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Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

While I've come to expect the political shenanigans from ATH and her clone, I am thoroughly disgusted with the Judas, Malone. To further his own political ambitions he has now shown his willingness to sell his soul for the possibility of a judgeship. Losing Tenaglia, an outstanding professional leader, is a shameful reflection of of how the tail (SH-PBA et/al) wags the body (of certain members of the town board)." Apr 30, 11 10:08 AM

Former Supervisor Linda Kabot Files Suit Against Westhampton Beach

Let's see if I've got this straight... A car is followed for a fair amount of time, at night, while the officer makes phone calls to let others know who it is. During this tailing, this car slips over a double yellow line where no other traffic exists. Which one of you hasn't crossed over a double line at some point in your driving, day or night, for whatever reason. Then this car slides through a Stop Sign to make a turn, again at night with little or no traffic. Which one of you hasn't done exactly the same thing. Regarding the pedestrians in the crosswalk, I didn't view this as near a miss as charged. On the contrary, the driver seemd to be as cauious as anyone of you who might encountered the same sutuation. After being stopped I watched the behavior of LK and found nothing to indicate intoxication. I am absolutely certain that anyone stopped late at night and made to get out of their car, especially by a member of the WHB-PD, would be nervous, YES; but most certainly not be calm and collected. Think how you would react to the same set of circumstances. And if you think for a moment that "Breath Tests" can't be fudged by unprofessionals then you aren't living in the real world. Remember the department who brought this about. If I was a member of the jury Iwould have found her NOT-GUILTY in a nano-second.
" May 6, 11 12:19 PM

I'm sorry for enraging you. I guess you would be so calm that you would follow all the direction perfectly, even in high-heels. I except the fact that people can see things differently. Hopefully neither of us will ever be put in her position." May 6, 11 12:35 PM

Southampton Democrats Pick Slate; GOP Convention Slated For Wednesday

Nancy is and will always be a class act. Thank you for a job well done." May 17, 11 9:03 AM

Nuzzi Not Sure If He Will Accept GOP Nomination For Supervisor

Let me see if I've got this right....If you lose an election you should never run for office again...? " May 20, 11 9:12 AM

New Southampton Village Police Chief Will Seek Closer Ties With Other Police Agencies

An amazing story regarding how well our town board looked into the background of the Wilson Corporation before appointing him to Chief of the Town Police. While we don't don't know if he broke any rules or laws it certainly smells rotten, especially since no violations , at Nello's, were ever turned over to the SLA in Wilson's entire tenure as Security Chief while also serving as Chief of SHV-PD. Every other mom & pop bar operations should be envious of this questionable and close relationship with local law enforcement." Jun 12, 11 10:35 AM

Cablevision Phases Out Analog

In the good old days, cable charged for every single TV in the house. Then the practice was chnaged to charge just for the cable service regardless of how many sets in the house. Cablevision has now figured out how to once again gouge the public by forcing us to "RENT" a box for every single set in the house. Pretty neat trick. Thank you cablevision for again screwing the public with your unmitigated greed." Aug 31, 11 1:20 PM

Southampton Village Passes Law To Keep Hedges Well Groomed

Massive brawls at 230 Elm and the village is worried about hedges? In this day and age aren't there more important things for the officials to focus on?" Sep 13, 11 7:33 AM

Schneiderman, Kelly Exchange Words At Flanders Meeting

Research will also tell you his hat and show size but the article didn't mention that either. It's up to the candidate to identify his "strengths" not the reporter." Sep 15, 11 10:46 AM

TYPO: should read "shoe size"" Sep 15, 11 1:55 PM

Southampton Town Board Considers Cyclical Reassessments Instead Of Annual Process

With the home values dropping substantial almost on an annual basis why should the homeowner contniue to pay taxes on a higher value for three years? And, by the way, when can we expect a lower tax bill now that our homes are valued at least a third less than last year? " Sep 20, 11 9:12 AM

Unfortunately NO. But wouldn't it be nice surprise if it did happen. Our governmental leaders don't know the meaning of spending less. They want every last cent from our lint filled pockets." Sep 20, 11 10:34 AM

Kabot To Wage Write-In Campaign Against Throne-Holst For Southampton Supervisor

My family and I will all write in Linda's name and cast our vote for her. We are thoroughly fed up with hubris displayed on a daily basis by ATH!" Sep 22, 11 12:05 PM

