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Psychedelic Furs Added To 'Escape to New York Lineup'

They disbanded in 1991. But they'll fit in fine with Patti Smith at the Elks Lodge." Jul 1, 11 3:16 PM

Driver Arrested After Striking Pole In Shinnecock Hills

I would like to express my appreciation to the pole for stopping this character before he got any closer to where my family or friends were driving.
" Jul 5, 11 4:43 PM

Twelve Drug Arrests In Hampton Bays Over Fourth of July Weekend

that's the silliest thing I have ever heard! how about the cost to taxpayers had they not been busted. you know, in something a little more valuable then your precious $0.04 that went towards this so called bust - your friends or family members when one of these dolts decide to drive head first into your car as you unwittingly drive home from a nice out to dinner with your spouse. c'mon, use your head." Jul 6, 11 11:16 AM

Impaled Turtle Recovering Well, Officials Say

The turtle will make a full recovery, the human is too far gone and needs to be caught and tested." Jul 10, 11 7:30 AM

Audit: Town Overpaid $56,000 For Insurance

that "overpayment" wasn't supposed to be discovered. it was a payment for keeping the insurance where it is...with a completely incompetent pal of the town's. does it bother anyone else that this NYSHIP plan is the most expensive plan on the eastern seaboard. and its time for the folks that work for the village and towns out here to leave that plan and get into something that still works fine and it NOT twice the cost of the folks that are paying for it. Does it make any sense that the folks are paying for this i.e. the taxpayers are forced to take lesser health plans to save money while the so called civil servants have a plan that is SIGNIFICANTLY richer than the plans possessed by us taxpayers. in a close community like this the collective bargaining units are negotiating against themselves, you and me, their family members and their friends. there isn't some cigar stoking fat cat to go after...we are paying for this while we accept lesser and lesser plans to stay competitive. the guys mowing the grass at the park have a plan that would blow yours away, and yo're paying for it. and they are paying extra cash to outdated shops in east hampton to ''manage'' it. whatta waste! and don't doubt an iota of it." Jul 10, 11 7:38 AM

North Sea Couple Houses Purple Martin Colony

What an interesting article. Thank you." Jul 14, 11 7:40 PM

Family: Sagaponack Plane Crash Pilot, Passenger On The Mend

oh yeah, very unique here...where money talks. except that has been the trend for the last 4500 years." Jul 24, 11 9:05 PM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

SHNative, that is precious. It has now been conclusively proven that you can take ALL of the wealth, not the income..but the entire networth of every eeeeeeevil rich person in america and you wouldn't cover Medicare for 1 year. For SHNative to even allude to the fact that she knows what most people favor while he engages in blatant class warfare borne out of a mind polluted from folks with an agenda that could care less about him is quite simply a joke." Jul 26, 11 11:53 AM

ok, you don't talk for the vast amount of americans either. how weird is that!? you do know that there are 300 million people in this country right? the vast amount of americans would be about 200 million people...and right here on july 26th on the pages of 27east you are going to express an opinion that you are sure is held by somewhere between 150 million and 200 million people. and if you can find anyone on this site disparaging a class of human beings becaus of how much money they have or have not...and that person isn't gurgling up lib rhetoric at every chance, can you please cut and paste it here? please...find any quote by any person that seems to side more with ''the right'' where an entire group of people are being vilified because of how much they have earned. don't just talk the talk...prove it. i'll send you the tired, lame waste of paper we received from your boy timmy at the house yesterday. it was chock filled of NOTHING but class warfare, us against them. not a single idea. and what the heck is the rich, the ultra rich and all that" Jul 26, 11 3:12 PM

Bishop Says No To Boehner, Yes To Reid Plan

oh yeah and repeat after me..baaaaaaaa. cuz you sound like a sheep." Jul 30, 11 7:13 AM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

