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Westhampton Beach Earns 'Tree City' Award For 24th Time

Doesn't sound like a joke to me...maybe you don't have a spiritual connection to the Earth, but many of us do. The tree huggers were right to fight for the old growth forest and I for one think it is beautiful for our children to feel connected to the environment." May 25, 12 9:09 AM

Revised Canoe Place Inn Proposal Is Receiving Mixed Reviews

It's such a sin to privatize the canal - I think the condo idea is even worse than losing CPI. They are using CPI as a bargaining chip to develop an area that should have been preserved long ago. A few years down the road, they will find a way out of CPI and will have won it all. Hampton Bays will never be the same, just sell the summer house now." Aug 15, 13 8:51 AM

The west side of the canal is a Suffolk County Park, not the Town of Southampton." Aug 15, 13 8:54 AM

Rechler Reps Push For Rezoning Of Canal Property As Hampton Bays Residents Raise Opposition

If ever there was a place in Hampton Bays that the Town should have purchased for preservation - how could we have let the canal fall into the hands of private investors? Sad days in Hampton Bays...we the people lose again. The only place in Town loved by all, enjoyed by anyone who can afford a fishing pole-young, old, rich and poor. " Sep 13, 13 10:38 AM

Hampton Bays Neighbors Still Oppose Redevelopment Plans For Shinnecock Canal Land

I'm sure it will attract wealthy summer people who can't wait for the new Dollar Tree to open." Sep 26, 13 6:47 AM

UPDATE: Driver Charged With DWI In Fatal Car Crash

Deepest condolences to the families from the Balducci family" Apr 27, 14 8:05 AM