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Bishop Votes In Favor Of Debt Ceiling Deal; President Signs Measure

you old enough to remember that advertising campaign entitled ''RIF'' or Reading is Fundemental. I would suggest you go check it out, then after that...there is some cool system called ''Hooked on Phonics''. if I were you, i would be most in favor of whatever candidate indicates that he or she is ''pro education''. and pro abortion, for your kids." Aug 5, 11 6:03 AM

Shared sacrifice is where its at, let's go with that. Either the 50% that pays no taxes start coughing up their fair share or THEY get off the highways and stop calling the fire department. " Aug 6, 11 7:32 AM

In the same post that this silly Ntiger lectures everyone on using sound bites, these are just a few of his, well, sound bites doesn't know whether he's coming or going but you'll get the hang of it:

A nation divided cannot stand

We, each of us, regardless of philosophical bent, owe that much to our nation and to each other

Please let the voices of sanity on both sides prevail over insanity and lack of decorum

Let us all hang together or surely we shall all hang separately

The philosophical debates now being aired on no different than those among the founders of this country." Aug 7, 11 6:13 AM

Mr. Z, how did you drive points home before the internet, did you walk around with lots and lots of micrcofiche'd articles from various publications that contained opinions of people that seemed to jive with yours? What is with all of you lefties pulling opinions from people that we care less about than you? My stuff is not cut and pasted and causes so much upheaval that folks are calling for folks to get banned! Now that's poignant. You can do it, don't underestimate your ability to coalesce all of these thoughts into a coherent post in your own tongue." Aug 7, 11 6:17 AM

You still go yo hand out Local 84? Still empty ain't it. hahahaha. I love that poll, same numbers, different perspective. The Tea Party at not yet 3 years old is now as big as the democratic party, some 250 odd years old. Stick with CBS though, they gave you Dan Rather.The percentage of Americans who expressly state that they are supporters of the Tea Party movement is currently about as large at 22 percent of the population as the 21 percent who say they are liberals, according to recent but separate Gallup polls.

Meanwhile, at 41 percent of the population, according to Gallup, self-described conservatives outnumber both Tea Party movement supporters and liberals by nearly 2-to-1.

In separate polls done on July 27 and August 2, 23 and 22 percent of respondents told Gallup they considered themselves supporters of the Tea Party movement. These polls (each of which was conducted in one day) had a margin of error of +/-4 points, and Gallup warned that polls conducted in one day “are subject to additional error or bias not found in polls conducted over several days.”" Aug 8, 11 6:39 AM

Escape To New York Canceled Sunday Due To Rain

So let me get this straight. The Shinnecock Tribe had an adverse reaction to large amounts of people and traffic trampling their property because it just couldn't handle the volume. So what they did was stop this event dead in its tracks because they felt threatened that their possessions and property wouldn't hold up against the increased volume. And they got uptight and cancelled the thing outright. Perhaps they know exactly how others feel about the casino now. Except nobody will be able to cancel the casino and call it off if we get concerned about too many people and an overabundance of traffic trampling our property and possessions. " Aug 8, 11 6:46 AM

Bishop Votes In Favor Of Debt Ceiling Deal; President Signs Measure

For every study, quote, article, news clipping, quote, song lyric or whatever text he can find on a cereal box, I can find the exact opposite. According to the head of English LIterature at NYU with whom I spoke yesterday, she thinks its the lowest form of communication to be utlized by human beings to date. An anonymous person pulls a quote from somewhere and puts it online as though it is applicable, pertinent and poignant. It is none of the above. It is weak and feeble minded. Look around, tell me what you see, talk to your fellow citizens. They don't want any more of this. Obama will lose in a landslide. This is all be design and the people know it; nobody is this terrible as a president by accident. Obama inherited a AAA rating and he's destroyed that too. Mr Z and Local 84 can hug each other as the Debt Man Walking lectures them into oblivion. Meanwhile, we'll be saving the planet from the shady attorney from chi-town." Aug 9, 11 6:05 AM

You know, if you weren't so silly, your note would be very hurtful to me. Despite what you think, I'm very sensitive. Now, this is the second time you have alluded to someone's "gravitas of his assertion" and that's cute, but don't you dare suggest that some of the dolts you and your pals are quoting from are smarter, more intuitive, more ''in touch'', better educated or better spoken then HSA. Perhaps you have issues, but you would have a tough time convincing me that some left wing blow hard hack with a few dozen cult followers' opinion is better or more intellectual than mine. And we're not talking about indexing, bibliographies, appendices or footnoting, but with your high hat size, you already knew that. Is it me or are we starting to get along better already?" Aug 9, 11 6:12 AM

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