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East Quogue Couple Fears That Twice-Convicted DWI Driver Won't Face Jail Time

So true about the financial threat. However, DWIs are big business, too...courts, lawyers, etc. but no revenue can replace maimed or killed motorists by drunk drivers!
" Aug 14, 11 12:31 AM

Hampton Synagogue Cancels Sunday's Forum On Race Relations

oh yeah, that will help race relations!
" Aug 18, 11 11:54 PM

Drowning Victim Was Queens Man Who Struggled During Swim

When my son was six, we arrived as a six year old had drowned. Very tricky place, Trout Pond, should state for experienced swimmers only...." Jul 2, 12 11:40 PM

Update: Police Chief Calls Amagansett Death A 'Terrible Accident'

It's a combination of things - that feeling of being young and in the Hamptons and having the world at your fingertips and bam - over in an instant, just a horrible accident....I'm sure the driver is traumatized as well. " Jul 2, 12 11:44 PM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

Thanks to all the volunteer ambulance and fire departments that leave their jobs, accident after accident, fire after fire, whose bosses probably continue to pay them after they are fighting their way through traffic, behind idiots who don't move over, trying to get to accidents amidst the hustle and complete insanity of the summer crowds. How about writing a check to the local VOLUNTEER ambukance and fire departments who assist to the population that nearly, idk, multiplies by 30 in "the season". Let's give everyone a break. I lost my father in a not-at-fault fatality on Flanders Rd. You never know until you walk a mile in the other person's shoes." Jul 24, 12 9:44 PM

Southampton High School Football Players Support Suspended Coach At Board Meeting

Maybe it wasn't the PC way but seems to me that there were a lot less problems w/EVERYTHING in the 80s and 90s than there are going forward w/all of our advancements. Coach Ed is a good, moral, stand-up citizen. My gut is that he got through to the kid more than having him suspended and ostracized. It also seems to me, with the help of the media, that we are so quick to jump on and judge everybody for a mild mistake before we publicly thank and acknowledge them for the countless hours and inspiration they give our kids and their affiliates." Sep 1, 16 11:33 AM

Yes! I see your points, and I am not speaking out of both sides of my mouth. It wasn't handled correctly...perhaps he was afraid, he didn't think, and perhaps there has to be a temporary suspension so these things don't continue to happen, or other things get "covered up".
Had that been a teacher, forget it, they would be fired.
I think the public probably feels frustrated w/so many bigger things that haven't been disclosed in the district, thus the "not a big deal" attitude bc he's "such a good guy", but I def see your point about disclosure. Though Coach West is not a teacher, he still has to abide by the procedures and protocols all district employees abide by. Yeah, an unfortunate mistake. This took place on school grounds." Sep 1, 16 1:13 PM