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Heaney Seeks Nomination To Run Against Schneiderman

The tax reassessments are what got him in the election and they will get him again. " Mar 15, 11 1:23 PM

Wilkinson Will Run For Second Term In East Hampton

Good for Wilkie! Goodbye Hammerle. Goodbye Prince. Let's bring in some more people who care and can get the job done. " Mar 15, 11 1:27 PM

Candidates Jockey For Levy's Position Amidst Investigation

I guess Levy won't be going to 3 or 4 events a night anymore. He'll be sitting home watching American Idol. " Mar 29, 11 1:37 PM

Demos Withdraws From Congressional Race

Yeah, you people have lots of class. I hope Ms. Suffolk Voter doesn't kiss her kids with that filthy mouth. Nasty name-calling and foul language are uncalled for. The rudeness and viciousness will not work for you and your ilk this time around. It just makes you and your party look desperate." May 27, 12 5:18 PM

John Behan, Former East Hampton Republican Committee Chairman, Endorses Bishop For Congress

Bulls eye, Wagoneer! Politics is all about, "What can you do for me"? Behan's wife also tried to run for local office and got creamed bad -- just more proof no one really likes her. Could be why no one wanted to hire her as a favor. Too bad for her. However, I don't think this endorsement is that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. " Jun 3, 12 1:23 PM

Right on, Razza!
We respect Behan's military service so don't try to play that game, TianaBob. Let it be said that he is owed a great deal of gratitude for his time served in Vietnam and we would never take that away from him. However, military veterans are accustomed to being challenged. They're big boys and girls and I doubt they expect to be tiptoed around and treated like wilting flowers. That is disrespectful. By the same token, people with disabilities also expect to be treated like everyone else. They are strong people who do not need your pity. Shame on you. " Jun 3, 12 1:35 PM

So I guess that was it for the Behans. No patronage - no support. Same old story. Let them collect their social security checks and let's move on. My vote is for Randy Altschuler. If we let tim bishop stay in office, there'll be no social security left for us. " Jun 4, 12 6:47 AM