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UPDATE: Town Encourages Sandbags, Will Revive Beach Rebuild Plans

walked sagg main this afternoon to gibson. lots of erosion along what used to be high and greatly vegitated dunes. Billy Joel is already building "instant" dune at his property and the drop off gibson is 10'. " Nov 3, 12 4:57 PM

UPDATE: FEMA Gas Relief Arrives In Hampton Bays

got gas at BH gulf yesterday( right place right time) had to be 200 cars behind me (I was number 7 getting fuel) but the SHTPD turned it into an orderly fashion making the one entrance one exit. was in rite aid just before behind a couple of linemen from Lee N.C. a man came in asked where they were from and tried to give them a 50 tip for their services. the men declined many times and did NOT take the money said it was their job to help. Cudos to the out of state people helping us get back together." Nov 4, 12 7:44 PM

UPDATE: Campaigns Offer Rides To Polls On Tuesday In Light Of Gas Shortage

joe hampton don't forget the NYPOST" Nov 5, 12 5:01 PM

sorry made in error" Nov 5, 12 5:04 PM

UPDATE: Town Encourages Sandbags, Will Revive Beach Rebuild Plans

they (?) haved been puliling sand out ot Sagg Pond for at least two days heavy cranes and large bullldozers. Today I witnessed several (4) large OFF ROAD vehicles coming west from maybe(?) Gibson beach to the very large sand piles just west of Sagg Main to refill the trucks. Is this OUR sand going to fix private beach homes? Sunday Billy Joel was creating his own duneswith MAJOR amounts of sand being brought in by private trucks. So where is this sand someone is taking from Sagg Pond going? If it is taxpayers sand who is paying for it? Is this another Freddy selling off sand for reallly no money for the taxpayers and very good. Go down to Sagg Main and watch the off road vehicles. go down the beach as I have for the past 2 days and see where the sand is dropped and by the way stop at and watch the bulldozers and heavy cranes scoop the sand from Sagg Pond for this beach instant dune work." Nov 6, 12 8:48 PM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Man Dies In Thursday Morning Crash On Icy Road In Hampton Bays

condolences to his family as well as the whole Shinnecock Tribe. " Nov 8, 12 4:43 PM

Southampton Town Hires Two More Cops, Sacks Planner And Grants Coordinator In Final Budget

Did I read correctly? PD at 53K and 39K in benefits?? TC at 42K and 21K in benefits? Where do I apply and whose a do I have to Kiss?" Nov 25, 12 4:42 PM

Did I read correctly? PD at 53K and 39K in benefits?? TC at 42K and 21K in benefits? Where do I apply and whose a do I have to Kiss?" Nov 25, 12 4:44 PM

Also is this the best time to get rid of a grant writer when there will be plenty of Fed $ and state $ for the takiing? Don't know if the current grant writer is any good but a GOOD grant writer should be bringing in mucho bucks for the town." Nov 25, 12 4:46 PM

Southampton High School Junior Takes His Own Life On Monday Night

prayers and thoughts out to the family. It is indeed tragic when someone takes his or her own life. Pray for this young man." Nov 27, 12 5:00 PM

Westhampton Beach Fire District Aims To Move Forward With New Firehouse

sandpebble where I have that name before? East Hampton school maybe?" Dec 5, 12 5:26 PM

Southampton Town: Hundreds Of Storm-Damaged Vehicles Are Being Illegally Stored In Speonk

maybe don't buy a used car from NYS for a few years!!!!!" Dec 5, 12 5:28 PM

'Queen of 114' Quits Job At Harbor Heights After Nearly 30 Years

why is this news? a person quits her job because her son was fired due to several bad decisions to enter property not his and was then fired? To bad this came bqack to hit her in her face?!" Dec 6, 12 7:26 PM

Guilty Verdict In Federal Case Against Brother Of Fugitive Wanted For Nun Hit-And-Run

patience is not a strong suit to some of our voicers and why not! some things need to be vented on and this case is one. patience is a virtue not a single one of us wants to retain it in this case. the PD screwed up and we are no further into catching this guy than we were months ago. PD needs to hold some responsibility for this case going into the sewer. Perhaps if the name was given earlier there was a change he would have raised a flag at an airport, etc. but NO. Just a thought." Dec 19, 12 5:40 PM

