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Concerns About Lake Montauk Swirl As Study Continues

The problem isn't just in lake Montauk or in the peconics the depletion off our see life is in all of our waters. This problem isn't just happening here ether its all over. Maryland blue crab for instance is on the decline as well. We have to fix this problem before its to late if its not already! " Apr 14, 11 12:53 PM

Firefighters Respond To House Fire In Tuckahoe

Another good stop!" Apr 16, 11 6:27 PM

Friday Morning Blaze Destroys Water Mill Home; Homeowners Hope To Rebuild

For one who was on the scene how do you know if it was 1800 sq ft or 2600 sq ft it was gone when you got there. Did you step out the foundation and do the math? It was a smaller house then Newsday made it out to be that's for sure! regardless of the size, Great Job by all the emergency responders. Thanks You!" Apr 22, 11 9:32 PM

Two Pulled From Shinnecock Bay Saturday Afternoon Were Disoriented Hunters

Hey gun control now, it seems you don't understand the story, and this is just your pitiful miss contraception of the real fact. Were you there to see if it was six inches of water? NO you obviously weren't. The tide was up and higher then you think. Yes they were in the wrong and put other people in danger, but you need to understand hunters are not bad people. If it weren't for firearms you would have the freedom you so enjoy today! " Dec 9, 12 7:26 PM

Thank you to all the first responder for a great job done. You all are our backbone to this community!" Dec 9, 12 7:29 PM

Correction, if it weren't for firearms you would not have the freedom you so enjoy today!" Dec 9, 12 7:35 PM

Landmark Beach Rebuilding Project Begins In Bridgehampton

Just takes one storm to wash it all away! " Oct 4, 13 11:26 AM

Arson Suspected In Fire That Destroyed Gaming Authority Trailer

The headline says its confirmed arson, but the story says they aren't sure and are waiting results from the lab. Im confused. " Oct 31, 13 12:21 PM

Southampton Students Protest Failed Merger Vote

I am in the Southampton school district and voted against the merger. I don't want the kids to have to go to another school, but my taxes were going to go up. They said not by much but other financialists said different. I do agree with Buddy. " Nov 1, 13 11:08 AM

Three Stores Charged In Underage Drinking Raid

Well on the other hand our wonderful leader of America wants us to provide medical insurance for our kids till there 27 years old. maybe we should make the drinking and voteing age 27 as well, And send them to war at 16. This Country is going down the wrong road! . " Dec 16, 13 10:41 AM

UPDATE: Owner Of Sunken Boat Says Captain Tried To Warn Approaching Vessel

The boat has radar its under the tuna tower. " May 20, 15 8:05 AM

Drunk Driver Causes Crash In Water Mill, Daughter Sent to Hospital With Head Injury

North Sea FD was activated and responded. " Jul 21, 15 9:19 AM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

She should be fired! But she wont because everyone is afraid to stand up to what is wrong today. This is why this country is in the state that it is in. Oh and Mr. Z the 50's were a great time in our country, people had morels back then. " Sep 18, 15 1:04 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Pleaded Guilty On Drug Charges And Resigns, Facing Up To 20 Years In Prison

Liberals at work. Nothing to see here! What a joke! This is what you get from these people, just how long will it take for everyone to wake up and see the light..... I'm just not sure? " Nov 24, 15 8:22 PM

Storm Uncovers Sandbags On Montauk's Beach Project

That's it more money! That will fix it! Highhatsize...you are part of the problem. I'm sure you think gun free zones are the answers to all our mass shouting problems too. " Sep 6, 16 8:32 PM

Shooting" Sep 6, 16 8:35 PM