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Elected officials hold press conference to outline goals of new immigration coalition

The no amnesty, no mercy, no reprieve gang pretend they are disturbed by floutiung our laws and not against immigrants, only the "illegals" here, whom they assure us are being exploited, They are not against brown people they claim, but it is indisputable that for decades there was no animus against Irish immigrants by angry screechers.. You would think that this loud gang would welcome making immigrants not in status a path to legal residence to fight their passion against the "illegals." Let's not be deterred by the loud naysayers; our community can come together in welcoming immigrants to apply for residency without penalty, because they have certainly earned it.
--mo" Mar 12, 09 10:55 AM

The no amnesty, no mercy, no reprieve gang pretend they are disturbed by floutiung our laws and not against immigrants, only the "illegals" here, whom they assure us are being exploited, They are not against brown people they claim, but it is indisputable that for decades there was no animus against Irish immigrants by angry screechers.. You would think that this loud gang would welcome making immigrants not in status a path to legal residence to fight their passion against the "illegals." Let's not be deterred by the loud naysayers; our community can come together in welcoming immigrants to apply for residency without penalty, because they have certainly earned it.
--mo" Mar 12, 09 5:43 PM

GOP passes over Kabot; nominates Conservative Party chair

you don't think the deputy County Clerk is not a patronage job? of course it is. when was the last time you heard of any announcement that the job was open for competitive application? if you think he is such a hard worker, give him a ring in a couple of weeks, morning noon or afternoon and see if he is there; you will be asked to leave yr name & phone #.
Look who is the Suffolk Co Clerk, a political hack with close ties to the conservati party.
will he now register as a Re publican? who cares, really? he is a conservative party hack, a little to the right of Tom Delay. Heany will do anything to screw Kabot. Anna is looking awfully good. better. best!" May 23, 09 1:00 AM

Howard Dean stumps for national health care in East Hampton

real world should try breathing oxygen on planet earth. Administrative costs for both Medicare and Medicaide are significantly lower than private insurance compainies. Tthe VA and its government run nework of hospitals are very efficient. government runs drug testing at much lower rate than pharma compaineis, though I think we should start privatizing national defense so companies c ould make an even bigger profit & shareholders could take a cut. we could even let a cartel of oil companies buy the Pentagon. wait a minute they already have. do you think the oil cartels run a meaner leaner tighted U.
s. Armed Forces? What is yr proof." Aug 17, 09 2:05 PM

East Hampton residents rally for health care reform

Health care is a right, not an option for only those who can afford it. Our nation has long ago made that same decision about fire protection. It is selfish to the extreme, amoral and anti-democratic to perpetuate this right wing barbarity that health is only guaranteed for individual wealth. The USA should join the rest of the civilized world in providing government mandated health services. The USA is the only industrialized nation that has a system as wasteful and as expensive as ours, now rund by bureaucrats in the insurance, HMO and pharmacy companies. Medicare is much more effecient and with much less administrative cost than private insurance companies and other health care corporations. Call it socialist is you like, Ireland and the Vatican State must be socialist then as they have public health system administered by the government." Sep 16, 09 11:46 AM

Report says anti-immigrant atmosphere in Suffolk County fuels violence

ms. ruby

Another slanted innacuracy:
"Mr. Dombrowski was at first charged with a felony assault for a hate crime, but the case was later dismissed because prosecutors concluded that the assault did not cause serious enough injuries to warrant a felony prosecution."

In other words: Mr. Ochoas injuries did not match up with what he claimed had happened, but instead more closely matched Dombrowskis claim, that Ochoa was trying to hurl a large rock and Mark disarmed him. Much like me going to the police claiming someone chopped my arm off, but my arm was still attached just fine. --rubyred