This is the problem. You have to stop fighting amongst each other - we, the public are the losers here. All of us, regardless of what party you identify with. This so called compromise does nothing to address the unbelievable problems that we have in our governing bodies. The out of control spending is not addressed, nor are the out of control costs, the unreal levels of fiscal irresonsibility, the vast amounts of fraud or the waste. In short, none of the issues that got us here are addressed and the debt ceiling was raised anyway, ensuring that my children and grand-children will pay the price. Moody's has indicated that this compromise will NOT change the impending downgrade. That is because this so called compromise is so chock full of elaborate side-stepping loopholes, actuarial tranches, shennanigan math and entire new beaurocracies have been formed in new super commissions and new IRS legions. No, nobody wins except for the power brokers who engaged in a televised, PR choreographed game of chicken in which both ''competitors'' were in on the gag. All of this done behind closed doors and without any regard to fixing anything except the news cycle before the coming ''election season''. so, you can fight with anyone you want, but its futile. Whether you agree with any party, unless you have an office on K-Street or you were elected to a seat in congress, you have lost big time today." Aug 1, 11 4:07 PM

And insofar as an impending default was used against all of us as a false issue, the math looks like this - the US brings in $220 billion per month in revenue, the debt service is a mere $20 Billion, so there was NEVER a chance that the US would default on its treasuries. But while you were be told that was about to occurr, the elites were re-assuring the banks and wall street concerns what the real truth was, because THEY HAVE THE LOOT. And in case you didn't know, that's what politicians need to preserve power. Cash money, and that is why any argument about one party or the other being in bed with agenda driven high net worth families or wall street or big oil or big corporate is all untrue by definition - it drives the entire scam. And no teaparty, no democrat, no middle class, no rich guy, no rich woman, no illegal alien wins or loses...we all lose - and that will continue. We are dealing with wolves." Aug 1, 11 4:13 PM

Bishop Votes In Favor Of Debt Ceiling Deal; President Signs Measure

davidf, here are 50, very precise and detailed spots where money can be saved/cut. you will see that none of the stereotypical items you listed, in your effort to demonstrate that either the people suffer or we send more money...its blatantly dishonest and utterly naive'. do you still think ''the man'' is doing the right think with your $$?

