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A long list of complaints, both official and informal, about care at Hamptons Center

I fault the Administration for these recurring problems. The Director & Asst. Director of Nursing are also at fault because they don't provide any type of care to those residents, they just walk past them as if they don't even exist, seriously! They feel that they aren't supposed to provide any care because they aren't in uniform and that isn't fair to those residents who are spending their life savings in order to stay in the facility nor is it fair to the aides! The supervisors don't even provide care; they'll call an aide from down the hall just to change a residents' diaper. If they're understaffed, the supervisors allow employees who were mandated to sleep in unoccupied beds! The owners of the facility should really consider re-evaluating their administration & hiring skilled professionals who have compassion for the residents as well as the workers because the current administrations' only concern is their paychecks! If the facility closes, where are these residents going? Think about that! " Feb 3, 09 8:05 PM

Police Investigate Shooting In Tuckahoe

It doesn't matter if they were black, white, chinese or mexican, that young man could've been killed yesterday over something senseless!! You racist readers should stop using stereotypes everytime you read about violence in the neighborhood, it could've happened to anyone!!! Shame on you racist people, who still live in the 60's era!!!" Jan 18, 11 9:24 PM

Virginia Jones Dies At 80

RIP Ms. Lucy!!! Won't be the same without you:(" Jul 13, 11 10:45 AM

Second Arrest Made In 230 Elm Brawl

Here's proof that the village pd are pathological liars!!! There wasn't a riot at 230 Elm that night, only a fight! And if it was a"riot" why were there only 2 arrests?! Wasn't it about "300 people" there? That's a bogus arrest for Mr. Porrata!! If he tried to incite a riot & obstruct governmental administration on Sept 3rd, why wasn't he arrested that same night/morning?! This is yet another attempt to cover up another wrongdoing in the village police dept.!!!!! They need to admit that they were wrong for using pepper spray WITHOUT warning & own up to it! No verbal command was issued, just mace!!! " Sep 21, 11 12:36 PM

And it wasn't "practical" to arrest Mr. Porrata that same night? "he placed his hands on the ground and compressed his chest toward the ground, preventing police from handcuffing him." Come on village pd, you can come up with a much better lie than that!!! Where are your guys/gals when the "manhattanites" are running red lights where the signs clearly state "NO TURN ON RED", when the illegal "day laborers" are loitering all day by 7-Eleven, SCNB and stores on Job's Lane & Main St are being robbed, where are you?! " Sep 21, 11 1:00 PM

Services Announced For Two From Shinnecock Indian Reservation Who Died In Car Crash

RIP TEK & DL:(( Get better Awan & Man-Man.....God is a healer!!!!" May 1, 12 9:50 AM

UPDATE: Services Set For Keith Greene; Funeral On Monday Morning

RIP Keith! Schmidts won't be the same without you....peace & blessings to his family during this difficult time." Aug 15, 12 10:43 PM