1/2 of this accurate. The ADA did drop the hate crime charges after Mr. Dumbrowski went to the Suffolk County Anti-Hate Class run by Steven Moss for the courts. He did this voluntarily to show the court he was sorry and trying to makie amends. This is the sentence usually imposed by the judge on juveniles caught defacing a school war with a racial or sexual slur or some similiar stupidity. Relatively minor, except for the hate crime.
Dumbrowski pleaded nolo contenderi, meaning he didn't deny the assault and expressed his apology in court.
2 facts: the unprovoked attack on Mr. Ochoa was witnessed by 12 members of his church choir where Ochoa was going to join the practice. He was tackled from behind, seen clearly by 4 adults standing on an outside 2nd fl balcony. It was seen by 6 others who were standing on the porch and several from the large window from inside. They testified to what they saw and how they went out and physically pulled Dumbrowski (6'2") 240lbs) off Ochoa (5'4" 120lbs) The witnesses of the St. Theresa choir were never asked to testify by the ADA or even interview them.
When the police arrived, Dumbrowski had driven off. The police got his license # from the witnesses who wrote it down. When the police went to his house to question him, the police said he was very hostile and uncooperative. That evening he fled the country.
Ochoa had a split lip and bruising over his upper shoulder where witnesses said Dumbrowski was kicking him while screaming racist slurs. The ADA 4 months after the events dropped the hate crime charges, misinterpreting the NY State law that nowhere states a victime must be stabbed or have broken bones or any other degree of injury. In fact, the mere threat of injury is a hate crime if the aggressor uses racist or sexist while threatening his target.
The ADA did not know the law and Dumbrowski got a ACOD, meaning he would not serve any jail time for his assault if he kept his nose clean for a year, which he did.
The written police report cited observable broken lip that was bleeding, bruising and a very upset, nervous Ochoa, according to newspaper account. Ochoa did not "claim any injury that wasn't there, that proved he picked up a rock to hurl at Dumbrowski," Mrs. Ruby. How could he, when he was tackled from behind walking up the driveway? Ochoa said he did not sleep for several days and when he went to the doctor, thinking he might have a broken rib, the dr gave him 2 aspirin and told him to come back after a week if it was still bothering him.
Your other posts show a high degree of ignorance and irrational hate, marked by lies and disinformation. You should take a chill pill." Sep 16, 09 11:41 PM

Health care reform march held in Sag Harbor

Stupid is as stupid writes. If you think your inanities are clever retorts, you should go kiss yourself in the mirror. You are truly representative of most of the people unhinged by having a black president, who can not explain their opposition to the health care public option, except by rote cliches they receive from shock jocks. I challenge you to be intellectually honest and read the 2 articles recommended to you. If you can be honest." Sep 16, 09 11:58 PM

East Hampton residents rally for health care reform

you're totally out of your league here, if you can only answer with stupidities. Volunteer is not a for-profit enterprise no matter how you cut it. In most communities in the U.S. they have fire department like NY's, municipley run, not volunteer as you state.
Of course cost of care is a vital part of reforming our system that is as broken as our immigration system and a lot more lethal. 22,000 people die needlessly in U.S. for lack of coverage. Not have universal coverage is more lethal than diabetes, a huge problem. Cost of caring for the uninsured is very high. That is partially why the USA is doing so badly compared to most industrialized nations. It's as shameful as it is immoral. Where are yr family values?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVgOl3cETb4 " Sep 17, 09 12:17 AM

Report says anti-immigrant atmosphere in Suffolk County fuels violence

alwayslocal & darwin:
many immigrant groups had a variety of assistance from affinity groups that often still exist today for the same purpose
the settlement houses in large cities & the AJC assisted Jews with language classes, housing, medical care, etc.
Knights of Columbus did same for Italian folks
Holy Name Society & Hiberians for the Irish
& I could go on. But yr point is baffling. If every imnmigrant group had to go through abuse, hate crime, racism why would you hold that out as a desireable or necessary path to assimilation? Do you really believe Italian, Polish and Irish immigrants today are subject to the same kind of disdain and contempt as are immigrants of color?

under our Constitution, people are not permitted to vote for or against the inalienable rights of which they are endowed by their creator. as much as you might oppose rights of others, you have no right to a referendum on people's status or equality." Sep 19, 09 11:33 AM

Ms Ruby,
Your presentation of facts concerning the Dombroski case are incorrect. The injuries sustained were noted by the officers in their report. Secondly, those injuries were confirmed by the doctor who Mr. Ochoa went to 3 days after the event.
It is a red herring in any event, because there is no test of severity of physical injury in the NY State statutes on hate crime. I will repeat for you to allow it to sink in, even threatening a person is against the law and accompanied with racial or sexual slurs adds a hate crime to the offense, without causing any physical injury. The ADA has the power to drop charges even if they are justified. If the DA's office is ignorant or lax in enforcing the law, there can be little wonder and applicable, which is partiallhy why the vast majority of people refuse to report hate crime.