1. The federal government made at least $72 billion in improper payments in 2010.[1]
2. Washington spends $92 billion on corporate welfare (excluding TARP) versus $71 billion on homeland security.[2]
3. Washington spends $25 billion annually maintaining unused or vacant federal properties.[3]
4. Government auditors spent the past five years examining all federal programs and found that 22 percent of them -- costing taxpayers a total of $123 billion annually -- fail to show any positive impact on the populations they serve.[4]
5. The Congressional Budget Office published a "Budget Options" series identifying more than $100 billion in potential spending cuts.[5]
6. Examples from multiple Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports of wasteful duplication include 342 economic development programs; 130 programs serving the disabled; 130 programs serving at-risk youth; 90 early childhood development programs; 75 programs funding international education, cultural, and training exchange activities; and 72 safe water programs.[6]
7. Washington will spend $2.6 million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job.[7]
8. A GAO audit classified nearly half of all purchases on government credit cards as improper, fraudulent, or embezzled. Examples of taxpayer-funded purchases include gambling, mortgage payments, liquor, lingerie, iPods, Xboxes, jewelry, Internet dating services, and Hawaiian vacations. In one extraordinary example, the Postal Service spent $13,500 on one dinner at a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, including "over 200 appetizers and over $3,000 of alcohol, including more than 40 bottles of wine costing more than $50 each and brand-name liquor such as Courvoisier, Belvedere and Johnny Walker Gold." The 81 guests consumed an average of $167 worth of food and drink apiece.[8]
9. Federal agencies are delinquent on nearly 20 percent of employee travel charge cards, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually.[9]
10. The Securities and Exchange Commission spent $3.9 million rearranging desks and offices at its Washington, D.C., headquarters.[10]
11. The Pentagon recently spent $998,798 shipping two 19-cent washers from South Carolina to Texas and $293,451 sending an 89-cent washer from South Carolina to Florida.[11]
12. Over half of all farm subsidies go to commercial farms, which report average household incomes of $200,000.[12]
13. Health care fraud is estimated to cost taxpayers more than $60 billion annually.[13]
14. A GAO audit found that 95 Pentagon weapons systems suffered from a combined $295 billion in cost overruns.[14]
15. The refusal of many federal employees to fly coach costs taxpayers $146 million annually in flight upgrades.[15]
16. Washington will spend $126 million in 2009 to enhance the Kennedy family legacy in Massachusetts. Additionally, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) diverted $20 million from the 2010 defense budget to subsidize a new Edward M. Kennedy Institute.[16]
17. Federal investigators have launched more than 20 criminal fraud investigations related to the TARP financial bailout.[17]
18. Despite trillion-dollar deficits, last year's 10,160 earmarks included $200,000 for a tattoo removal program in Mission Hills, California; $190,000 for the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming; and $75,000 for the Totally Teen Zone in Albany, Georgia.[18]
19. The federal government owns more than 50,000 vacant homes.[19]
20. The Federal Communications Commission spent $350,000 to sponsor NASCAR driver David Gilliland.[20]
21. Members of Congress have spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars supplying their offices with popcorn machines, plasma televisions, DVD equipment, ionic air fresheners, camcorders, and signature machines -- plus $24,730 leasing a Lexus, $1,434 on a digital camera, and $84,000 on personalized calendars.[21]
22. More than $13 billion in Iraq aid has been classified as wasted or stolen. Another $7.8 billion cannot be accounted for.[22]
23. Fraud related to Hurricane Katrina spending is estimated to top $2 billion. In addition, debit cards provided to hurricane victims were used to pay for Caribbean vacations, NFL tickets, Dom Perignon champagne, "Girls Gone Wild" videos, and at least one sex change operation.[23]
24. Auditors discovered that 900,000 of the 2.5 million recipients of emergency Katrina assistance provided false names, addresses, or Social Security numbers or submitted multiple applications.[24]
25. Congress recently gave Alaska Airlines $500,000 to paint a Chinook salmon on a Boeing 737.[25]
26. The Transportation Department will subsidize up to $2,000 per flight for direct flights between Washington, D.C., and the small hometown of Congressman Hal Rogers (R-KY) -- but only on Monday mornings and Friday evenings, when lawmakers, staff, and lobbyists usually fly. Rogers is a member of the Appropriations Committee, which writes the Transportation Department's budget.[26]
27. Washington has spent $3 billion re-sanding beaches -- even as this new sand washes back into the ocean.[27]
28. A Department of Agriculture report concedes that much of the $2.5 billion in "stimulus" funding for broadband Internet will be wasted.[28]
29. The Defense Department wasted $100 million on unused flight tickets and never bothered to collect refunds even though the tickets were refundable.[29]
30. Washington spends $60,000 per hour shooting Air Force One photo-ops in front of national landmarks.[30]
31. Over one recent 18-month period, Air Force and Navy personnel used government-funded credit cards to charge at least $102,400 on admission to entertainment events, $48,250 on gambling, $69,300 on cruises, and $73,950 on exotic dance clubs and prostitutes.[31]
32. Members of Congress are set to pay themselves $90 million to increase their franked mailings for the 2010 election year.[32]
33. Congress has ignored efficiency recommendations from the Department of Health and Human Services that would save $9 billion annually.[33]
34. Taxpayers are funding paintings of high-ranking government officials at a cost of up to $50,000 apiece.[34]
35. The state of Washington sent $1 food stamp checks to 250,000 households in order to raise state caseload figures and trigger $43 million in additional federal funds.[35]
36. Suburban families are receiving large farm subsidies for the grass in their backyards -- subsidies that many of these families never requested and do not want. [36]
37. Congress appropriated $20 million for "commemoration of success" celebrations related to Iraq and Afghanistan.[37]
38. Homeland Security employee purchases include 63-inch plasma TVs, iPods, and $230 for a beer brewing kit.[38]
39. Two drafting errors in the 2005 Deficit Reduction Act resulted in a $2 billion taxpayer cost.[39]
40. North Ridgeville, Ohio, received $800,000 in "stimulus" funds for a project that its mayor described as "a long way from the top priority."[40]
41. The National Institutes of Health spends $1.3 million per month to rent a lab that it cannot use.[41]
42. Congress recently spent $2.4 billion on 10 new jets that the Pentagon insists it does not need and will not use.[42]
43. Lawmakers diverted $13 million from Hurricane Katrina relief spending to build a museum celebrating the Army Corps of Engineers -- the agency partially responsible for the failed levees that flooded New Orleans.[43]
44. Medicare officials recently mailed $50 million in erroneous refunds to 230,000 Medicare recipients.[44]
45. Audits showed $34 billion worth of Department of Homeland Security contracts contained significant waste, fraud, and abuse.[45]
46. Washington recently spent $1.8 million to help build a private golf course in Atlanta, Georgia.[46]
47. The Advanced Technology Program spends $150 million annually subsidizing private businesses; 40 percent of this funding goes to Fortune 500 companies.[47]
48. Congressional investigators were able to receive $55,000 in federal student loan funding for a fictional college they created to test the Department of Education.[48]
49. The Conservation Reserve program pays farmers $2 billion annually not to farm their land.[49]
50. The Commerce Department has lost 1,137 computers since 2001, many containing Americans' personal data.[50]
" Aug 2, 11 12:33 PM

