file. I doubt you will find one candidate who proposes disbading the STPD. Unless, that is, you intend on making that part of your platform when you run for the Supervisor's position.

" Mar 28, 13 4:36 PM

Let's hope the U.S. Attorney is more interested in getting to the bottom of this than the Suffolk County D.A. is..." Mar 29, 13 8:14 AM

To High Hat:

Although I don't use fancy words like "Tabula Rasa" and "misfeasance" in my everyday writings, I am actually a very thorough reader. And here's what I know. First, if the Town Board felt intimidated by cops showing up to their (public) meeting, then they need to grow a pair. Suck it up, it's part of the job. I wish more citizens would go to Board meetings and/or criticize their elected officials. Doing so is our duty as citizens, it is not 'misfeasance'. Second, it is true that Officer Sickles became addicted to painkillers that his doctor prescribed, but that is a human failing, not a crime. (The reason his arrests are under review and law suits are being filed is because Lt. Kiernan didn't do his job as his supervisor.) Third, police officers cannot "offer a reduced charge" to anyone; that's completely up to the prosecutors. So, so far, I see nothing that remotely points to corruption in the rank and file.

Lastly, the reason I don't address the "sky-rocketing, stupendous salaries" is because it has absolutely nothing to do with this conversation thread! If you want to talk about disbading the STPD in order to bust the police union, reneg on employment contracts and steal people's pensions, then find someone else to talk to. I think the rank and file literally put their lives on the line for us and they deserve every penny they were promised when they took the job. " Mar 29, 13 2:03 PM

UPDATE: Sickles Returns To Duty; PBA Blasts Board Members, GOP For Making Him A 'Scapegoat'

I have no idea in what "real life" an individual who becomes addicted to pain-killers that his/her doctor prescribed is either fired or put in jail. Becoming addicted to pain-killers is unfortunate, but it is not a crime. The real wrong-doing here is that the STPD Administration, who obviously knew that Officer Sickles had a problem, failed to remove him from duty and get him the help that he needed. By failing to follow their own protocol, they have exposed the town to lawsuits that may bankrupt S'hmpton. Now, THERE is something that should get you fired and thrown in jail! " Mar 30, 13 1:04 PM

It's even worse than that. They rewarded someone who admittedly lied to Internal Affairs by promoting him to head...Internal Affairs!
" Mar 30, 13 1:07 PM

The point is not what YOU think cops should be paid; the point is what the Town has contractually agreed to pay them. You can dream up all the hypothetical compensation arrangements you want, but in reality the Town and the PBA negotiate a pay package that they both think they can live with. If you don't like the current arrangement, vote for Town Board members who will be more fiscally conservative. " Mar 30, 13 1:15 PM

Items Missing From Southampton Town Police Property Room Resurface

HHS is all over the place intellectually. One example: he derides you (and the STPD) as "moral relativists", but believes the police should interpret the law to fit the circumstances of the situation. Inconsistent thinking at its best." Apr 1, 13 4:27 PM

New York State Law defines drunk driving as someone who drives a car with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher (.02 or higher if you are 21 years old or younger). The law says nothing about 'driving uncoordinatedly or irrationally'. Those are subjective definitions, the BAC level is an objective definition. Anyone that fits these definitions are, therefore, not "innocents".

Also, officer Gagnon was not charged with a felony, because under the definitions set forth in the New York State Penal Code, he did not commit a felony. " Apr 1, 13 4:34 PM

Forget it. You are trying to talk sense to a brick." Apr 1, 13 4:36 PM

Southampton Supervisor Calls For Investigation Of Police Department

Unless you're willing to put your picture out there for public criticism, you probably shouldn't opine on someone's appearance.
" Apr 12, 13 2:28 PM

She is, in fact, a single mother of three children. What's the problem?" Apr 12, 13 2:29 PM