" Sep 19, 09 11:49 AM

What do you mean when Italians immigrated here decades ago they earned the right to stay because they didn't send money home, learned to speak English, did not commit crime, worked hard & didn't take welfare? Are you that woefully ignorant of Italian immigrant experience. In many Italian neighborhoods Italian was spoken. A friends grandmother who came here as an adult spoke only Italian her entire life, but had no trouble because in her neighborhood so did most people. Today's immigrants do not live off welfare. That is entirely untrue & part of the justification of the hatred that is made up. Latino immigrants have a low rate of crime, which is unusual because it is a young population of single males, which account for the lion's share of crime. Crime of mafia is part of the Italian lore and was one reason often cited why they were hated. Decades back? Are you kidding? Italians are the 2nd largest immigrant group, authorized and unauthorized, today. You really should go back and read about the history of the Italian diaspora, see Richard Gambino's book. Their radical politics and strong labor organizing were very crucial in strengthening unions." Sep 19, 09 12:12 PM

double standard & alwayslocal,
about paying taxes: this is an other area of deep ignorance. Taxes must be taken out by the employer, it is against the law if he does not. You cannot blame immigrants for not paying FICA taxes. Most do pay income taxes & sales taxes, property taxes and gov fees. The money paid into Social Security "rainy day fund" is not just a few billion with a b dollars, but try 500 billion, a 1/2 trillion
not the 150 million stated by ?.
Without the money put in by people with wrong SS #, almost all immigrants out of status, SS would tank. They will never see one red penny of their contributions. They sustain SS, and will play an increasingly vital role in supporting baby boomers as the population ages.

“Undocumented Immigrants as Taxpayers,” (November 2007), http://www.ailf.org/ipc/factchecks/UndocumentedasTaxpayer.pdf;

“ Illegal Immigrants are Bolstering Social Security with Billions,” New York Times, (April 5, 2005),

your figures about expenditures paid by taxpayers to immigrants out of status and in status is entirely made up. They are net contributors to our LI economy taking in consideration all costs for medical expense, justice system, jail, incarceration, schools. I direct you to http://www.longislandwins.com/pdfs/ImmigrantIJournal.pdf
if you would like to be informed what those contributions are. I would like you to list the sources of yr fabricated numbers quoted.

" Sep 19, 09 12:28 PM

after reading comments it is difficult to look up who said what to go back to quote in order to pinpoint the rebuttal one is trying to make. Can't comments be made directly on comments so the thread is more manageable and make easier reading? thanks" Sep 19, 09 12:33 PM

Tim Bishop pushes the House to pass college aid bill

This bill once again expands government at the expense of private industry. The bill promotes "direct " lending, ending the role of local banks in the administration of student loans. That means that the Federal Government bureaucracy will take over

Yeah! Why should the banks be the middlemen, guaranteed by government to have loans repaid and debtors pursued by U.S. gov. No risk loans, subsidized by the gov.
Ridiculous bank welfare. Banks should have been taken off this gov tit long ago, making a fortune off tax payer subsidized guaranteed profit. Why not have the bankers stay home and send the checks to their accounts/ It makes about as much sense.
Does Bloumenthal think the students and the taxpayers are fools to want a better deal? What arrogance that banks should bellyache their free ride is being taken away. This corporate greed run amok. It's way too bad the Repubs can't defeat these Dems who are putting an end to this gravy train. It sure seemed like big gov checks were ok when they were being sent to the banks, eh? Big gov is quite ok when subsidizing profits. It is to laugh. --mo
What frauds, what hypocrits." Sep 20, 09 1:53 AM

