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Bridgehampton School Is Not Ruling Out Piercing 2-Percent Tax Levy Cap

further why not a dress code??" Feb 1, 13 7:33 PM

Process Could Lead To Helicopter Restrictions At East Hampton Airport, Consultants Tell Board

the residents of Bridgehampton thank you however why is it that the EAST HAMPTON airport has to cause so much grtief to the SOUTHAMPTON Town residents??? the planes use the Pres church steeple and the BH school for markers to EH airport. WHY do the people of the hamlet of Bridgehampton have to deal with this noise??? Bring the planes and helicopters into and through East Hampton Village and you will hear voices above and beyond to stop the noise. If EH airport is in EH why are we residents of BH having so much noise and grief over these planes?? Do we not have a say? where is ATH?? on this and why can't we stop this intrusion??" Feb 5, 13 7:32 PM

UPDATE: Witnesses Say Verbal Altercation Led To Alleged Assault By Retired Southampton Village Sergeant

G "local dirty Judges" ?? I believe the justices that on our benches are above board in all cases and resent that you have cast them all in a "dirty" mold. All are above reproach and have proved this time and time again. I think an apology is in order." Feb 5, 13 7:37 PM

Most East Enders OK With Postal Service Ending Saturday Mail Delivery

why is it that the Bridgehampton PO is opened at 8:30 AMfor the past few years yet Sagaponack PO is open at 6AM. Perhaps we need a little more supervision in our area?? Plus the BH PO building is about to fall down. No repairs to the building in years. Why not??" Feb 7, 13 8:04 PM

UPDATE: Some Schools Closed, Delay Starts On Monday

glad you guys are having a good laugh. was on the beach at 3 PM with steady east wind. if this storm holds true the oceanfront owners will have lost al the sand trucked in over the past months. can't fool mother nature" Feb 7, 13 8:07 PM

UPDATE: Witnesses Say Verbal Altercation Led To Alleged Assault By Retired Southampton Village Sergeant

G if yoiu have info regarding DWI cases put it forth. My knowledge is that the Justices are above reproach and handle all cases fairly. Again if you have info I don't please enlighten me." Feb 7, 13 8:20 PM

G I believe those cases were handled through the DA's office and NOT our local justice court system. I stand by my statement that our justices are above board on all cases." Feb 10, 13 5:45 PM

Oceanfront Residents Approve $25 Million Beach Rebuild

vote was very off key in that 200 votes were available and only 75 for and 49 against. seems funny property owners would take on this kind of debt with not a vasy majority voting for it. something is up there and down the road they will claim all the beaches as their own." Feb 10, 13 5:48 PM

Police Investigating Cause Of Fatal Accident On Route 114 In East Hampton

RIP please don't let her son forget her." Feb 13, 13 7:16 PM

sory I meant that at 2 years old he must see her pictures and remember as a great mother and the love of her family. Way too young to pass." Feb 13, 13 7:17 PM

Southampton Village Market Proposed For Hampton Road

village needs another supermarket NOT another speciality foods store. very bad idea at that location and will impact all village businesses with the parking issue ( in BH Cit employees were told to park at BNB across the street until the bank issued parking regs) so where will the employees park? where will the customers park? where will the customers for other businesses in the area park? village government is faling apart bending over backward for the rich contributors and for what cause?? remeber the village back years ago when a woman couldn't wear short "shorts" in main street? come on village people (no pun intended) get with the program. It is your village stand up to these politicians and say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mar 1, 13 8:13 PM

Southampton Village ZBA Grants Pyramid Law Variance For Wooley Street Home

great another art 78 filed against the village and more money spent on validating a bad determination. way to go village. when will it end?? next election I hope and I am not a village resident but am close by and will not come to the village to shop if the governing body keeps ***** the village by allowing inappropriate business into the main street area. keep the village as a village and everyone will be happy as leawst if we can park!!." Mar 1, 13 8:18 PM

