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Child playing with wagon struck and killed

I do not think the press should be in the business of censoring information. I would hope the family did not need to read the article in the paper regarding the tradgedy. Perhaps the photos send a stronger message to other parents?" Sep 1, 08 1:47 PM

Tim Bishop says failed bill would have stablized 'Main Street'

There is supposed to be risk on Wall Street! Our totalitarian government should stop trying to scare us in order to save the wealthy ruling class and strip individuals of their independence." Oct 2, 08 1:00 PM

Community radio asks East Enders to participate at new Springs studio

This is the best radio station I have ever heard...although WOMR comes close." Nov 3, 08 6:56 PM

Westhampton Beach might ban amplified outdoor music by next summer

Ban the music, ban the silly string, ban everything but prayer and worship." Nov 24, 08 7:15 AM

Skating rink returns to Southampton Village

Awesome! " Jan 12, 09 7:14 PM

One chapter ends, another begins in Westhampton Beach

Is there going to be anything open this winter in town?!" Jan 14, 09 1:16 PM

Attorney to investigate worker's death

This is the second person buried in Mexico in the last couple of months. The last was the reckless driver. My post regarding that got deleted...I guess due to the fact that I asked whether the taxpayers in Mexico footed the bill. My issue is not with the individuals...but with taxes and accountability. If people continue to do things on the cheap (and this is not a poor part of the country) then we get what is coming to us thanks to our greed." Jan 14, 09 1:24 PM

Arrest made in Flanders fatal hit-and-run

27 years old and no license? Was it suspended or something, or did the driver just not have one?" Jan 29, 09 1:34 PM

Demonstrators rally for worker safety

As the economy tanks, more jobs are lost and services are cut...that's when the real fun will begin. Looks like there is already organization..." Feb 8, 09 4:17 PM

Bishop touts economic stimulus package

This will work just as good as the bank bailout. Bring on inflation!" Feb 19, 09 6:26 AM

Southampton Town drafts wish list for stimulus funds

If you add up all the stimulus and bailouts from December 2007 through the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" it adds up to $10.8 trillion (according to CNN calculations). Divide that by the nuber of taxpayers (about 138 million) and you get $92,753. Can I opt out and get my check please?" Feb 21, 09 11:22 AM

Poor economy exacerbates persistent East End tension over immigration

The fact that Rep. Bishop believs that Suffolk County "is heavily dependent on an immigrant population to maintain its economy" is troubling. The feudal system has never worked and will result in the demise of this country. Why don't we just legalize slavery again and accept the fact that we are lazy and greedy." May 1, 09 7:33 PM

Kabot says party leaders pressuring her to keep lid on financial woes

Maybe the town needs a bailout" May 14, 09 5:35 AM

Couple are 'a perfect match' in more ways than one

Good thing they're not getting married in Louisiana! " Oct 20, 09 5:33 AM

Westhampton Beach looks to tighten outdoor music permit application process

I like the music too...even if it's bad! I wish they would let it go later at night...the place becomes a ghost town when it stops." Mar 6, 10 1:07 PM

Questions still remain over police officer suspensions, reinstatements in Westhampton Beach

Without claiming to know all of the details with regard to the violations...I would side with the Mayor's stance based on the fact that the core issue is with the integrity of the individuals. It is a bit disturbing that the board would disregard something this basic." Apr 4, 10 4:20 AM

Whale killed with bullet; experts defend how beaching was handled

It's amazing that we are involved in multiple wars, corrupt government and illegal immigrants, yet the big story is how to treat a dying animal. Are people living in the real world?" Apr 10, 10 5:05 PM

Congressman Bishop prepares for difficult race but remains hopeful for outcome

The Tea Party movement is a joke. They took some liberatrian economic views, while all the time supporting a dictatorial, imperialistic warfare state. That is not Liberty and the Founding Fathers would be appalled." Apr 10, 10 5:27 PM

Whale killed with bullet; experts defend how beaching was handled

This story is titled "Whale killed with bullet; experts defend how beaching was handled". Since it involved a Federal Agency and local government it is political. " Apr 10, 10 5:51 PM

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