Report says anti-immigrant atmosphere in Suffolk County fuels violence

ha, ha.
what criminals do you know come into your home and clean it, watch your children, bathe your dog, cook your meals, cut your grass, paint your house?
Immigrants do not put a heavy burden on our services, they are net contributors to our economy. do you know that 60% of doctors in NY hospitals are immigrant? immigrants pay taxes bub, lots of them, and will never see a return on them for their own retirement or ever qualify for Medicare after giving all their muscle, sweat, blood & yes tears to help build this country. you should call IRS and report all these people whom you claim are not sending in money on the witholding they pocket. How are you being ripped off, when the economy survives because of the menial labor done that you refuse to do. I am sure you are one of those pious frauds who thinks he is ever so legal as you drive down & up the LIE never going over the 55mph limit. What a poseur!" Sep 24, 09 4:35 AM

Zwirn takes leave of absence for campaign

Veritas has this right. Why should Beverly Hills Bill object to his opponent taking a proper leave of absence? Now I'm not sure if I can trust this guy. Where's his judgement? Is he serious he wants us to trust his decision-making? " Sep 27, 09 12:35 AM

you would think someone who pats himself on the back for being a "board watcher" would learn how to read. The article explains clearly that he has accrued the vacation time and sick days to use up for most of the 6 wks left. I wish Miss Young would find out why Mrs. Campolo, who recently moved into East Hampton, is so obsessed with dissing Wiley Wilkerson's lack of experience and understanding municipal budgets." Sep 27, 09 12:48 AM

and truthunbonac, who works for the Campolos, is mighty clever" Sep 27, 09 12:53 AM

The facts are Zwirn took a proper leave of absence. Do you propose then, following the logic of your complaint and whining implication, that all workers in companies, organizations, institutions have sick days taken away and not given vacations? How about ending the 8 hrs work day? Overtime? How Republican can one be?
Why don't you write to Skip Heaney and suggest he quit until after the elections, so you don't have to pay a second salary. I feel for you." Sep 29, 09 10:20 PM

East Hampton GOP announces financial action plan

You're gratified? What a bunch of lofty hot air. If you reread yr comment it should make you shudder with the pompous & bereft of any meaning. Unless yr clever last phrase means you want to ridicule Fred Thiele because he is not the automation apparatchik East End Repubs like. --mo" Oct 1, 09 3:23 AM

Zwirn has already shown him the door, prepare for more of yr shock treatment, razza" Oct 1, 09 3:26 AM

what blathering pretentiousness, "within the situation East Hampton finds itself..." " Oct 1, 09 3:30 AM

Phu..leeze Louise. How many guys would you hire to stand guard over the home recycle bay? It's had no employee standing there for several years. It only takes one guy in his loader to clear it out on Sunday closing. Garypie is out of his league as supervisor of the dump." Oct 1, 09 3:39 AM

McGintee resigns as East Hampton supervisor

god, are you clever Razza! We still miught have justice and put Cheney/Bush on trial. " Oct 6, 09 2:57 AM

Throne-Holst is sworn in as 78th Southampton Town supervisor

And Anna,
your father would have been beaming in pride seeing you surpass his formidable achievements and reach beyond his sphere of influence to hold significant political power to represent those least heard, those least served and esp those in our town uninvited and dispised.

You will lead our community well with all the goodwill that surrounds and follows you. Those of the surrounding towns will have much to do seeing your example of committment to all residents, with many, noting the astonishing breath of support you have, watching from farther off . It seems obvious to one observer that perhaps your father's most lasting and greatest achievement will be those values he instilled bear fruit beyond his wide sphere of exemplar social concern. Congrats & much love. --mo" Jan 2, 10 2:27 AM

Demonstrators rally on May Day at Hook Mill for immigration reform

yeah, how can people have the nerve to say that racial profiling is profoundly unfair and obviously unconstitutional.
People out of status with CIS (immig. dept) by their well recognized hard work have been the wings under our economy during the past decade and a half and have kept the Great Recession from being a great depression. They have earned many times over the right to find a path to residency.
You can bet that the hypocrites who show off their exquisite allergy to illegality do not want to see the undocumented presented with a path to what the screechers would call "legal." Oh no, it is not the legal to which they are bidden, but the misconceptions concerning the immigrants to which they seem wedded, coupled with a good ole American distrust of the foreign, the Catholic, the non-English speaking, the dark skinned." May 6, 10 12:00 AM

