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Westhampton Beach Village Police Officer Will Forfeit 20 Days Pay

The article states that the police officer is accused of lying to Internal Affairs. A serious charge which will follow the police officer forever and ruin his credibility as a police officer. The investigation and hearing apparently revealed that the officer did lie. Mr. Tucker votes to punish the police officer and put the black mark on his record but then says he was not the jury and does not agree with the process? He certianly was the jury, he found the officer guilty, voted to punish him but does not seem to understand the consequences of his actions or just thinks everyone else in the village is stupid. I know it's been said before, but there must be something in the water in Westhampton Beach!" Mar 11, 11 8:27 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst Delivers State Of The Town Address

eastendhomie, you are lost in that liter of beer. Skip heaney teamed up with Jim Zizzi to try to remove Nancy Grabowski who was the third vote on all of those issues, I doubt she was taking orders from Heaney, I am sure she does not even return his phone calls. I also believe you will find that Chris and Jim are also not fans of Heaney. Heaney at this point should be poison to any local politician, unfortunatally the republican committee person's are lost in la la land but if they nominate and run Heaney the overwhelming loss at the polls in November will convince the Republicans to clean house or they will fade into oblivian." Apr 3, 11 9:22 PM

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

I agree with Etians, you have no backbone Malone. I heard you came in late and left early so you would not have to face answering any questions. Do you really think you will be able to hide under Anna's skirt for the next 2 years? I hope Chris and Nancy will still vote no even though Anna controls the Board. Dump Malone, he is really shameful. Hold your head up high Tony, you are the professional." Apr 29, 11 4:45 PM

Westhampton Business Relocated To Quogue Faces Zoning Issues

Lets see, Rubio just does what he wants and moves in with no approvals....seems like I have heard this story before." Apr 29, 11 7:35 PM

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

westend, have you been reeading this blog...the majority of the people have lined up behind Tony Tenaglia, however Ed Walsh spoke and Malone stepped in line to support Anna and the PBA. You may find it comforting hiding under Anna's skirt right now Jim but in the end you will have to answer to the voters and it won't be pretty." Apr 30, 11 9:11 PM

Westhampton Beach Lifeguard Quits After Being Denied Permission To Respond To Fire Alarm

The Mayor sent a memo stating that essential personnell (lifeguards) cannot leave their post. It doesn't seem like there should be any controversy with that? Mr. Rayonr should be commended for his desire to serve the community but I think the Mayor is only trying to protect the people on the beach. I agree with Kaluss this is a minor administrative issue and it is a strange issue for the press to report on." Aug 25, 11 1:14 PM

Westhampton Beach Mayor Won't Check Out Supermarket Proposal

Hello, BIGjimbo, is anyone home? The Trustees do not approve site plans the Planning Board does and the VIllage Planning Board approved the Waldbaums expansion four years ago! I also go to Barth's pharmacy, Goldberg's bagels, Beach Bakery, Sydney's, Lynne's card and gift to name just a few WHB merchants and everybody is friendly and smiling. Tell the truth BIGjimbo, you are 40 years old, have never actually gotten out of your car when passing through WHB , you live in the basement of your mother's house and you have to replace your keyboard often because the Cheetos clog up the keys." Nov 19, 11 11:23 AM

UPDATE: Some Schools Closed, Delay Starts On Monday

Got through another one!" Feb 18, 13 4:45 PM