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New plan for proposed organic farm in Bridgehampton

What a wonderful idea to return the east end to the natural way that it was before civilized man came in and adulterated the land toxic chemicals. I was out in Watermill years ago, and went to a yard sale where I bought up some of the Halsey families old cook books. They are treasured here in my kitchen and inside there are many handwritten recipes and notes on how to prepare foods naturally. I understand the Halsey's went organic in the 1980's when they intuited how sick and ill you can become spraying the fields. My husband died of rare sarcoma's working as the greenskeeper and golf course superintendent at Dix Hills Golf Course in Dix Hills. The owner, Paul Montalbano, never wanted to address the reality that his longtime faithful employee was slowly dying while keeping his golf course in impeccable shape. WIth cancer rates 1 out of 8, is it any wonder with the integrated pest management techniques taught at Cornell Cooperative?

I applaud this idea and hope that it catches on to other farmers all over the country.

Linda Wilson McParland " Feb 2, 09 5:24 PM

Concrete, glass and steel can be warm and fuzzy too

What a lovely house. It appears a bit austere, but I like the decluttered open spaces, the never-ending light, the natural feel, and the open concept. It is really awesome. Not meant for someone who needs tight boundaries & privacy, though. Linda " Mar 18, 10 5:51 PM

Scientist proposes poisoning fish in Mill Pond to spark turn around

Stop messing with Mother Nature!! Have a publicized "free fishing" event. Offer a prize for the biggest carp caught. Have environmentally conscious groups set up tables at the fishing event with flyers that discuss the hazzards of lawn fertilizers, old septic tanks, and EDUCATE the residents about why the fish were killed in 2008, how the pond is changing, and how to restore it through leaving it alone - no chemicals, ever!! FIRE that consultant, Jim Walker, and make him give his payment BACK to the town. The govt. of Bermuda got involved in an environment project & it was a disaster. They love their loquat fruits, but fruit flies were destroying the fruits so they got consultants (was Jim Walker ever in Bermuda?) to agree to importing little lizzards onto the island to eat the fruit flies. In no time, the island was overrun by lizzards running into schools, homes, etc. So the government met, again. They knew the Yellow Bird from Trinadad loved lizzards so they agreed to import Yellow Birds (remember the old Trinnie Lopez song, Yellow Bird?) onto the island. Well, in no time the Yellow Birds were eating the loqats. DO YOU GET THE PICTURE? Leave the pond alone. The lake in North Babylon had a bacteria that killed off 1000's of carp in 1991. (same bacteria that killed carp in upstate NY the same year. But then the lake dried up and no one knows why that happened. All the turtles and fish died after the carp died the year before. Now its filled with water and sealife, again. Mill Pond is changing for a reason. Do not kill all the underlife off in this pond!!! LEAVE IT ALONE. " Sep 10, 10 2:45 PM

Rechlers pick up demolition permit applications for Canoe Place Inn

How about naming it the OBI East? Bobby Matherson, God rest his Soul, would probably love it. " Oct 1, 10 5:36 PM