It is the very best foreign aid that is possible. Person to person. U.S. foreign aid could only wish to be so effective as the hard working souls sending money home. It doesn't go to a bureaucratic agency with high administrative costs. It doesn't go into pockets of politicians. It doesn't go into the myriad ways that money corrupts. It goes to a person;s family, a grandmother in need of medicine, to a daughter who can pay for school supplies, to a brother who can buy fertilizer for the corn, to an aunt whose husband died & has 4 kids. etc.
All immigrants send their hard earned money home to their loved ones, stupid. THAT WHY THEY CAME HERE! That;s why they can put up with the astounding lack of respect, the contempt, the disdain, the hate and the violence: they need to help those they love and call family. Remittances are the very best, the very finest, the most effective foreign aid Uncle Sam could hope for.
As for looking at Marcelo Lucero, there is the ugly suspicion he would not have been murdered if he were here without being out of status with CIS. I suppose it might confirm your sense of being such a superior legal being if were not born from a poor woman named Maria who loved him; he would not have murdered if he didn't sent home money so his mother could have a house with running water. Yeah, and he would not have been killed if were not a Latino, but had the enormous skill to be just like you, a law abiding citizen, a decent white man." May 9, 10 3:29 AM

Tea Party Meet the Candidates Night

It says whatever is the quality of Henry Ried, he is much preferable to his dim teapartier opponent or any other. --mo" Aug 12, 10 11:18 PM

yeah, they're incorrigable followers of Bush W, no matter their denial, who cut taxes while starting two warss just to make certain the richeest 2% should be exempt from it costs. O what a work of art are the teabaggers, ready to lower taxes while we're having record deficits to try to jumpstart our economic downturn that is the final legacy of Bush & the corporate puppets we call Republicans. We all know the Teaparty is the secular fundamentalists of the GOP.

Are you going to take care of yourself after a stroke, when you are unconscious after a car wreck, after you've contacted a life-threatening virus? Yeah, really smart neocons do, who pose as anarchists, railing against our government, except when they are slavishly following government diktats to invade foreign countries." Aug 12, 10 11:38 PM

LMAO. . . these flag waving partriots who suddendly champion dissent, except when dissent goes against military adventurism or denies human rights to incarcerated prisoners. How wonderful we have these champions of our loved Constitution who hate our 14th Admendment. What two-faced hypocrites." Aug 12, 10 11:46 PM

you can't have it both ways. You state you are concerned about the teabaggers hypocrisy and then go to make feeble derision about prayer in public schools. Do you then think schools, public esp., should allow 3 prayer meetings a day for Moslem students to bow to Mecca on the prayer rugs kept in their backpacks? Should Hindi students be allowed then to keep little shrines to light candles to Shiva? Should Satanists be allowed to offer hommage to Satan? Should religious beliefs of any religion be encouraged to perform their rituals, their prayers? Or only Xtians (christians of any stripe?) You don't know understand one thing about hypocritical stances.
Gun safety is flawed only to idiot gun fetishists with their don't tread on me emblems who care not a whit if crazy or criminal people are allowed easy access to guns. Bullets could be easily coded to be able to track their distribution, sale or stolen, but gun fetishists belive that would compromise their rights, while bodies lie all about them.
The healthcare bill is a simple step towards fairness and even less progressive than Nixon's proposal. The Republican response to his very modest healthcare reform is what has been disastrous. Do you notr care that under previous regs & rules 47 million Americans had no health coverage? 27,000 people a year died from lack of healt care access? Are you numb or brain dead? Republicans like yourself who are complaining about reform today didn't utter a peep during the yearly rise isngovernment spending on health care under. In fact, they helped the process along by voting for the Medicare prescription drug benefit in 2003. Why? Because even the Repubs could not deny that the privaTe sector had a terrible record of keeping health care costs down. You ought to check your fact before uttering another Republican mantra." Aug 13, 10 12:22 AM

