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Lake Montauk Study Gains Steam

We have made proposal's as of late and have had our story published in 27 East recently. We have presented through town hall meetings with Mill Pond for our all natural restoration process with Clean-Flo International and Floating Islands International processes. Please call to schedule a meeting for your township if you want a town hall meeting of your own. (914) 260-5678 Jack Mosel, Aquatic Restoration consultant, Lake Savers." May 18, 11 11:04 PM

Concerns About Lake Montauk Swirl As Study Continues

We presented our all natural Lake Restoration Approach to Mill Pond recently. Our story is published in 27 East. We would be happy to provide a town hall meeting to Montauk resident's to provide all natural solution through our Clean-Flo and Floating Islands International engineering. (914) 260-5678 Jack Mosel, Lake Restorration Consultant, Lake Saver's" May 18, 11 11:17 PM

Tim Bishop Given Environmental Steward Award

Just want to chime in and say we have offered very real and authentic, working solutions to achieve actual Lake Restoration, which my partner John Tucci and I (Lake Savers) have presented for our recent proposal to restore Mill Pond.

As I understand, A trial of Phoslock may or may not be going forward, as a measure of "faith" to pursue yet another aspiration to ultimately stave off maybe another year or two of Phosphorus from being released into the water column from the already known Internal Loading sink (accumulation) within Mill Pond's benthic.

I can appreciate this "solution" and will refer to it as a 'Hail Mary pass" or to kicking the can down the road alittle bit more... due to the fact that the consultants and keeper's of the public faith from years of advocacy and service provided toward expertise and water keeper's best practices in water stewardship, have earned them at least another opportunity for having 'another whack' at seeking causation for providing "restoration".

I hope this response should actually find an interested, vested local citizenry (public or private), privy to the Mill Pond restoration effort.

I would like to say that we (Lake Savers) are following the activities closely as of late and want to say that we are merely awaiting your dispatch (once again) to provide yet another Town Hall style open, public meeting to discuss and present once again our real and authentic, affordable, goal oriented, accountable, restoration services through our unique, global 45 year old process for achieving authentic Lake Restoration.

Through our biologically engineered, Continuous Laminar Flow, Multiple inversion and Oxygenation process with beneficial, biological additives process, we not only increase the depth by one foot per year of organic muck through bio-remediation but to remove 90 percent of the Phosphorus which is causing the condition of accelerated eutrophication from the internal loading mechanisms of accumulated nutrients on-site and which will continue to cycle a trophic decline into hyper-eutrophication unless this condition is addressed. This is the plague which needs to be addressed. We are happy to educate and to extend our services to your community.

We understand that there are many similar plagued freshwater bodies within your beautiful community. We were asked by some of your local officials (when we last held our town hall public meeting on Mill Pond) to give thought to engineering and giving similar proposal's for restoration of other water bodies in and around your communities. We'd be happy to partner with you all to effect real change in accomplishing this.

While the subject of Environmental accolades is making hay in the press for your community, as having a statesman representing your community, receiving an honorable mention as well as an esteemable award for having Ecologically sound insight and in driving an environmentally sound vision... I wanted to say congratulations to all of you and to let you all know that we are at the ready to follow suit and to make real restoration of your precious freshwater body assets not only affordable, but to actually be held accountable to make this happen in your communities.

We are New Yorker's, we have national projects as well as global projects. We are the leading edge of the cutting edge in our industry and we are serious in getting the job done.. no excuses, we are accountable to the letter of our goal oriented contract, which holds us bound to our claim(s).. we hope you might consider us a community partner you may want to look into (more).

Please feel free to browse some of our work on Facebook! @ "lake Savers" and "Aquatic Restoration, LLC." also at www clean-flo com

Here's to making a real difference...

Congrats! and with best regards

Jack Mosel, B.S., M.A.T.
Senior Lake Restoration Consultant, Lake Savers
" Feb 16, 12 6:03 PM