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Suffolk County Legislator Candidates Duke It Out In Hampton Bays Debate

Is the position of town justice so uninteresting that no one wants to oppose either of the candidates? Justice Kooperstein is, as far as I know, a fair, balanced jurist. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for Barbara Wilson; she fails to follow the law and tends to favor Republican committee members when there is a criminal case, as does the Southampton Town police department. I have personal knowledge of Ms. Wilson's "creative law" and do not believe she is qualified to serve, but if no one runs against her, we residents get the short end of the stick, Such a shame and a sham." Oct 3, 13 6:43 PM

Court Documents Reveal More Details Of Red Bull Theft By Southampton Town Employee

Tsk, tsk. A prevaricator of the highest caliber. Even the courts do not know where he lives...." Jul 7, 16 3:17 PM

Gee, Vikki K, you sure like to figure out alternate reasons for what was a theft - period." Jul 18, 16 9:55 PM