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Hamptons Party Scene Found Dead, Locals Want Answers

Why should the town buy up these properties and remove them from the tax roles? Did the politicians have bad experiences there and this is there revenge at the expense of the tax payers? " Dec 4, 14 12:21 AM

Southampton Village Says Citarella Bags Do Not Violate Plastic Bag Ban

If SAVE wants to make difference, do something to provide for the collection and cashing in on deposit containers. The deposit is seamlessly collected, but you have to jump thru hoops to get your money back. I used to give them to collector at the transfer station, the our all knowing town leaders ruled he was taking town property. The town makes no effort to remove the containers from waste stream. They lose on both ends. No redemption fees collected and added costs to transport more waste. The only benefit is a few people feel good because their ideas are applied to a larger population. Conservation and recycling make sense, but let's us common sense to save cents." Dec 19, 14 12:39 PM

UPDATE: Services Set For Hampton Bays Paramedic Ralph Oswald

Thank you for your service. Rest in Peace." Feb 9, 15 7:31 PM

DOT Almost Finished Installing Turnaround Lanes On Sunrise Highway

The last time I saw was on the LIE. It soon ripped for HOV lane causing more construction delays for more years." Sep 16, 15 8:22 PM

The last time I saw was on the LIE. It soon ripped for HOV lane causing more construction delays for more years." Sep 16, 15 8:22 PM

UPDATE: Over $18,000 Raised For Photographer Who Lost Equipment In Water Mill House Fire

Thanks to the volunteers. You are appericated and respected for your community service." Mar 3, 16 11:53 PM

Press News Group Files Lawsuit Against Southampton School District Seeking Details Of Former Superintendent's Departure

Why not find out what the board keeps putting administrators on the bench at full salary. It goes back many years." Aug 29, 16 11:35 PM

Former Military Sites In Montauk And Westhampton Might Contain Hazardous Waste

What about Fort Tyler? The sea button in reported to be littered with uxo." Apr 9, 17 11:00 PM

One Kings Lane To Open In Former Rogers Memorial Library Building In Southampton

We need more year round stores that provide full time employment for local people." Apr 21, 17 12:38 AM

We need more year round stores that provide full time employment for local people." Apr 21, 17 12:39 AM

We need more year round stores that provide full time employment for local people." Apr 21, 17 12:39 AM

Southampton High School Hatchery Management Class Makes First Fish Sale

How much did it really cost to grow the fish and how many students benefited from the experience. What else do the adults do in the course of their employment? Other positions have been eliminated that reach out to more students than a few." Jul 8, 17 3:21 PM

Southampton Nonprofit To Sponsor Upcoming Bridgehampton Carnival

As a member of several civic groups that sponsor carnivals, I'm disappointed the we are now in competition with a Town of Southampton agency. This is major source of income if it doesn't rain. There are only so many dollars available to spend by families on entertainment and only so many weekends available to run events. They have also carved out two weekends in our prime time. I'm sure with all of their contacts, they could have a different vehicle such as a cocktail party to generate income to supplement their grants and other allocations available to them that the local civic groups do have access to." Jul 11, 17 1:50 PM

Preparations Already Are Under Way For 2018 U.S. Open Championship At Shinnecock Hills

Most of the parfking fields of the past now sport houses. New kind of crop for the farmers. " Sep 15, 17 10:57 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Presents Proposed $99 Million Budget For 2018

Increase the net worth of the town by raising the individual property assessment and lowering a tax rate. Doesn't that seem like a flimflam? All the tax payers see is a tax decrease, but the total evaluation of your property goes up meaning we raised the amount of money you pay, but we have a mini discount for you so you will not pay as much ,but thete is good chance your taxes will go up. Where does the increase amount needed come from? Increased tax payments for sure!!" Sep 29, 17 1:06 AM

Southampton Town's 'Close The Loop' Program Is Paying Dividends

Those total seem to be awfully light. The container must hold 1000's of pounds. I've must have dropped off 100's of pounds of old electronic equipment." Nov 12, 17 11:24 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Set Their Sights On A Separate Tax Line

Do you think the Town will lower their total of collected taxes to give the money to the trustees or give them the tax line and just spend the money to keep the total collected the same, but we pay more because the trustees are their own taxing authority and the tax payers end up paying more and getting less." Nov 16, 17 9:17 PM

Southampton Town Buys Part Of Tuckahoe Center Property With CPF

Just what we need, more land off the tax rolls. Tuckahoe can't afford to lose more tax paying property. 4 golf courses and Stony Brook. How about PILOTS to ease the burden on the tax payers?" Nov 16, 17 9:23 PM

UPDATE: Southampton School Board Approves Settlement With Denise Merchant

Another administrator bites the dust and sis on the bench. How many is this now? Who was the first....Dan Burns? How many since?" Jan 10, 18 12:27 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman Eyes Run For Suffolk County Comptroller

What are your qualifications for the job other than a professional politican? " Feb 12, 18 10:34 PM

Southampton Town Moving Toward Lobster Inn Purchase

How much land can the Tuckhoe School District afford to be taken off the tax roles? Ask the residences of Flanders. How much of the area is owned by the Town, Suffolk Co.and New York State? Now much in taxes was lost?" Apr 3, 18 11:37 PM