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Absentee Ballots Cause Confusion In Upcoming East Quogue School Vote

THe East Quogue School has 4 sections of kindergarten not 5. In addition, the average kindergarten class size is 18, not 14. New kindergarten students are continuing to enroll. For example, a new student just enrolled this past Wednesday. " Jan 30, 12 10:10 AM

East Quogue Elementary Students Raise Money, Collect Food

Congratulations to all for a job well done. Here is another fine example of the school community coming together to make a difference in the lives of others." Feb 7, 12 4:07 PM

East Quogue Land Referendum Set For February 28

I'm still not sure why the issue of capacity is a topic. As has been stated, there is no such thing as "educational capacity". If a school district wanted to squeeze 50 students into a room, it is the locally elected Board of Education's decision to do so. For those continuing to try and create a story out of nothing, you are searching for an answer that doesn't exist. There are occupancy numbers in the gymnasium and cafetorium. That's it! The District receives aid based upon building units and instructional space. There is no such thing as educational capacity. Research will show the importance of class size and student achievement. I don't know of many successful programs where the objective was to fill a room to "capacity" for educational purposes. Every room in the building is in use. Compare the District's class sizes with our neighbors in Westhampton Beach, Quogue and Remsenberg. I think you will find strking similarities and in most cases, class sizes being larger in EQ. Over the past decade the District has already lost the Community Room, administrative office space and a Science Lab to accomodate instructional needs. That is the purpose of a school...to educate. " Feb 22, 12 12:58 PM

East Quogue Residents Vote In Favor Of Purchasing Property Adjacent To Elementary School

It's nice to see that the vote reflected the true feeling of the community. Unfortunately, there was quite a bit of mean spirited, malicious, unsettling and disrespectful behavior directed towards the District throughout this process. I think the school did a great job of listening to the valid points community members made while skillfully handling the outlandish claims made against them. Tonight's result typifies the term, "Winning with class." Proud of the EQ Community for once again working together when an important decision needs to be made. " Feb 28, 12 11:18 PM

State Aid Increases For Schools, Not Enough For Some Districts

There you are Crusader. We were worried about you. Maybe you were busy suing the Town of Brookhaven again for anti-discriminatory practices? Why don't you check with the Governor's Office about those hefty rebate checks. There are no specifics.You'll be lucky if the rebate check is enough to fill up your gas tank. That's just another political shell game he is playing. I am sure we can expect rounds of negative, anti -East Quogue School posts on your part for the next few months. You have such anger against that wonderful little school. We all know what caused you to turn your anger and attention against that beautiful little school. It was a personal reason that you instigated that had nothing to do with budgets or taxes!!! We know that by responding to you that it fuels your nastiness. What the heck, you are going to do it anyway. How about this.....you are obviously a bright person. Why don't you offer to come read a storybook to the children instead of spreading your derogatory rants. Tighten belts...are you serious? You are well aware of the belt tightening that has gone on at the school over the last three years. It's been painful. Programs, services, over 20 faculty and staff cuts, salary concessions,materials, supplies, transportation..the list goes on. Crusader, when you use words like shameful, please do some self reflecting. Perhaps you are projecting your own behaviors on others. Your obvious lack of understanding about State Aid is evident. The Board of Education in EQ includes some of the most sincere, fairest, hard working, educated, civic minded people that community has to offer. Shameful they are not. The only thing the EQ communtiy stands to lose at this point, if people like you get their wish, is the quality education the school has been providing for years. Welcome Back Crusader. " Apr 3, 14 1:50 PM

East Quogue School Board Intends To Try To Pierce Cap Again With Budget Proposal

Crusader, I ask you to consider this. Please investigate the suffocating tuition costs that Wetshampton Beach School District puts upon the East Quogue School District. This is the primary reason the school is being choked out and causing our residents without children in the school to misunderstand the situation. The problem is not the school board or superintendent. They are dealing with a situation that is impossible to control. Work with the District, not against it. People like you can help expose the real reasons the EQ district is under fiscal distress. Mr. Black stated last night that over 11 million dollars is headed over to WHB. That seems criminal. They are staying under the cap on the backs of the EQ taxpayer. Work with them to fight this Crusader. Be proud of the community that you have lived in for years. The people that work in that school are among the most child centered you 'll ever meet. Bury the hatchet with them and work against the real issues. I know East Quogue has a long standing partnership with WHB. 20,000 per year.....that is the real problem. Legislation is underway to stop this highway robbery. Join them Crusader. By the way, the offer still stands to come read a story to the children....you didn't touch that one. You talked about non-essential employees. Didn't see you at the Budget Workshop last night. I know those in attendance didn't feel uncomfortable. Even those that disagreed with the Board's decision appreciated the format. Great points were made! Maybe in future posts we can work with you to expose unfounded mandates too. Final thought Crusader....If enough pressure is put on WHB, maybe they can help EQ get under the cap just like they are!! Only two weeks until the budget is adopted....help apply pressure..." Apr 9, 14 10:16 PM

Final numbers weren't given because the District is working up until the final moments to secure additional funding from the state and and exhaust all available forms of revenue. If you read the above article, that is clear. They are not trying to sell an unfinished bill of goods. Again, if the District could help educate you, you'd be an important ally. It looks as if you have common ground with the District on ObamaCare too. That is another unbelievable cost headed the District's way in the next twelve months. Consider working to protect your hamlet's interests, not supporting ways that will cause your real estate values to plummet. Come read a story to the kids Crusader, you'll be hooked. EQ School is not the enemy. The children are a source of pride and hope for the future....please stop working against them." Apr 9, 14 10:44 PM

Couple Donates $50K To East Quogue Elementary Science Program

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Crowe. Your generosity is overwhelming. Thank you for opening doors for the students. We will make you proud! What is not mentioned in the article is that the donationwill also be funding scholarships to high school seniors who graduate from the East Quogue School, excel in the area of science and choose science a a course of study in college. They are providing for after school club opportunities for elementary students as well. The expectation is that this program will be unique and unlike what any other elementary school is doing! Mr. and Mrs. Crowe's kindness is beyond words. Thank you for changing lives!" Sep 2, 14 8:02 PM