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Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

I find your comment about voodoo rituals appalling (please check your spelling of voodoo).

If memory serves me, there is only one black person in the Planning Department and she happens to be from Haiti. It is a very good thing you hide your identity as your words could be defined as libel in the context of your comments.

You sir, owe an apology, and anything less is a continued insult to this individual.

Racially motivated comments are unacceptable, regardless of the medium being used to express your point of view.

If you don't get sued for libel, I hope you are prosecuted our held accountable for your racially motivated comment!

As for my ethnic persuasion - I am not black, I am a white male that was appalled and offended by your careless remarks.

Please explain to all those that read your comment what you gained by singling out this black female in such a derogatory manner!" Mar 15, 11 7:43 PM

East Hampton Music Festival Cleared For Landing; FAA Approval Pending

So here we go, the Director of the Natural Resources Department, the person entrusted with protecting our environment, gives the green light to destroy the environment for the purpose of a "Rock Concert" and then replenish the environment with native species. Way to go Larry....you've all but lost your trust with every environmentalist out here!

Tired about hearing how many jobs this will create. Who will they be created for, local folks? I think not, as most of them will already be working full time jobs so they can afford to continue living here.

Is the money going to charity a guarantee? Is a bond required to ensure the Town gets the promised money? And who is going to be the recipient of this money? How will it be doled out?

I'm all for a concert, but I am not for destroying the environment (will take years to recover to its current state).

I'm all for a concert, but not for providing summer tourist job opportunities that will see the bulk of the earnings leave with them.

I am all for a concert, but not when a bond has not been issued, and a list of charities receiving the money publicized, with the amount received.

I'm all for a concert, they have them all the time, in places where they belong, Civic centers, outdoor arenas etc.....

We are a land of "No", it is what has kept this place the way it is. You want the glitter and the romance of the city with all its lights, and fanfare, then go there.

We honestly don't want that here, never have, never will. This community has always held to its heritage, and will hopefully not prostitute itself for the sake of the entertainment and arts industry. Keep your NYC mentality where it belongs, in NYC. " Apr 27, 11 7:52 PM

Vampire Weekend, Bright Eyes Will Headline MTK Festival

Herein lies the problem. I haven't seen where the Town Board has required a bond for the promised $100,000 dollars. I haven't seen a specific charity or charities mentioned as to who gets what of the promised $100,000.

The promoters stated they were going to appeal to the older generation and there would not be an influx of young people. Wrong on that one, what is the next thing they are wrong on?

As I stated in an earlier post, they promise jobs... for who... the local folks are fully in work mode that time of year, best bet, a bunch of college kids looking to make money to head off back to college with.

Invade our space, take down 2,000 sq feet of vegetation, cause unnecessary traffic congestion, for what a two day event that most locals will not go to see.

Here's a thought - why not do this at a place that supports this type of venue....like say Jones Beach, blah blah blah" May 10, 11 5:32 PM

Westhampton Beach Suspends Village Highway Department Employee For Tardiness

I would hope there is sufficient documentation to support the suspension. If the individual was counseled appropriately (Unacceptable behavior identified, corrective action required, expected follow up to ensure compliance, and expected final outcome if unacceptable behavior persists ), then I say the Trustees got it right.
If however, the documentation is lacking or nonexistent and only verbal counseling was given, then I’d say there will be a lawsuit pending.
The realities in government are that few if any managers have been schooled in business management and lack the necessary skills to deal effectively with inappropriate behavior of subordinates.
To effectively counsel someone to the point of administrative action is time consuming at best, requires effort to restore the person back to acceptable performance standards, or the endless documentation of unacceptable behavior to support administrative discipline.
Effective counseling is designed to achieve results, either good or bad, but in essence it is to bring the issue(s) to a resolution.
I don’t know the circumstance surrounding this decision, but I do know that action was taken to resolve this issue. Time will tell if the actions taken by the Trustees merit the discipline this employee received." May 14, 11 7:41 AM

'Truck Beach' Lawsuit Appealed By Amagansett Homeowners

Saturday, May 6, 2017
11:34 AM

A couple of thoughts

1. The actual year round residences in the area being contested is less that 10 percent of the homeowners who live there, the remaining 90+ percent are seasonal residence. Don't be mislead by this appeal, the true intentions of the appeal and the initial lawsuit have nothing to do with their use of the beaches. If the appeal is won it will significantly drive up their summer rental nd overall property values in their area. To think otherwise is foolishness at best; losing the appeal will open the door to residence up and down the south shore laying claim to same. Such actions will have severe financial impact in the future as public beaches disappear by the wayside in favor of private beaches.

2. The second thought is who pays all these legal fees, and at what cost? State, County, Towns, Villages and Hamlets are awash in lawsuits because they are easy
Targets for financial gain, costing taxpayers untold dollars on frivolous lawsuits. Perhaps our legislators should begin the difficult task of requiring anyone bringing a lawsuit against a government entity (the taxpayers), be required to pay ALL legal fees if the lawsuit is struck down. It is high time frivolous lawsuit for financial gain at the expense of the taxpayers comes to an end." May 6, 17 11:54 AM