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Town might seek forensic audit of capital budget

Getting a professional audit-what an original idea. Why didn't Linda thing of that." Feb 11, 09 3:40 PM

Pierson makes playoffs with win in final game

Hope the girls make the playoffs also" Feb 17, 09 2:55 PM

Whalers fall in Port Jefferson

Who are the parents going to chose for coach next year?" Feb 18, 09 5:38 PM

Federal auditors will examine Southampton Town's 2007 financial books

An audit couldn't happen soon enough." Feb 20, 09 11:30 AM

Bank sues former Suffolk County Legislator George Guldi, alleges mortgage fraud

Please stop picking on George" Feb 21, 09 11:14 PM

Southampton Town Justice Court relocation to go forward

I thought our elected officals ran town hall-guess I was mistaken." Feb 21, 09 11:25 PM

Republican majority on Southampton Town Board quashes plan to restructure financial department

Enough of this-no more public meetings or statements about the town's financial problems. We can't let everyone know what a mess we have on our hands. Back to keeping the information a secret.
Thank the Southampton Press for causing all these problems." Feb 24, 09 9:26 AM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

Thank you to the Whitby's. In a month we will be needing all these workers to open our pools, cut our grass, and sweep our tennis courts. They are an important part of our economy. We need to feed and care for these workers in the off season." Apr 1, 09 11:42 AM

Feeding another human being who is hungry is just the right thing to do." Apr 1, 09 3:07 PM

Southampton Town must issue $16 million in bonds this year

Good job Linda-looks like progress is being made. As far as the $16 million dollar number-it could have been worst." Apr 15, 09 2:49 PM

Money designated for affordable housing never moved; housing fund in the red

Who can Linda find to blame for this. November elections can not come soon enough." May 6, 09 12:42 PM

Supervisor proposes $1 million in budget cuts

The tax cap law should be untouchable without voter approval. Its our only protection against irresponsible government." Jun 24, 09 9:04 PM

Supervisor Kabot will fight DWI charge, stay in race

dagdavid has it right. This is Linda's pattern-blame someone else, in this case the police. I hope the police have of video of the field test and the truth will come out. Running for office again is now the least of Linda's problems. I sincerely pray she gets the help she needs." Sep 10, 09 6:51 PM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

Linda looks sober in the picture." Sep 15, 09 2:56 PM

Homeowners association disgruntled over charity foot race

Carol really hit it big with this story. Hope it does not hurt her real estate business. She can tell clients how she protects neighborhoods from unwanted charity events and grade school children." Sep 24, 09 5:33 PM

Attorney: Linda Kabot will be vindicated

Just reviewed the letter-there is not a court in this country that would allow that document to be entered as evidence." Sep 29, 09 12:50 PM

Town housing officials walk out of civics meeting in East Quogue

Tell LTH to build rental homes in her hometown" Sep 30, 09 4:55 PM

Attorney: Linda Kabot will be vindicated

ATH is such an air head she can't remember the time of the call. Great canidate for town offical." Sep 30, 09 4:59 PM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

early exit polls have ATH leading 7-5" Nov 3, 09 10:15 AM

Voters cast their ballots today

To highhatsize-I voted early this morning and voted in favor of keeping vetearn police officers on the job. Safety is more important than your math." Nov 3, 09 5:19 PM

Great plan-an inexperciened police force with no one to train them. Buy cheap you get cheap." Nov 3, 09 9:33 PM

Kabot DWI hearing kicks off, will resume Tuesday

Jim-you forget that the illegals were not driving drunk on Main Street. We can not arrest them for doing nothing." Jul 10, 10 3:41 PM