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Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

Hey Board Watcher, I experienced the planning board process and Ms. Overby was nothing but helpful and respectful. When my mother passed away several years ago the family home was left to me. The property was large and could be divided into two lots. Ms Overby helped me through the process. I called her at her home several times and she always took time to answer my questions, as it was all new to me. I don’t know her personally or have spoken to her since, although I do read her letters to the editor on occasion. This is my way of saying thank you for her help. " Mar 11, 11 5:17 PM

Montauk Residents Support Ronjo In A Petition

Sad in Montauk - you must be talking about Quigley. You nailed it. She's a screamer that's for sure. I work at town hall and the atmosphere since Ms. Overby arrived and took office is a much HAPPIER place. Less abuse from Quigley and her screaming at people.

Ms. Overby is the only person who is a "true" friend of town employees. She is pleasant, works hard and asks questions. Thank God we have her. Overby is the polar opposite of Quigley who is always scheming. I smell a smear campaign. Hang in there Ms Overby. We're with YOU!" Apr 11, 12 6:58 PM

Around East Hampton Town Hall: Town Clerk Rejects Ronjo Petition

Although the Democrats may have organized the permissive referendum drive on the alleyway, it is the broad support from Democrats, Republicans and Independents that is important here. The referendum is the most pure form of Democracy. It puts our representative government on notice and provides for a true vote of the people on a single issue. Thankfully, lawyers are not present when voters sign the petitions. Mistakes can and were made, but Wilkinson is now on notice that he is not above his royal perceptions of his job. " Apr 22, 12 3:58 PM

Cohen Storms Out Of East Hampton Town Board Meeting After Alleging Improper Meeting

Yes, let’s take this to the DA. Glad to hear that papers are filed. Talk “Around the water cooler” is about Quigley, Gunn and Hammer hashing out a plan to make Cohen stop talking about their activities by having Gunn call Cohen at home! Is that intimidation? FYI, you can hear what goes on in the town board offices from the coffee room in the basement! The truth is, the meeting took place and it doesn’t look good" May 10, 12 11:03 AM

East Hampton Town Failed To Defend Itself In ZBA Appeal

There is nothing that Councilwoman Overby stated that was about seizing property or acting illegally. It sounded more like she is very aware of our town code, our comprehensive plan and the wish of the people to continue to have HIGH property values. Asking people to abide by the “laws of the land” and ensuring that all people in the neighborhood are informed and the environment is protected has been her hallmark. Her very thoughtful comment that the ZBA have people on it that represent the values of the community and protect the environment demonstrates her keen awareness of the process and maintaining an economically healthy town for business and private property owners. If YOU want to do whatever you want with your property regardless of who it hurts or what it destroys move west where property taxes are high and it retains nothing of the charm, open space or natural environment. " Feb 27, 13 5:39 PM