any questions?" Aug 2, 11 12:35 PM

When I posted that list of 2.7 trillion in outright waste and you asked me for the source...you didn't actually think it isn't happening day in and day out right. The source is up there...listed individually for each and every one of the 50 points. You'd puke if you actually took some time to look at where your money goes and then realize that there are people that think the government is efficient and simply just doesn't have enough. for those that want to refer to Carlin and he gets caps because he's one of the great thinkers of our time...look at what he says about democracy. its a sham. government was one of the least effective inventions of man, can't really see where its worked out well for the civilian. But it sure has worked out well for the government. And for philathome and those of you fighting for those that want to just pickpocket your kids, i cannot for the life of me figure that out. its us against them, not us and each other. and until more of us realize that, ''they'' are going to keep pulling the wool over your eyes." Aug 3, 11 6:23 AM

Here's some more for ya about what us taxpayers are up to lately, when you don't think we send enough of our money to the man. *shaking my head*...

* They supply $175 million a year so the Department of Veterans Affairs can maintain buildings it doesn’t use, including a pink, octagonal monkey house in Dayton, Ohio.
* They pinch pennies so a federal grant program can distribute $1 million to zoos to post bits of poetry to plaques on zoo premises.
* They cushion the federal coffers so the Monkton, VT, Conservation Commission can build a “critter crossing” for $150,000.
* They file honest tax returns so the Internal Revenue Service can deliver $112 million in undeserved tax refunds to prisoners who filed fraudulent returns.
* They fork over their hard-earned dollars so Denali National Park in Alaska can afford nearly $1.5 million worth of new toilets.
-- The city of Las Vegas has received a $5.2 million federal grant to build the Neon Boneyard Park and Museum, including $1.8 million in 2010. For over the last decade, Museum supporters have gathered and displayed over 150 old Las Vegas neon signs, such as the Golden Nugget and Silver Slipper casinos.

-- The U.S. Department of Energy‘s electric bill is $190 million a year and auditors say millions of dollars are wasted on inefficient lighting. According to a U.S. Department of Energy Inspector General report released in June, the Department [of Energy] could save over $2.2 million in electric utility operating costs annually, by turning off the lights and using more efficient technology.

