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Eruv Proponents Offer Deal To Westhampton Beach Village; Board Is Considering Offer

Weren't the lawyers working for the establishment of the erev offering their time and services pro bono? I seem to remember reading that this was so. " Mar 31, 16 7:25 PM

Southampton School Officials Nix Columbus Day In Favor Of Indigenous Peoples' Day On School Calendars

I have never witnessed so much hate and fear being exhibited by my neighbors as I read all of your collective comments.Does this make anyone of you feel morally
Richer? May I suggest you take a moment to be thankful for your life and not for
finding what is wrong with everything.I hope the clouds that cover your hearts and minds will part,and you will see that we need to leave your keyboards,go outside
Join in thanks for what you have been given.
" Feb 22, 18 12:49 PM

Westhampton Beach Farmers Market Will Have New Home This Year

Again, something that was working just fine needs to be changed by our village board.....concerned about pedestrian safety? How about additional police officers
posted at the intersections for the four hours that the market is open.Would that oversee those concerns? we as residents, pay our village taxes to provide simple solutions to any concerns that this present village board may have. It seems most appropriate to coin the saying.... " If it ain't broke.Don't fix it"" Apr 18, 18 4:40 PM

UPDATE: Main Street Reconstruction Project To Start Two Weeks Early Due To Water Authority Delays

Prediction.....parking meters and towing operators, automobile compounds and penalty charges. Do we really think Whb will be called " Tree town" once Ms.
moore's projects call for their removal? Bye bye benches, hanging plants,
Outdoor music, etc. How many more vacant stores on Main Street must we,
the tax paying residents have to come out of pocket to satisfy these visionaries?
As goes DeBlassio, so it seems, goes Moore. The only vacancy hat would help
This town lies bin town hall. Fed Up? let's start talking right here for now and, let's continue watching and remember....IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING!

" Sep 19, 19 5:24 PM