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Hillary Clinton To Hold At Least Two Fundraisers In Hamptons In August

The Donald is an egotistical money hungry man but is successful and makes money hand over fist. Hillary and bill both use her political connections to rake in millions. How much $$$ does it take in to prevent Hil & Bill from being "broke" as has been previously reported? Me thinks she doth protest too much. Now she and Bill will invade the hamptons for " vacation", stop traffic (as if is itsn't bad enough) to have fund raisers with the rich and famous which I don't understand since the democratic ideal is to take from the rich and help out the not so rill ch and spread the wealth to make the playing card more easy for the lower income families (ie. Obamacre) OH!!! but Iforget that the writeBlessoffs in effect do not apply to that type of rich.I hope the younger generations will be able to pull themselves out of the BIG rut they are now having dug for them. God Bless (probably politically incorrrect but I still believe)." Aug 1, 15 5:25 PM

New Affordable Homes In Southampton Village Near Completion

wish I had a mahogany porch" Aug 4, 15 4:41 PM

Flanders Man Arrested Charged With Assaulting Pregnant Girlfriend

reprehensible should be put away for a long time. hope the baby is OK" Aug 5, 15 6:09 PM

Southampton Justice Seeking To Dismiss Defamation Lawsuit

still see a mother looking out for her daughter. putting a camera pointed at her bedroom should have put him in cuffs" Aug 5, 15 6:12 PM

Matt Lauer Argues That Neighbors Spook His Horses

have trail horses for 40 years and have been thrown twice due to spooking. NO ONE would want to be on a 1200 pod spooking horse!! trust me. I know personally of a woman whose horse spooked in the woods, ran into the woods, threw her head first into a tree (they dont bend much). She had severe head trauma spent months at Stony Brook and years at a rehab facility. she was a doctor who had no short term (think 10 years) memory which caused her to loose her practice. Have seen other over the years with various injuries short and long. been there myself three times due to spooking. If the neighbors are having a lot of loud pool parties I would not want to ride in that area so either give Matt the screening or OK the change of the trail. Safety First, save yourself, the horse will go home with or without you. you must, of course, have a cell phone to call the Ambulance. Ms. Barth-Cohen and Dave Birdsall are totally correct. do more research And you will find all the facts to be true. Thank you for reading my post." Aug 5, 15 6:31 PM

Voters Head To The Polls On Tuesday

how is bender being a driver for her kids since all are old enough to drive themselves unless I din't get the irony of the statement?" Aug 8, 15 5:23 PM

Southampton School District Will Receive Bridgehampton Gateway's Property Tax Revenue

years ago there was a Hayground School District which was merged with Southampton SD" Aug 12, 15 3:39 PM

Southampton SD merged with the very old Water Mill andHayground districts many, many years ago before Lipa was built and was farmland except for a dairy (Ralph Sayre who was blind and delivered milk all over town until he died with the help of his driver whose name I cannot member) and a very old drive in theater put up in the
early 1950's. Really no tax basis back then. Many of the Hayground and Water Mill kids did go to Bridgehampton school back then but BHSD disdn't want the Hayground district because of the lack of tax basis. Hindsight is a such a b tch" Aug 14, 15 5:11 PM

do your homework before you become "heartbroken"" Aug 14, 15 7:02 PM

Flanders Man Indicted For Assaulting Pregnant Girlfriend

dirtbag is being kind" Aug 21, 15 5:46 PM

No Lemonade For You; Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Shut Down in East Hampton Village

what's the harm in kids doing something to raise $ for a charity? at least they are not out doing drugs, graffiti, stealing, mugging people. Seinfeld should be commended for helping these kids to do the right thing instead of running with the wrong crowds. hope the complainer sleeps well at night." Aug 28, 15 6:30 PM

Rev. Dr. Katrina Foster To Move Her Pastoral Duties From The Hamptons To Brooklyn

loved her sign in hayground. different every week. always a thought came in from that sign. miss you and hope you are happy in your new parish. off tune? don't think so." Aug 29, 15 7:52 PM

UPDATE: Paul Hansen, Killed In Drunk Driving Accident Sunday, Is Fondly Remembered

maybe other readers could know the identity of the victim?" Aug 30, 15 3:25 PM

no disrespect intended." Aug 30, 15 5:08 PM

Southampton Resident Threatens To Appeal ARB Decision

the new house looks like it will fit in the area. go for it." Sep 10, 15 5:31 PM

UPDATE: Paul Hansen, Killed In Drunk Driving Accident Sunday, Is Fondly Remembered

nice remembrance at Sagg Main over the weekend. Hope the Sag Harbor community will continue it's closeness with all community members and hope that many send to the Fund being established for Paul's children who have lost a great father and the community lost a great mentor. RIP Paul." Sep 10, 15 5:36 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Win Right To Control Finances

another win for the good guys" Sep 25, 15 6:26 PM

UPDATE: Anna Pump Remembered For Grace In And Out Of The Kitchen; Memorial Home Visit Scheduled For Sunday

everyone on the roads deserves nothing less. so sorry Anna lost her life for a person who should not have been driving but should have been deported after prior arrests.probably long gone by now. a life was tragically lost and he gets an appearance ticket for November? the SHTPD should be ashamed by this tragedy as well as the hit and run of the Sister in Water Mill. RIP Anna we all loved and admired you for the strong woman you were and you will not be forgottten by all your friends. Heartfelt condolances to the Pump family. Stay strong as Anna would want you to." Oct 10, 15 5:02 PM

Tree Farm Trumps Scenic View In Land Easement

cost of doing business in the hamptons. don't care what the fine is just another expense just like the jets being fined for coming into EH" Oct 16, 15 5:06 PM

Southampton Town Police Request Help From Public To Find Missing Sagaponack Woman

saw her walking On Montauk Hwy sat AM about 10:30 am across from Davis construction only noticed because of the high brown boots she was walking in the west bound lane headed west. told cops. hope she is found but it has been a long time." Oct 16, 15 5:11 PM

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