you're cracked by being packaged by the teaparty. You certainly are not a liberal, even if you wish to present yourself as a liar. you hate the U.S. Government and should move to Somal;ia or the Northern tribal lands of Afghanistan where ther is no government authority to tax you or make rules about gun safety or care safety or drug safety. you can then live in your free teabagger anarchist world and not be taken over by any government and could take care of yourself, all by yourself, beholden to no one but the Palin/Bachmann warlords." Aug 13, 10 12:33 AM

because they are rank hypocretins. arrogant, aggressive and trying to destroy our democracy with idioitc ravings without fact or even the decency to admit it like Terry who says. . . what, me? anti-choice: what, me?" Aug 13, 10 12:37 AM

so very clever" Aug 13, 10 12:40 AM

Thiele calls for Stony Brook president to step down

Haw ha,
all these teaparting Repubs have a snit with Fred because he chose to leave their idiocy. Fred is a great assemblyman. I agreed with the Repubs when Fred ran on their line. These Repubs are hacks. Because he can't abide their contradictory, self-serving "don't tax me, I'll take care of myself and spend my money as I want" they suddenly do not like his exemplar work on behalf of the East End. He continues just as before without the tea albatross. Thank goodness we have Fred and I want to thank him for speaking up for the Southampton students and faculty.

Fearless Fred will trounce his disaffected former supporters choice to run against him. They should leave the Repub Party too. It will be tonic." Aug 14, 10 3:09 AM

Plans are afoot to re-purpose Bulova Watch Case Factory

I like listening to April's sensible and information commentary on air, so I hope this does not cause any sting, I feel I must say, what precious bull, " to bring the building up to date while preserving its industrial identity and its historical contribution to the village’s past." What industrial identity? Is Ms. Gonzales kidding or being mordant? Cape associates idea of industrial identity is about luxury units for the NY glitterat and Wall St. dandies sipping blue watermelon Bellinis at the American Hotel, about as far off from any identification with a factory, factory life, or the lives of its working men and women who inhabited the building.and contributed historical and mightily to Sag Harbor as just about anyone could get. \Even if they wanted to mock the people of Sag Harbor, no one would be so smarmy.. .

Cape Associates is disdainful of the Harbor and continues to show only contempt for our community, its legacy, its stories, its traditions, its ghosts and all the people who make up our community. They thinks of only money and they know well the amenities and details, blond ceiling rafters and Sag Harbor manufactured brick is the way to go to make a buck.

Can you imagine someone in the history of the Harbor proposing to call a private, walled off, gated greensward a "park?" What overweening pretentiousness! And that alone is their contribution to the community;:we'll be able to glimpse the frolicking of the tasteful. How about Cape Associates with their honorable hirelings performing a drag masque of Marie Antoinette frolicking with suitors, courtiers and associates as watch case factory workers or assembly workers in a munitions factory during the War? Now that would be edifying, much more so than their con job about caring about the fabric of the Harbor community

Really, this is a fawning piece of fluff that surprises me coming from April as if she had not heard of the struggle of a vocal and dedicated group of preservationists and housing advocates from Sag Harbor who wanted mixed income housing. As if it was not a fierce fought battle, where the fat lady has yet to sing in spite of the landscaper's prattle about a park off limits to the community they profess to respect.

Give us a break! The ZBA, the elected officials, the business community of restaurateurs and real estate people salivated over the sugar plums to fall from their exclusive and exclusionary project Cape Associates put forth. Are we really to believe the landscaper, a Sag Harbor homeowner who would not turn down the offer of contract, like so many other locals must be a disinterested commentator?
Might anyone suspects he has every intention of talking up this woe-be-gone misadventure in the very heart of the Harbor venting hopes it gets off the ground and is resuscitated?

I wish a little homework would have been done and Ms. Gonzales did not fall all over Mr. Kronman's self-serving sales jabber. "Mr. Kronman’s favorite parts of the job are finding creative ways to reuse notable old buildings by incorporating their historic fabric to create something else out of that canvas." I just had to giggle at that. Is that an artistic vision of a wine cooler one can see come on his canvass? Well, Duchamp put up his urinal in one mystical encounter with the ineffable. From Mr. Kronman's ruminations on just how swell enough they are to think of the swells they would like to sell their idea of posh living right in the heart of their weird and skewered view of how they would remake the Sag Harbor community.

