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Bridgehampton Community Notes, July 7

Disgusted to see that some dog owners continue to believe the rules of conduct on the beach do not apply to them!! This morning - July 23rd - at 8am, five large dogs were out in the space of fifteen minutes at W. Scott Cameron, just one leashed, all of them peeing and pooping.... At least one owner did not pick up: Large dog, large..... This was behind the lifeguard tower, so an area where dozens of families with children will be playing by midday..... lovely indeed..... As lovely as the neighbors who think it perfectly acceptable to leave their dogs' poop on village streets and in front of other peoples' houses...." Jul 23, 11 5:14 PM

Building Inspector Defends Three Controversial Rulings

hey! as a homeowner in the hamptons, it is uncivilized to not have a pool - preferably heated. how can one possibly live without one?! a house has no rental/resale value without it. does any one ever do a cost per use breakdown on their pool???? ouch. this is all so sad... i'll go run myself a bath now. " Dec 25, 11 3:51 PM

ZBA Approves Front-Yard Pool In Bridgehampton

Has any pool owner figured out their cost per use????? That joke is on them. Of course, this rarely has to do with enjoying said pool, but is all about flipping and making money. Sadly, the people who believe it an entitlement and so cool to own a pool: try being the one house on the block without a pool pump going day and night, no sound reduction cover required... yep, those are loud. An amazing waste of energy and resources... But hey, it's a free country, and many of us live here and are not defined by owning a house in (cringe please) 'The Hamptons'." Sep 29, 12 8:44 AM

Pedestrian Airlifted After Being Struck By Car In Bridgehampton

Two things: village speed limit should be lowered - drastically - and pedestrians must be sure cars have stopped to allow them to cross, especially as so many pedestrians insist on jaywalking. That being said, this accident should not have happened!" Sep 10, 14 11:58 AM

In Sagaponack, Farm Fields Become Part And Parcel Of 'Compound' Developments

Imprisoned by their privets... poetic justice
" Sep 20, 14 10:04 AM

CVS Caremark Files Lawsuit Against Southampton Town Planning Board

nope - i for one will never set foot in the place. lawsuit shows how much cvs caremark really wants to be a part of this community, doesn't it..." Nov 10, 14 12:10 PM

Update: Re-Vote Will Be Held For Bridgehampton Fire Commissioner's Election

agreed! and it is Bridgehampton, not bridge, or east or south or hampton or west......" Dec 12, 14 9:36 AM

Bridgehampton Gateway Could Be Approved By End Of This Year

Accompanying article: New season brings same old traffic delays for eastbound commuters. So the gateway will provide a much needed rest stop after a long drive... Since 'it's going to happen anyway'.
Has the town planning board considered using this land for farming?? Or must everything be developed so we become an extension of Nassau county and miracle mile.
" Apr 26, 15 10:52 AM

Bill Clinton Arrives For Amagansett Vacation, Hillary To Follow Later This Week

if hillary really cares about the people, she'll take those darned helicopters back and forth from east hampton to southampton and back on the 30th and stay off the roads. of course, she may need to stop by in bridgehampton and say happy belated birthday to madonna, who woke up everyone within a five mile radius of her house last sunday night at 11pm until 2:30 am. " Aug 18, 15 9:42 PM

Silas Hiscock Sr. Of Bridgehampton Dies Following Injuries Suffered In Riverhead Raceway Crash

Deepest condolences, and regrets that we couldn’t visit yesterday. xo m & j " May 3, 19 8:57 PM