-- A federal grant program has directed a million dollars to infuse zoos around the United States with snippets of poetry. The Little Rock Zoo now touts a sign sharing a bit of wisdom from Hans Christian Andersen, "Just living is not enough, said the butterfly. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower." Zoos in Chicago, New Orleans, Milwaukee, and Jacksonville, Florida, will also sport bits of poetry under this program.

-- The Institute of Museum and Library Services awarded the University of California at Santa Cruz $615,000 federal funds to digitize Grateful Dead photographs, tickets, backstage passes, flyers, shirts, and other memorabilia.


" Aug 3, 11 6:31 AM

In case you were wondering how those that produce goods and services and thus produce the GNP feel about the current state of affairs, the market is down 300 points today in what will turn out to be a 500 point drop since the debt ceiling agreement was signed. This, despite being told we have ''turned the corner'', that ''jobs is the number 1 priority'' that ''its gonna take some time but we are headed in the right direction, we didn't get in this mess overnight'', that biden and congress are going to ''pivot'' to get the unemployment numbers from declining. Its not clear where there is a single success to point to where this administration and the economy are concerned. " Aug 4, 11 11:52 AM

Police: Eastport South Manor Teacher Charged With Fourth DWI

lovely." Aug 4, 11 1:54 PM

Someone looks like they need to see an opthamologist before they get to rehab. Good luck. You've got another battle now besides the one you already had....evidently." Aug 5, 11 5:22 PM

Bishop Votes In Favor Of Debt Ceiling Deal; President Signs Measure

I completely agree with philathome on this. He is absolutely correct. To call other people out as terrorists is hateful. Terrorists beheaded a father/husband named Daniel Pearl. Terrorists are responsible for the most horrific attacks on innocent people whereby folks are strapped with bombs filled with nails, so I understand, and walk into weddings and night clubs to cause maximum destruction. So if philathome feels its hateful and ignorant when some anonymous extreme type on a local site like this does it, one can only imagine the digust and contempt he holds for Biden and the others that have recently taken up that tact. That new terrorist stuff has got to stop." Aug 5, 11 5:32 PM

Has the FAA been reinstated? If you have purchased plane tickets that were used during the time the FAA has been ''in limbo'' you are entitled to a refund of the taxes you paid that are associated with the FAA. " Aug 8, 11 2:07 PM

He actually did same something, he said ''Screw the S&P, we are AAA". And, he is actually correct, we can always print more money and always have done so. The thing is, the financial markets are probably not going to react well to that message given the fear and fact that people are looking for reassurance and a little stroking right about now." Aug 8, 11 2:19 PM

Mr Z., try doing some research on the sources you quote. Do you think it would be credible if someone wrote a quote about how important it is for all Americans to drink orange juice, and then you found out the source of that quote was someone who owned an orange juice company? It would probably reduce the impact of that warning about drinking orange juice right Too much Online and all that is run by a very one sided operation trusteed by all of these folks, so, it probably won't make anyone's head spin because there isn't anything credible there. The source of the information is suspect so the information itself is suspect.

Harriet Barlow
Senior Advisor, HKH Foundation

Harry Belafonte
Singer, Actor, Producer, Activist

Robert L. Borosage
President, Institute for America’s Future

Elsbeth Bothe
Retired Baltimore Circuit Court Judge

John Cavanagh
Global Economy Senior Fellow

James Early
Director, Cultural Studies and Communication, Center for Folklife Programs and Cultural Heritage, Smithsonian Institution

Barbara Ehrenreich

Ralph Estes
Executive Director, Stakeholder's Alliance; Senior Scholar, Institute for Policy Studies

Jodie Evans
Co-Founder, CODEPINK: Women for Peace

Frances Farenthold
Attorney; Former member, Texas legislature

Lisa Fuentes
Scholar, Latin American Studies; Activist

Larry Janss

Saul Landau
Films and Commentary from Saul Landau Fellow

Nancy Lewis

E. Ethelbert Miller
Director, African American Resource Center, Howard University; Poet

Marcus Raskin
Paths for Reconstruction in the 21st Century Distinguished Fellow

Andy Shallal
Owner, Busboys & Poets; Artist

Lewis Steel
Civil rights attorney, Outten & Golden, LLP

Katrina vanden Heuvel
Editor and Publisher, The Nation

Daphne Wysham
Sustainable Energy and Economy Network Fellow

" Aug 10, 11 6:17 AM

Matt Taibbi write cool articles and I love his one about Goldman Sachs.