Sandy Hook Tragedy Is Felt At East End Schools

How is it that schools must put students into college so they can come out 4 or more years later with MAJOR 6 figure debt and not a hope for a job prospect? can this economy support these students? Of course not. My option and only mine is that kids need to go to school to gain functional jobs, ie. nurisng, dental hygentist, home heath aids, etc. all jobs needed in every community. These kids going for "liberal arts" etc. are wasting their money as these courses will have no bearing on a future job. Perhaps the guidance people in our local school districts should focus on getting theser kids into an education program where they can find real jobs instead of "teaching to the test" for college admission. Our kids need real jobs to pay off these college loans and need to have a supportive system to assure them jobs. Image a 26 year old just out of coollege with major 6 figure loans to pay off, no job in sight and now being eliminated from the family health insurance plan due to his age. How much hope is there? we need to do better for our children. The American Dream we all had 30 and 40 years ago is no longer, ie., get married, buy a house, have children and start a college fund. What would a college fund take to fund these days? I am only speaking for most graduates. I know there are many special gifted students who can go a long way but these students are not the normal student. I would like all kids to have a great life after high school but it is not easy. Rember the world needs brickbuilders, too>
hope not to offfend anyone just my opinion" Dec 29, 12 6:04 PM

Gregor Hauls Away Trash Cans From County And State Roads

cpk is corrrect. I walk my dog twice a day at the beach in Bridgehampton and there is always poop on the beach that no one ever picks up. I have seen several people who are regulars burying their dog's business ( and very large dogs they are) and welking away without a thought. Also on any given day especially in the summer it is the norm to see cars pull up and put garbage into the trash cansand believe it or not some are local!!! Also go to Long Beach and every can is overfull and bags set along side of the full containers. Especially on a Sunday afternoon the amount of garbage persons is unbelievable!!!!! So we cannot put blame where it should not be. Turn in your friends and neighbors who use the public facilities for their personal garabage use. I know I have and was told that the so called police didn't see it so can't do anything. Bull. we are all responsible for keeping our towns, villages and beaches, etc. clean. Let's all pitch in and pitch it in!!!" Jan 4, 13 7:09 PM

PS I carry a KK bag with me and pick up plenty of garbage almost every day. Would hope others would, no, could do this as well" Jan 4, 13 7:12 PM

happened to be in Hampton Bays today and was stopped for a light across from a bus bench. 2 men were eating and then throwing their garbage on the ground of which many had done before. please can we STOP the litter? Can't the town county state etc. agree on garbage cans?? how petty can the politicians be (stupid question). Let's stop the litter now. " Jan 8, 13 7:52 PM

Gregor Hauls Away Trash Cans From County And State Roads

cpk dog poop on the beaches is a serious problem and needs to be looked at from a more sanitary point. I'm sure you would understand why if your children or grandchildren went to the beach, dug their little toes and fingers in the pristine sand and came up with poop laden toes and fingers. Seen it happen dozens of times. Time for pet owners to come up to the plate.

to GB I too go out of my way to ask people to pick up after themselves and have even given poop bags to owners (of course loudly so all can hear) to help with the mess. You are correrct in that the slobs should be responsible for the mess left behind." Jan 10, 13 3:42 PM

East Hampton Supervisor's Secretary Quits Her Job

in this fiscal climate who would give up that amount of salary and benefits on no notice? Surely something is rotten in denmark (EH)." Jan 14, 13 6:23 PM

Tuckahoe And Southampton Identify Key Questions For Merger Study, Seek Volunteers For Panel

since Bob Grisnik, spokesperson for all southampton, has been on the board for over 20 years why is he not answering the questions regarding prior superintendents, comptrollers, union contracts, building contracts, tuition contracts, etc. seems to have no voice these days" Jan 16, 13 4:45 PM

UPDATE: Sears To Remain In Custody, Orders Of Protection To Be Requested For Children

once a sicko always a sicko! angel wings? sicko!! how long as this been going on with this pervert?? seems everyone knew but nothing done. I say we strip the angel wings and put him where he belongs, in prision where he will earn his "angel wings"" Jan 27, 13 7:18 PM

Residents To Vote Today On $25 Million Beach Rebuilding Proposal

since we have south high winds 25-35 mph coming in tonight with gusts up to 60 mph there probably won't be a beach tomorrow and all that VERY expensive sand being trucked for many weeks will be gone. OK with the oceanfront owners rebuilding the dunes and protecting the investment but we must be sure that down the road the owners don't claim to own the beach." Jan 30, 13 4:01 PM

walk the beach every day. have not be able at high tide to go around the private tennis club off Midocean nor able to go around the tide at a house on surfside that sticks way out and has serious problems. can't see that adding sand will stop mother nature or the ocean. look back to the late 60's early 70's and you will find that several houses on surfside dr in BH went into the ocean. since then the beach grew very big and more houses went up but as usual mother nature will be back" Jan 30, 13 7:46 PM

Schneiderman To Address Sex Offender Trailers Wednesday Night In Riverhead

nor did Fred (assembly) ever not make love to a microphone!!! the politicians must be taken to task soon or we are over." Jan 30, 13 7:48 PM

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