Suskind Eyes Return To Town Board

please NO NO NO!!!!" Mar 1, 13 8:21 PM

Weekend Flooding In Parts Of Southampton Town Leaves Its Mark

yesterday the next to the last house on Surfside Drive in BH was being undermined by the tide. Probably won't be there after the next Noreaster. The tide pulled down all the snow fence around the builging and water was lapping against the foundation." Mar 12, 13 6:50 PM

UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

under oath sounds like the best and quickest method to expose truths in both the PD and the town board. we taxpayers deserve at least this since our wellbeing on behalf of the police forse is in question. Do we feel really safe? Are our police covering crime or just answering calls for the seurity systems for mostly false alarms? I ccertainly would like to know if I called the police they would not bounce me off for an alarm at a probably weathly person's house. H" Mar 12, 13 6:59 PM

Items Missing From Southampton Town Police Property Room Resurface

ATH is silent as are the sitting town board. I say support Kabot who has called the PD to task many times. Do not support any current board member looking for re-election. the treatment of Wilson should give us all an enlightening view of the political envionment of the current board and we need to act proactively to stop the BS within the PD. when the Feds get through it's investigation god only knows what will happen plus the many lawsuits being filed against the PD which of course we will eventually have to pay. If the PD comes clean real soon perhaps we can avoid many dollars in settlements and ward off lawsuit which are bound to happen. If you ran your business as the PD run it's do you think you would be in business long??? Think Not. Everyone IS or should BE accountable at this point in time and the PD is not exempt." Apr 1, 13 5:52 PM

the BV incident could easily have mirrored the Publick house fiasco of several years ago when off duty PO was attacked by a patron. why when a PO attaks a civilian are circumstances different??" Apr 2, 13 5:33 PM

UPDATE: Wilson Chains Trucks To House In Latest In Property Dispute

please people make Barbara into a person instead of a Justice. she is protecting what has been her family's rights for over 70 years. This has nothing to do with her job (s) as town and village justice and has only to do with her being a homeowner thanks to her previous ancestors. To make this into a job inspired act is pathetic at best. It is a property line disagreement nothing more, nothing less. Since she has maintained and her family has used the driveway for over 70 years why is this an issue now? Because yet another hamptons wantabee came into town (village) bought a house, put some money into it and now wants a big price tag which the survey is not making for him Have been called for jury duty under her court may 2nd so I will check out Frank's statement for myself and Nellie maybe needs to know the facts before she calls for a Jud Con review. I have known a lot of her family (although not her) over the years and believe most of them got the shaft from the village and others who didn't like the looks of the Wilson's garages. Too Bad!! The locals must get together and prevail on these cases just like the house just given a variance even though it is too big but then a newcomer builder/seller built the house knowing it wa wrong and the village was neglect. Say GO BYE to all and anything close to you since it is up for grabs to the highest bidder" Apr 15, 13 8:30 PM

summertime I can and have the geneology to prove it" Apr 16, 13 4:18 PM

Dead Whale Washes Up In East Quogue

a small seal was dead at the end of Ocean Road in Bridgehampton this morning. called the STPD and was told they would send Highway Dept to pick it up. So much for finding out what is killing these animals." Apr 17, 13 5:10 PM

UPDATE: Wilson Chains Trucks To House In Latest In Property Dispute

summertime, perhaps we do kow each other. I agree that the Wilson problem as was the Wooley Street high house are village issues that so easily always fall to the one with the $$$." Apr 20, 13 8:11 PM

Sexual Predator Pleads Guilty To Numerous Charges In Riverhead On Thursday

what ever happened to the idea of "incompassitating" these perverts?? Pills, needles, cuts, whatever to stop these sickos" May 3, 13 5:28 PM

FBI Agents Search Shinnecock Indian Reservation As Part of Criminal Investigation

we all know that what happens on the res should stay on the res. They have their own rules regs laws etc. now they should enforce all." May 3, 13 5:30 PM

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