Really April, did you really take him at his word he solicited input from the community? Quite the opposite. They hired a phalanx of locals to make their case and rise up a board meetings to give their well earned and paid support and weekly letters-to-the-editor by paid scriveners how much they too support Cape Associates social vision. I don't know of one meeting where Cape Associates solicited views from the "community," unless hiring interviews make for a charette.

Of course factory buildings all across the Northeast have been rehabbed just as Ms. Gonzales states. Fine examples of mixed use, mixed income housing units have been done to enhance and strengthen localities because the community was involved in the planning at every stage. You can go watch the video from the PBS series on green architecture, E2 (Squared) on the Rose Companies inclusionary projects that shaped and determined their prize winning projects across the Northeast and West. see: http://www.rose-network.com/media/videos-podcasts

1. What do you think of when you hear the term affordable housing? What images
come to mind of both the buildings and its tenants?
2. What makes a neighborhood a community? List some of the elements in your
opinion that are essential to a community.
3. Do you live in an area/community that is mixed-income or level income? Do you
think much about it? If you experienced the opposite how do you think it would
influence you?
4. What are some places within walking distance of your home (e.g., stores, parks,
theaters, community centers)? What are some places you would like to have and
not have within walking distance of your home? Why?
5. Do you learn more when you talk to a person that is more or less like you? What
about when you visit a place that is more or less like your hometown? Why?
1. According to Jonathan Rose, how does diversity strengthen a community? What
different types of diversity does he talk about?
2. Why does Jonathan Rose believe that a community is more likely to be
sustainable if it’s diverse? Do you agree with him? Why or why not?
3. How can a real-estate developer “repair the fabric of communities”? What types
of buildings contribute to the fabric of a community in a positive way? In a
negative way (e.g., homogeneous vs. heterogeneous population, commercial vs.
residential, shared space vs. private space)?" from teachers' resources

and look at their other projects on their web site under the tab projects.

Cape Associates is not interested in the Sag Harbor community or abysmally ignorant of its history. Sag Harbor has taken great municipal pride in the strength of its community, Cape Assoc is no vision of strengthening the Harbor community or it would not be trying to divide it with such snobbery, the very antithesis of the spirit of Sag Harbor. It's openly intentional exclusion to whole sectors of Sag Harbor is toxic to the very heart of the Bulova Watch Case Factory where you can hear its singing on dark, still nights; an audible chorus of fainting voices of all who worked in the building; a chorus of workers, managers, owners praising the glad days they lived there, working together and still doing so in the singing together that sounds all the world as if an old watch case factory is still humming." Aug 14, 10 3:19 AM

"Thing is an obnoxiously rich Manhattanite deserves the same right to exclude others from their newly acquired property as a generationally local blue collar resident does." ice

This is a hoot and what a send up on Voltaire's famous dictum: The law in all its majesty treats the rich man the same as the starving man should they steal a loaf of bread.

You are quite right ICY, the homeless have the same rights as the obnoxiously rich Manhattanite to exclude people from from their private parks, hunting preserves or waterfront rights to beach access from their summer cottages..

And the right to join a teaparty.
" Aug 18, 10 2:50 PM

Bishop Maintains Slim Lead As Race Crawls Toward Conclusion

Hey, what's all this bitchin' about? Randy bought tthe election. He spent his money and in Repub logic we know he should get the spoils. After all, Republican Supremes declared corporations are legal persons (1880) and legal persons have freedom of speech, their money is speech as much as any corporate adverb, or human gutteral aarg! Hence, let us be reasonable and recognize our future in a Republican world: one dollar, one vote. Hey, Republican dollars deserve as much liberty and freedom as any person." Dec 8, 10 1:59 AM

Bishop Earns Plum Committee Post

You go Tim, we're thankful you won and this is just another reminder. The Tea Party Republican would now be attempting to close down the Army Corps of Engineers to deliver a "smaller," if less efficient government, no matter how stupid. Repair of infrastructure is badly needed, even if mortal danger of bridge collapse or exports blocked by sand might thrill teabaggers. We should privatize the Army and stop this boondoogle of government taking over the Armed Forces. Enough is enough." Jan 26, 11 1:37 PM

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