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Pavilion Gets Green Light From Southampton Village Officials

The Parrish left because the village wouldn't let them put up something that wasn't in keeping with the feeling of the Parrish grounds. They were told they couldn't remove certain trees, plantings, etc. Now look at what the village wants to do! Too bad the Parrish Art Museum wasn't able to stay. " Jun 21, 12 8:00 PM

Southampton School District Officials Do Away With Val And Sal

If Southampton is no longer rewarding the best academic students (those students who choose to take a rigorous course schedule and do well), does that mean there will no longer be rewards for the best athletes (no cuts - everyone plays), the best musicians (no all county musicians chosen), the best artists, etc? Let's not disappoint anyone, ever!" Nov 29, 12 10:46 AM

Parrish Tax Levy Approved By Southampton Voters

Why do they collect money from the school and then charge the school a fee for classes to visit the museum?" Apr 10, 14 12:38 PM

Doesn't seem fair that a turnout of only 178 people can decide how $326,000 is going to be spent. Most people that I talked to had no idea the vote was held yesterday. It was very poorly advertised. A lot of our senior citizens won't drive on the highway, especially when they are working on the road. The walk from the handicapped spaces to the voting place was also daunting. What were they thinking? Can we call a revote?
" Apr 10, 14 9:03 PM

I think that the lack of advertising was done on purpose" Apr 12, 14 5:15 PM

Voters Approve Parrish Art Museum Tax Levy

Vote was just for voters in Southampton School District. Tuckahoe School District will vote on the Parrish during the school budget vote. That is the way it always used to be done in Southampton. I don't know if any other school districts vote to give the Parrish money." Apr 15, 14 9:33 AM

Prom Helps Push Southampton Center Closer To Community Hub Goal

Is it true the village is charging the kids $3000 to use the building for the prom?" May 5, 15 9:52 PM