Don't forget to also vote for a brilliant candidate, Christine Scalera!" Sep 22, 11 7:08 PM

After 37 Years, Veteran Detective Retires From Southampton Force

From one long time retired county Sergeant to a now retired "townie" Sergeant, stay busy, stay active and most of all enjoy life to the fullest. Congratulations! Sgt. 173, SCPD" Sep 29, 11 5:23 PM

Republicans Challenge Forced Police Retirements In Southampton Budget As Political

Interesting comment: ".....longest-serving officers, many of whom serve in positions of rank....." Without experienced supervisors how do you suppose the rank and file personnel will react? Of course ATH will then promote, I suspect, those from the PBA who supported her candidacy." Oct 1, 11 9:51 AM

Please enumerate how many superior officers have less than 20 years of service?" Oct 2, 11 5:55 PM

I wonder how you would react under the same set of citcumstances, WHB-PD follows you for a substantial distance and watches you roll through a Stop sign that a large percent of the public also roll through all the while placing phones calls to union leaders and town officials. Be arrested on an extremely questionable DWI offense and not only have your career and reputation destroyed but have to spend an enormous cost to you and your family and finally be quickly found innocent in a court of law. I don't know about you but as a normal person I'd be mad as hell and would most certainly have an ax of some sort to grind!Linda is the answer to the foul odor radiating from the current supervisor's office." Oct 3, 11 4:30 PM

Please clarify what multi-million dollar business and her real world experience. As far as I have learned, so far, her real world business experience is limited. However ATH has become, it appears, a career politician with an ego to match." Oct 5, 11 9:16 AM

But I'm a Blank: Thank you. I suggest that highhatsize stop using the cheap tinfoil and go back to the Heavy-Duty Reynolds wrap, it works better agains those "mind warps" from Mars." Oct 7, 11 3:44 PM

Bishop To Speak On Issues

Mr. Bishop may have hosted 100 Town Hall Meetings but I doubt he listened to anyone. Mr. Bishop is only happy when he can wrap his sticky fingers on every last cent (never his own) from out already empty pockets. Check out the wonderful job he did on Souhampton College,." Oct 10, 11 5:31 PM

In A Reversal, Southampton Town Board Converts Budget To Preliminary Spending Plan and Adds Another Public Hearing

The tin-foil is wearing thin. Double the layers with the extra thick Reynolds Wrap to prevent the alien rays from penetrating so deeply into your brain cells. In your case, the thicker the better." Oct 17, 11 7:00 AM

Throne-Holst And Team Release Campaign Video

Absolutely loved your "take"...."More Cow-Bells!" And....amazing how well ATH looks for her age." Oct 26, 11 4:22 PM

Southampton Town Board Holds Off On Plastic Bag Ban

Or.....all the intractable autocratic BS dictated by the Queen ATH and her Rubber Stamp Bridget." Dec 16, 11 7:26 AM

Contractor Finishes Work On Flanders Traffic Circle

Couldn't agree more with Carol. The simple solution would have been to luminate with even a single pole lamp to make the circle visible at night to those unfamiliar with the design." Dec 24, 11 8:55 AM

Southampton Town Board Republican-Conservative Majority Holds Off On Key Appointments

I missed the point. Baywoman, are you referring to Bridget or Scalera or someone else? Obviously, most East Enders came from some place else. I wonder how you felt when you voted for Hillary Clinton for Senate when she was a long time out-of-stater? " Jan 3, 12 6:48 PM

Southampton Town Comptroller Could Leave For Brookhaven Post

To the left side of the aisle....."It's always Bush's fault. Democrats never conspire for anything under any circumstances." Give us a break from all this intellectual dishonesty. Some times "things" are just as they are without any hidden motives." Jan 18, 12 3:01 PM

Quogue Village Might Look To Pierce State Tax Cap

According to the wedsite, Zillow, the property values have slipped below what we are assessed at. When do you suppose this will be reflected in a reduction in our property taxes? Has anyone noticed how much house prices have had to be adjusted downward and even then they aren't selling. Unfortunately, politicians have their heads in the sand and want to exceed a mandated 2 percent tax cap to fund their own mistakes." Jan 25, 12 5:13 PM

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