In March 2001, as editor of the magazine The eXile, Matt Taibbi burst into the office of New York Times Moscow bureau chief Michael Wines and threw a cream pie into his face, after Taibbi's magazine had awarded Wines the title of "worst journalist" in Russia.[14]

In March 2005 Taibbi's satirical essay, "The 52 Funniest Things About the Upcoming Death of the Pope", published in the New York Press was denounced by Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Matt Drudge, Abe Foxman, and Anthony Weiner. The editor who approved the column lost his job.[15][16] Taibbi defended the piece as an "off-the-cuff burlesque of truly tasteless jokes" written to give his readers a break from a long run of "fulminating political essays" of his. Taibbi also said he was surprised at the vehement reactions to what he wrote "in the waning hours of a Vicodin haze."[17]

Journalist James Verini, while interviewing Taibbi in a Manhattan restaurant for Vanity Fair, said Taibbi cursed and threw a coffee at him, and accosted him as he tried to get away, all in response to Verini's volunteered opinion that Taibbi's book, The Exile: Sex, Drugs, and Libel in the New Russia, was "redundant and discursive."[18] Taibbi later said the incident was "an aberration from how I've behaved in the last six or seven years."[19]

Taibbi covered the 2008 presidential campaign for Real Time with Bill Maher,[10] and he has made several guest appearances on MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show[11] to discuss the 2009 economic crisis. He also appears on the progressive Democracy Now! show[12] and serves as a contributor on Countdown with Keith Olbermann.[3]

" Aug 10, 11 6:24 AM

Two Brands of Cookie Compete For The East End Market

ken and kathryn are free to conduct themselves in this manner but the fact is, its lame. kathleen has earned her reputation and the ability to charge $6 which judging by her popularity represents a valuable item/service. for someone to capitalize on someone else's life of effort and to fake it in such a way while maybe legal, it certainly isn't reflective of earning anything. in not divulging where the product is made but calling it hamptonsmade it just doesn't feel right. the ingredients might be pure, the movitves..not as much.(in my opinion)" Aug 13, 11 6:29 PM

East End Verizon Workers Join In Regional Strike

how much are your union dues and other union related expenses in any given year? and don't mean to be rude, but since you're in the process of accomplishing redistribution, why do you even worry about unemployment? if you found that the money that is being redistributed is not going to you but to ''the man'', would you feel at all differently about getting your so called fair share? i'll hang up and listen to your answer on the air.
" Aug 13, 11 6:36 PM

Escape To New York Canceled Sunday Due To Rain

most music festival tickets clearly state ''rain or shine'' ." Aug 14, 11 12:45 AM

Fate Of Eastport South Manor Social Studies Teacher Remains Cloudy

irony=that this guy teaches social studies.
" Aug 14, 11 3:34 PM

Garbage Carters Will Soon Need Permits In Southampton Town

its actually a tax which will indeed be passed onto the consumer." Aug 19, 11 10:49 AM

Hampton Bays Civic Association Laments Pollution In Bays

spend 15 minutes with someone who understands what is destroying the most precious natural resource we have and you wouldn't be arguing about whether its septic or runoff is worse. Both are bad and these ecosystems are connected and related. kevin mcallister is exactly correct this should galvanize us to improve the systems in place to protect flora, fauna and the bays." Aug 19, 11 12:16 PM

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