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Tiny Bug Kills Thousands Of Trees Across South Fork

Thank you for the article and such wise and thoughtful closing remarks from Mr.Shea: "
“One of the things is our lifespan is so short compared to ecological processes, so it’s difficult to tell if these things are just something that occurs, say every 500 years, and is just part of the natural process of renewing the forest system, like a fire or a hurricane, or if it’s a problem we need to combat,” Mr. Shea said. “Look at how fast the Pine Barrens restored itself after the fire [in 1995]. We may see a similar thing after the pine beetle infestation.“Hopefully, the southern pine beetle will be found to be a natural part of the ecosystem for opening up the forest and allowing it to renew itself..”.
I recently read and recommend to readers an excellent book on this topic which had a similar view...that the southern pine beetle and fungus are part of an amazing longer term forest renewal process which we are only seeing a bit of time within. 'Empire of the Beetle'- by Andrew Nikiforuk. " Jun 4, 15 11:56 AM

CVS Officials, Others Express Interest In Hampton Bays Diner Property

A diner with late hours is still very needed for this area- and the building would be great to stay as is..... Hoping someone can take it over and make it work..." Sep 13, 15 12:55 AM